Short Treks

Ask Not:
Season 2, Episode 3.
In a shock Captain Pike is presented here as a prisoner.
However this all turns out to be a test for a cadet who passes as she refused to help Pike believing him to be a prisoner.
Quite brilliant how this episode was presented with that test on the cadet.

Ask Not indeed.

Ephraim and Dot:
Antepenultimate episode of season 2.
This is set during some TOS narratives incorporate Kirk, Khan and Sulu’s voices from them and this is not the first time that I have seen animation that incorporates live-action narratives as missing Doctor Who stories are now being presented in animation.
Ephraim is a tardigrade and Dot a drone and fun seeing these two battle against each to the obliviousness of the Enterprise crew.

The Girl Who Made the Stars:
Penultimate episode of season 2.
This is an animated short which shows Michael Burnham as a young girl and voiced here by Kyrie Mcalpin.
It looks like Michael was named after her father as he is called Mike and he tells her about the said girl.
Enjoyable tale about the girl battling the Night Beast, how she made the stars and grows up to be a warrior queen.