Spider-Man: Homecoming


Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer #2:


Spider-Man: Homecoming is the 16th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the fourth in MCU’s Phase 3.
There is an extra scene at the end of the end credits and it relates to something inconsequential within the body of the film.
After previously appearing in Captain America: Civil War , Tom Holland makes his full length debut as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man with his own movie Spider-Man: Homecoming.
Robert Downey Jr also reprises his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man.
Playing Peter’s Aunt May is Marisa Tomei.
Curiously enough the previous MCU movie is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which featured Karen Gillan as Nebula and both she and Marisa Tomei were in the same movie in The Big Short (2015).
A further casting roundabout involving Karen Gillan and Marisa Tomei is that the latter had been in the movie Happy Accidents (2000) and it included a Doctor Who reference and Karen herself would later be Doctor Who companion Amy Pond.
Spider-Man: Homecoming itself had a scene that felt very similar to one in Doctor Who: The Power of Three featuring Karen as Amy Pond.
I had no thought on what to expect of Spider-Man: Homecoming and this seems to benefit my viewing of it as it was highly enjoyable and in retrospect I managed to overlook a certain aspect that it had in common with The Amazing Spider-Man starring Holland’s cinematic predecessor Andrew Garfield and not part of the MCU.
The ending of the main bulk of the film was very surprising and amusing at the same time.


Spider-Man: Homecoming features the usual cameo by Stan Lee.
Sadly the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming comes not long after the death of his wife Joan Lee on July 6 2017.


How Spider-Man: Homecoming Should Have Ended: