Password Complexity

Steve Gibson has a good discussion on Passwords

I use SafeInCloud to manage my passwords. After one of the many password breaches on various web sites, I decided I needed to have different passwords for EVERY single web site I use, and KnowFirst is no exception to that rule.

I then have a master password which is different again, and am memory independent now when I log into web sites.

I use LastPass works on all the platforms I use, Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS.

The password generate are pretty good eg. 9mD1rzCnSHy7q48

The researcher who originally recommended that everyone should use passwords with special characters, and change them often has something to say: he was wrong. And he regrets his advice.

pass this onto the security people at SCA - we have to have 12-20 with numbers, letters, special characters, the baby’s first tooth and your umbilical cord, and changed every 60 days.


My password is Pa55word…super secure


That’s BRILLIANT, makes my PaSSword look just stupid

it’s so revolutionary I’d never have guessed it.

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