Spies in Disguise

My wife Karen Gillan has been cast in upcoming animated spy comedy movie Spies in Disguise:

It is based on an animated short Pigeon: Impossible (2009) and is set for release on September 13 2019.

Spies In Disguise teaser trailer:

My wife Karen Gillan’s voice is not heard here but her name appears at the end of the trailer

The name of my wife Karen Gillan’s character in Spies In Disguise has been revealed and she is called Eyes and here is a picture of this character:

Released in December 2019, Spies In Disguise is an animated movie and it is based on the 2009 animated short Pigeon: Impossible.
My primary reason for watching this is that the cast includes my wife Karen Gillan as Eyes and I am in love with her.
Having said that the bit when Eyes suddenly became a fan of super spy Lance Sterling was very unnecessary.
Spies In Disguise has Will Smith playing Sterling when he got framed as a traitor and was forced to enlist the help of Walter Beckett (Tom Hollander) and Sterling accidentally turned himself into a pigeon when he drank a formula of Walter’s.
Smith and Hollander makes for a good team as Sterling as a pigeon tries to clear his name.
Having initially come across as arrogant, Sterling certainly finally humility as a pigeon.
This plus a good villain with Ben Mendelsohn as Killian.

Hollywood Insider: Behind The Scenes of Spies In Disguise (includes my wife Karen between 8.49 and 9.48):