Staged starring David Tennant and with Doctor Who references makes its Australian TV debut on ABC Comedy on Monday September 21 2020 on ABC Comedy at 8:30pm.

Cachu Hwch:
Series opener.
The episode title is Welsh for “It’s all gone wrong”.
Starring David Tennant and his Good Omens co-star Michael Sheen as fictionalised versions of themselves.
A reminder that Tennant was the Tenth Doctor came when the TARDIS can be seen in his garden when he was there.
This was made around the real pandemic that is COVID-19 and not bad start to the series as discussions is made about a play that Tennant and Sheen was due to star in before the said pandemic started.

Up To No Good:
Season 1, Episode 2.
First appearance by Nina Sosanya. She has worked with David Tennant before including in Doctor Who: Fear Her.
However unlike the others Sosanya is not playing herself but a character named Jo.
Intriguing on Simon going missing and how Georgia’s writing has given inspiration to David.
In fact I have been attempting on my own novelisation for a personal project of mine.

Who The F#!k is Michael Sheen?:
Season 1, Episode 3.
The episode title is a question asked by Samuel L. Jackson who got reminded that he had worked with Sheen in Unthinkable (2010).
Funnily enough David Tennant is credited with his birth name David McDonald.
Amusing what came out of the said exchange with Jackson.

Bara Brith:
Antepenultimate episode of season 1.
Funny how David Tennant gets credited here.
Michael explains that the episode title means a Welsh fruit cake.
However according to IMDb, “a fruit loaf would be a more accurate definition especially since “bara” means bread. “Brith” means “speckled” (caused by the ingredients such as raisins etc)”.
Funny when Michael thought that David sounds cartoonish.
What a task Jo had in mediating a dispute between David and Michael.
Neat that David referenced him voicing Scrooge McDuck in the Ducktales reboot when the subject of him sounding cartoonish again at the end.

Penultimate episode of season 1.
The episode title is in reference to that classic book with Adrian Lester saying that he had read it twice and about to do it for the third time.
Remarkable as I doubt I would be able to finish it for the first time around.
Michael says that everyone loves Neil Gaiman. Neat reference as Michael and David were both in the adaptation of Gaiman’s Good Omens.
Intriguing on what was going on with Michael’s unseen neighbour.

The Cookie Jar:
Season 1 finale.
Funny when Dame Judi Dench suddenly came in a conversation between David and Michael.
She is the friend that Jo mentioned a little bit earlier on but we didn’t know yet who it was.
Interesting reading of Georgia’s book.
Good news about Michael’s neighbour.
Funny this ends back with David, Michael and Judi as they talk about credit and funny how Judi gets credited.

Saddle Up, Sheen:
Season 2 opener.
David and Michael meet via zoom meet Sir Michael Palin but are disappointed to discover he is not a fan of their work.
Definitely a morale killer.
David and Michael gets excited that their show Staged is to get the US treatment but a shock comes from Whoopi Goldberg that they are not wanted for the US version as Colin Firth and Hugh Grant are being eyed instead even though neither of them are Americans!

ABC TV debuts season 2 on ABC TV Plus on Tuesday March 23 2021.
The ABC has already made this season available on iview.

Long Time, No See:
Season 2, Episode 2.
Sure is distressing for David and Michael about knowing the remake being done without them.
What a conversation they had with Simon about it.

The Dirty Mochyns:
Season 2, Episode 3.
David and Michael has a zoom meeting with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.
This is the case of having the Doctor and Scotty together when Pegg shows his Star Trek mug and reference made of him having played Scotty in the Star Trek movies and Frost calling David Doctor Who.
Curiously enough Michael, Frost and Pegg all had guest stints in Doctor Who but each with a different Doctor who wasn’t David.
Frost was The Editor in the Chris Eccleston episode The Long Game, Michael voiced House in the Matt Smith episode The Doctor’s Wife and Frost was Santa Claus first briefly at the end of the Peter Capaldi episode Death In Heaven and then fully in the next Capaldi episode Last Christmas.
As it turned this zoom meeting is part of David and Michael’s attempt to sabotage the remake as Frost and Pegg was asked to star in it.
Funny at the end with Frost and Pegg credits as Frost and Pegg have a conversation of this very subject.

Woofty Doofty, David:
Season 2, Episode 4.
Funny as David and Michael compete with the work he has done which included David saying, “I’m Doctor Who” and Michael responding, “Not anymore.”
Doctor Who was mentioned earlier during a call with Tom when he says about Little Doctor Who in reference to the awards David has.
Doctor Who is referenced again at the end when David and Michael were talking about James Bond.
David says he was rumoured to be playing Bond as he says:
““Ex-Doctor Who could be stepping out of the TARDIS and into a dinner jacket,” that kind of stuff.”

The Warthog and the Mongoose Part 1:
Season 2, Episode 5.
Funny at the irritation that David and Michael had in reading to various new potential cast members.
In fact they virtually argued all the way through this episode.

The Warthog And The Mongoose Part Two:
Antepenultimate episode of season 2.
Funny at the start that Michael had decided to call David but changed his mind.
However he left the call on and Georgia and Anna took that call instead as they talk about a trip in Europe.
In the midst of all that David and Michael relayed messages to each other of not wanting to speak to each other again!
Of course they do speak to each other again but in a big argument!

The Loo Recluse:
Penutlimate episode of season 2.
David and Michael discover who has been cast in their parts for the US remake.
Certainly funny their reaction to this casting.

Until They Get Home:
Season 2 finale.
It looks like this was written as a probable finale to the series.
With David and Michael and the girls talking to each other respectively, things begin to get as normal as they can for them.
In the final scene we finally see David and Michael out in the real world together instead of talking to each other on Zoom.
If this is over for Staged then it certainly been a fun ride at home.

Staged 1592:

Made for Red Nose Day for Comic Relief in March 2021 with David Tennant, Michael Sheen and guest star Sir Lenny Henry.
The setting is 1592 with David and Michael in costume playing well known playwrights.
Funny how they went about this and also funny when Henry came in and a certain explanation that he gives here.