SBS Viceland HD (Australian TV Channel)

SBS Viceland is now on MPEG4 HD Channel 31.

Some boxes/tuners may need a rescan.

From Saturday 8 April 2017, SBS VICELAND is available in HD on free-to-air channel 31. SBS has also made upgrades to its SBS HD service available on free-to-air on channel 30.


SBS HD and SBS VICELAND HD are the high definition versions of those SBS channels. This means viewers can experience superior quality of television viewing than standard definition (SD) channels.

Which channels is SBS now providing in HD?
SBS’s primary channel SBS HD is available on channel 30, and from 8 April SBS VICELAND will be available in HD on channel 31.

Do I need to retune to access SBS HD channels?
Some viewers may be required to retune their televisions in order to receive the new SBS VICELAND HD channel, as well as the upgraded SBS HD channel. Some digital TV equipment will automatically detect changes and your set may retune itself, or it may prompt you to retune in order to access the HD channels. Retuning your television to access SBS VICELAND HD will also ensure you have access to SBS HD.

How do I retune to access SBS HD and SBS VICELAND HD?
If your television does not automatically retune and SBS VICELAND HD is not readily available, you will need to retune.
Should you need to retune, the following are basic instructions and not related to any specific set or brand. Menu descriptions and labels may vary depending on your equipment.

Press the “menu” or “home” button on your remote control to display the device control panel.
Locate the “digital auto tuning” or “digital channel search” option.
Select “start” or “search”. Retuning should then only take a few minutes.

If in doubt, consult the user manual of your television on how to retune your device or contact your television manufacturer.

If you require further assistance, you can also call SBS on 1800 500 727 during business hours.

SBS HD was previously available, but now I cannot see it. What happened?
In leveraging new technology to get the most of the spectrum available to us, SBS is making upgrades to its SBS HD service available from 8 April 2017. As a result of these changes, some viewers may need to retune to access SBS HD.

SBS HD previously used MPEG-2 technology, and has now changed to the more efficient MPEG-4 technology. This means that you will be able to get SBS HD if your TV set, set top box, personal video recorder or PC tuner card is MPEG-4 and HD compatible. Most TVs purchased from 2009 onwards should be compatible.

Do I need a TV that supports MPEG-4 to receive the HD channels? [if yes what does this mean if I don’t have an MPEG-4 TV?]
Yes. You will be able to get SBS HD and SBS VICELAND HD if your TV set is MPEG-4 and HD compatible.

Most televisions, set top boxes, personal video recorders or PC tuner cards purchased from 2009 onwards should be compatible. Non-compatible devices will continue to receive SBS and VICELAND in SD (standard definition) on channel 3 or 32 as usual.

I have retuned my TV and I still don’t have the HD channels – why?
If the HD channels (channel 30 and channel 31) are not appearing or appears faulty (audio only), it means your television is not HD MPEG-4 compatible. Please check with your TV manufacturer to see if it is HD MPEG-4 compatible.

Is NITV/ Food Network available in HD? Why not?
SBS’s other free-to-air channels NITV and Food Network are not currently available in HD. Like all broadcasters, SBS has a certain amount of spectrum available to it to which it can use to broadcast its channels. SBS has recently made changes to how it uses its spectrum, leveraging new compression technology capabilities to enable us to launch a new channel in SBS VICELAND HD, and deliver better services to our audiences. We have no plans to launch any additional channels in the immediate future.

What is happening to SBS’s SD channels?
SBS’s SD channels will remain available for viewers. SBS main channel in SD continues on channel 3, and SBS VICELAND in SD is still available on channel 32.

Why would I watch SBS in HD if I can still get the regular SD channels?
HD offers viewers improved picture quality, e.g., sharper pictures. If viewers have an HD compatible television, they will be able to take advantage of a better viewing experience available through HD.

Is SBS VICELAND HD available on Foxtel?
SBS VICELAND HD is not currently available via Foxtel. That is a decision for Foxtel, not SBS, but we hope the channel will be available for audiences who watch SBS through Foxtel, along with our other channels.

Can I get the SBS HD and SBS VICELAND HD channels via Foxtel satellite?
Foxtel satellite customers are not currently able to receive SBS’s HD channels. In order to access SBS HD or SBS VICELAND HD, Foxtel satellite customers will need to switch from their Foxtel service to free to air digital TV to access SBS HD and SBS VICELAND HD.

Is SBS VICELAND HD available on VAST/Do you intend to make SBS VICELAND HD available on VAST?
SBS VICELAND SD is currently available on VAST. SBS does not currently have plans to launch SBS VICELAND HD on VAST however, we regularly review access to our channels balancing shifting consumption habits and costs

How much of the content on SBS and VICELAND is in HD?
Almost all SBS and SBS VICELAND content is in HD. All materials delivered to SBS in HD will be broadcast in HD (including any live sporting events). Some older program which pre-date HD and were therefore not produced in HD, will not be available in HD.