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Music Industry executive, Rob Potts, has unexpectedly passed away as a result of a motorcycle accident that occurred on Friday, October 27, 2017, in Tasmania.

Rob Potts was a longtime member of the Country Music Association (CMA) Board of Directors where he was actively involved in Country music’s international efforts. He is a previous chairman of the CMA International Committee and the current chairman of the Australian CMA Advisory Group. This past March, CMA awarded Potts with the Jo Walker Meador International award to recognize his outstanding the United States.

His company Rob Potts Entertainment Edge has been at the forefront of the recent surge of US Country superstars in the Australian market. With Chugg Entertainment, Potts established the CMC Rocks festival brand with the CMC Rocks The Snowys, CMC Rocks The Hunter and now CMC Rocks QLD festivals, which in 2016 became Australia’s first sold-out country music festival in history. Rob Potts was also the longtime manager to Warner Music Nashville’s Morgan Evans.

CMA CEO Sarah Trahern commented, “The CMA Board and staff as well as the country music community were devastated at the news of Rob’s passing. He was a key driver of our international expansion for the past years and waived the country flag proudly in Australia. On a personal note, my husband Wayne and I have lost a vibrant friend. Rob lived life to its fullest.”

Potts is survived by his son, Jeremy Potts, and ex-wife, Sally. Arrangements are pending at this time.





Paddy Russell has passed away.

Born on July 4 1928, Russell directed four Doctor Who stories, The Massacre of St Bartholomew, Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Pyramids of Mars & Horror of Fang Rock.

Of the four stories that she directed Pyramids of Mars proved to be the most popular. In fact Pyramids of Mars was released on DVD in 2004 due to it winning a poll of DWM readers the previous year 2003 of what story they like to see release on DVD at the time.

When Russell took on her first Doctor Who directing assignment with The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve she became the first woman Doctor Who director.

Russell’s non-Who directions included Out of the Unknown episode Come Buttercup, Come Daisy, Come……? & The Omega Factor episode The Undiscovered Country.

Among The Omega Factor regulars was Louise Jameson and Russell had previously directed her in Doctor Who: Horror of Fang Rock when Jameson played companion Leela.

Other capacities during her career included being assistant stage manager on The Quatermass Experiment where she also appeared on-screen as an extra.

She died on November 2 2017 at the age of 89.


Paddy Russell – A Simple Tribute:


Dudley Simpson has passed away.

Born on October 4 1922, Simpson was an Australian composer who is a legend to Doctor Who fans as he composed the incidental music in the first two decades for Doctor Who in the 1960s and 1970s encompassing the eras of the first four Doctors.

Simpson had also composed the theme music for Blake’s 7.

Other theme music that he composed included the original The Tomorrow People & Moonbase 3.
Music he composed for other series included Out of the Unknown & The Legend of King Arthur.

He died on November 4 2017 at the age of 95




Scott Fredericks has passed away.
Born in 1943, Fredericks had appeared in Doctor Who in Day of the Daleks playing Boaz and in Image of the Fendahl playing Maximillian Stael.
He also appeared in the Blake’s 7 episode Weapon playing psychostrategist Carnell.
Fredericks later reprised Carnell in the Kaldor City audio series which knits the Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 universe together as Kaldor City was established in the Doctor Who TV story Robots of Death.
Robots of Death and the Blake’s 7 episode that Fredericks was in as Carnell were both written by Chris Boucher who was also the script editor of Blake’s 7.
Prior to the Kaldor City audios, Boucher brought back the Carnell character, who despite having originated as a Blake’s 7 character, in his Doctor Who novel Corpse Marker. This eventually led to Fredericks to reprise Carnell in Kaldor City.
Outside of Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 his work included Strange Report.
He died on November 6 2017.



Keith Barron has passed away.

Born on August 8 1934, Barron appeared in Doctor Who in Enlightenment playing Captain Striker.

Outside of Doctor Who his work included The Avengers, Out of the Unknown, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), Strange Report, Upstairs, Downstairs (where he played the love interest to Rose played by one time Doctor Who companion Jean Marsh), The Land That Time Forgot, At the Earth’s Core, The New Avengers, Voyage of the Damned (not the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas Special), The Professionals, Tales of the Unexpected, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, Hustle & Coronation Street.

He died on November 15 2017 at the age of 83.