Robot Overlords


Released in 2014, Robot Overlords starred Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson.
Robot Overlords has Earth being invaded by robots and enslaving humanity.
The humans fight against these invaders and in this not bad film exploring this premise.
Since the release of this film, a TV series based on it is now in the works.
What prompted me to watch this movie was coming across reviews comparing it to Doctor Who.
Television drama producer Tony Wood described Robot Overlords as “a great British sci-fi brand in the tradition of classics such as ‘Quatermass’ and ‘Doctor Who’ — packed with special effects and rebellious excitement.”
The Guardian says it “plays like a slightly-more sweary episode of Doctor Who” and The Telegraph branded it quintessentially British, with its many “plucky” characters, but found the plot to be thin and the robot overlords clumsy and harking back to earlier sci-fi movies: like a “rusty Dr Who episode” with Dalek invasions of Bedfordshire quarries.