Samsung Phones

Ordered 2 Glaxy S8 Plus phones yesterday, looking at the Dex for the wife as she only uses email, Word, Power Point and Chrome.

Looks like the Samsung Dex is now available in Australia.

Oh Dear God, I hope the boxes are smaller in Oz, I’ve got 2 arriving at the Office on Friday, getting them to the station and travelling in the train will be an adventure if they are.

Fortunately the Phone and Gear VR boxes were the normal size once I removed them from the Courier boxes so the trip to the station won’t be an issue :relieved:

I’ve just discovered a new Fun Hobby, watching my wife wearing a Gear VR Headset with head bobbing around while she swears at the controls

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Worked well, was able to remap the Bixby button on my wife’s phone to the camera

LOL, you’ve just caught on? :wink:

Look out Lisa!