Renewals and Axings

FFS!!! One of the best shows in years. Well done CBS. Wankers.

Star (FOX) - AXED
Blindspot (NBC) - RENEWED *and axed, 5th season to be its last.

Proven Innocent (FOX) - AXED

The Orville (FOX) - RENEWED
The Goldbergs (ABC US) - RENEWED
Schooled (ABC US) - RENEWED

Whiskey Cavalier (ABC US) - AXED
This Is Us (NBC) - RENEWED for 3 seasons

@#%@%@!!! Loved this show too!

Never heard of it, or seen it… guess I never will :wink:

American Idol (ABC US) - RENEWED
Empire (FOX) - AXED *after series 6 airs.

was a bit like Castle except CIA/FBI, not NYPD. Was fun.

Madam Secretary (CBS) - AXED *after this next season

Not going to contest the 2020 Election? :slight_smile:

The Tick (Amazon Prime) - AXED

These CW shows have just been renewed:

The Flash
Black Lightning
DC Legends of Tomorrow
All American
In The Dark
Roswell, New Mexico
Nancy Drew

New Amsterdam (NBC) - RENEWED for three seasons

You (Netflix) - RENEWED

Ray Donovan (Showtime) - AXED

The Good Doctor (ABC US) - RENEWED
Sex Education (Netflix) - RENEWED

Superstore (NBC) - RENEWED

Bosch (Amazon Prime) - RENEWED for Series 6, AXED after Series 7
Avenue 5 (HBO) - RENEWED

Insatiable (Netflix) - AXED