Seven West Media (General Discussion)


Seven West Media Limited today announces that Sheila McGregor has resigned as a non-executive
director of the company.

Ms McGregor joined the Board in June 2015.

The company thanks Ms McGregor for her service to the Board and wishes her well for the future.



Allegations made by a former employee of misconduct by the Seven West Media (“SWM”) CEO, Tim
Worner, were released to the media in late December 2016 (the “Statement”).

Given the seriousness of the allegations involved the Board sought that an urgent and thorough
independent review be conducted.

The review was conducted by Richard Harris, a litigation and investigations partner at Allens Linklaters1,
and included interviews with key current and former executives and employees relevant to the
allegations. The former employee, Ms Harrison, was also interviewed as part of the thorough review.

The review looked into each of the key allegations of misconduct contained in the Statement including:
the payment of a bonus to Ms Harrison; the circumstances of the investigation into her corporate credit
card expenses; the corporate credit card expenses of Mr Worner and other allegations of drug use and
their personal yet inappropriate relationship, which concluded in 2014; and allegations of other
inappropriate staff relationships by Mr Worner.

The Board has now received and reviewed Mr Harris’ report and has considered all relevant
circumstances. The Board has concluded that the allegations of misconduct by Mr Worner have not
been substantiated as the Board is satisfied that:

 the company’s identification of significant credit card misuse by Ms Harrison was not instigated
by, or on behalf of, Mr Worner or his office and they had no involvement in the investigation.

 Mr Worner did not influence, nor play any role, in the awarding of the bonus to Ms Harrison other
than signing the letters which informed her, and other Executive Assistants, of their bonus.

 company funds were not deployed in furthering the relationship by Mr Worner or with his
approval. There were no irregularities in Mr Worner’s corporate credit card use.

 the strong and vehement denials by the four employees falsely accused of having an
inappropriate relationship with Mr Worner are accepted without reservation and cast doubt on the
veracity of other accusations.

 the allegations of illicit drug use by Mr Worner could not be substantiated.

 Mr Worner did not have any involvement in the way the company dealt with Ms Harrison after the
relationship between them became known by the company.

This has been a tumultuous time for the entire company and with the receipt of the independent review
this matter can now be brought to a conclusion.

The Board is aware that there were a number of communications that passed between Mr Worner and
Ms Harrison that were of a highly personal nature that used language and expressed concepts that the
Board finds totally objectionable. However, the Board is of the view that the communications were
consensual, personal and private in nature and were only disclosed as a result of a breach of express
confidentiality obligations.


Amber Harrison has slammed Channel Seven’s independent inquiry into her affair with CEO Tim Worner as a “whitewash” for dismissing her claims he used cocaine and used a company credit card to pay for cabs to visit her for sex.


Seven West Media today obtained an interim, ex parte injunction in the Supreme Court of NSW against its former employee Ms Harrison releasing documents or information that is the property of the company, which she appears to have taken before she left her employment and which she has retained without authority and in breach of her employment obligations.

It became clear late last week that Ms Harrison is now releasing or divulging commercial in confidence emails and other documents that she has no right to hold, access or release.

These documents extend beyond the scope of the other dispute Ms Harrison has with SWM.

The relief sought is based not only on breaches of the Settlement Deeds but also and importantly on violations of obligations of confidentiality arising under the general law, the Corporations Act and her former contract of employment.

The court will consider the matter further tomorrow.


Seven West Media’s profit is 90 per cent lower in the first half of this financial year compared to the same period last year, primarily due to $83.3 million of impairments related to Yahoo7, the failed Presto joint venture, selling Sky News, and selling youth magazine titles.


TV Tonight says an injunction preventing Amber Harrison from commenting on her dispute with Seven West Media has been extended to March 3rd.


The former lover of Seven West Media boss Tim Worner went “nuclear” in airing her grievances on social media but the company’s director Jeff Kennett was “not well-advised” in picking a fight with her in public, a Sydney judge has said.


When Seven West Media wrote down the value of its Yahoo7 joint venture by $75.5 million last week, it cited a shift “from display to programmatic advertising” as a reason. What it failed to mention was that the corporate regulator was also involved.


The ex-lover of Seven West Media boss Tim Worner, Amber Harrison, may launch a counter-claim against the network, which is seeking a permanent gag order against her.

Harrison looks to sue


The Chairman of Seven West Media, Mr Kerry Stokes AC, today announced the retirement of Chris Wharton AM as chief executive officer of Seven West Media WA.

Mr Stokes acknowledged Chris’ 20 plus years of continuous contribution to the group, starting in 1995 with Community Newspapers before going on to Channel Seven Perth in 2000 as managing director, then to become managing director of West Australian Newspapers in 2008 and CEO of Seven West Media WA in 2011.

Late last year Chris took the opportunity to take some extended leave and after a discussion with the Chairman, they agreed that it was an appropriate time for Chris to retire.

He will remain a Telethon Trustee and remains committed to the Perth community for which he was recognised with an AM in 2016.

The Chairman said he is sorry to see Chris leave but he has had a very long and successful innings with the group.

Mr Wharton said: “After more than 20 years, it is with mixed emotions that I have made the decision to retire from Seven West Media. The company has been very good to me and my family. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people and I’ll miss them. I am delighted to have the privilege to remain a Telethon Trustee.”

Mr Stokes said: “I am happy to advise that following today’s decision, Nick Varigos, Managing Director of recruitment firm Oppeus International, has commenced the process and will make recommendations in the coming weeks.”


Amber Harrison is suing Seven Network claiming she suffered from shame and panic attacks after being forced to work from the same office as CEO Tim Worner with whom she was having an affair.


On April 11 last year, Seven’s commercial manager John Fitzgerald found himself in a position no one wants to be in: he is being accused of committing an $8 million corporate fraud, reports The AFR.

Since then, Fitzgerald paid back $2.3 million to Seven, including $1.2 million from selling shares. The 55-year-old has had his assets frozen by the court and could face a possible jail term after Seven called in the police.

The allegations, if proven to be true, would make Fitzgerald’s case one of the biggest frauds in Australia’s corporate history.
Fitzgerald was sacked from Seven in April last year amid the fraud allegations and is now awaiting his fate when the case returns to court on April 5.


geez old Kerry Stokes runs a tight ship over there, doesn’t he.


Statement from Tim Worner:

“Please be advised that today I have tendered my resignation from the Board of the Sydney Swans and that my resignation has been accepted, effective immediately.

“My hope is that by standing down, I can relieve pressure on the Board and the Club and let them concentrate on the business of football, and a successful home and away season in 2017.

“During last year, working alongside some of the best business and sporting brains in the industry was a privilege - and an experience I’m most grateful for.

“As the Club surges towards the last weekend in September, I’ll be right there beside them, and wish them every success.”


Seven West Media today announced the appointment of Maryna Fewster as Director of Operations for Seven West Media in Western Australia.

Ms Fewster was formerly Chief Operating Officer of iiNet and has held senior executive roles in the telecommunications sector in Australia and New Zealand over the last two decades.

Over the past six months, Ms Fewster has been consulting to Seven West Media in Western Australia, in particular focusing on the integration of the businesses. She has been identifying opportunities to drive revenue growth and efficiency through organisational development.

Ms Fewster is a non-executive director of Edith Cowan College and the West Coast Eagles and is Executive Director of Celebrate WA, a not-for-profit organisation responsible for promoting and organising the annual WA Day celebrations.

Commenting on her appointment, Tim Worner, CEO, Seven West Media, said: “I am delighted that Maryna is permanently joining us. She has a proven track record in delivering operating excellence and driving cultural change. Our businesses in Western Australia are a key part of our future development and Maryna will be a very important member of the leadership team that will be driving the future for those businesses.”

Seven West Media in Western Australia includes Channel Seven Perth, The West Australian, The Sunday Times, the and, 20 regional publications and nine radio stations, along with a major shareholding in the Community Newspaper Group.

As announced on 10 March, Seven West Media is undertaking a recruitment process for CEO of Seven West Media Western Australia.


Seven West Media appoints Group Executive, Human Resources

Seven West Media today announced the appointment of Katie McGrath as Group Executive, Human Resources. Ms McGrath will join the senior executive team and report to CEO, Seven West Media, Tim Worner.

Ms McGrath joins Seven West Media from ASX listed Enero Group, where she has been Global Human Resources Director for the past seven years. Prior to joining Enero, Ms McGrath was National Head of Staffing for Bain & Company and has held senior human resources roles for two decades.

Ms McGrath holds a Bachelor of Commerce from UNSW and a Post Graduate degree in Psychology from the University of Sydney.

Ms McGrath will lead human resources across Seven West Media’s businesses, including the Seven Network, Pacific Magazines, the company’s expanding portfolio of digital businesses and ventures, and Seven West Media WA which includes The West Australian and The Sunday Times.

Commenting on her appointment, Tim Worner, CEO, Seven West Media, said: “Katie has an exceptional track record in all aspects of people strategy and leadership. She will lead the development of the most valuable resource we have at Seven West Media, our people.”



Seven congratulates Beat Bugs

The Seven Network today acknowledged the continuing success of Josh Wakely and his team on Beat Bugs which has scored a coveted Emmy Award in the United States.

Beat Bugs - seen globally on Netflix and backed as an original investor and partner by Seven Network Australia – has scored significant recognition with an Emmy Award for outstanding writing, coupled with five nominations in this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards in the United States.

Seven Network partnered with Wakely’s company, Grace: A Storytelling Company, as the original investor and broadcast partner for Beat Bugs which features some of the most well-known Beatles songs woven into the narrative of each episode, with Eddie Vedder, P!nk, James Bay, Sia, Robbie Williams, The Shins, Of Monsters and Men, Chris Cornell, Regina Spektor, Tori Kelly, Aloe Black, Frances, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Cornell, and Rod Stewart each recording their rendition of an iconic song. Among the 52 11-minute episodes, songs featured include Help!, Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Magical Mystery Tour.

"I am humbled by this honour that the Academy has awarded Beat Bugs. We created this show in order to introduce The Beatles music to a new generation and bring its love-filled, timeless lessons to life on screen. None of this would have been possible without the belief of Seven, who curated and cared for the program from the very beginning. And of course, our extremely talented group of craftspeople, musicians, technicians and artists,” said Josh Wakely, Creator of Beat Bugs.

Commenting, Therese Hegarty, Seven’s Director, Content Distribution & Rights, said:

“This is a fantastic recognition for Josh and his team on Beat Bugs. We loved the concept and Josh’s passion for it from the get-go. We are so proud to be a part of the continuing success and global recognition for Beat Bugs.”

Grace: A Storytelling Company (Grace), Thunderbird Beyond Screen Production and Seven Network Australia joined together to bring to life Beat Bugs from creator Josh Wakely, who directs, writes and produces the series. The series is marketed worldwide by Beyond Distribution. Beat Bugs incorporates compositions from the Northern Songs catalogue administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing. The series tells uplifting and life-affirming stories filled with hope and melody. World-leading artists, animators and writers have come together to work on this extraordinary show.