The third and recent season of Outlander introduced a Chinese man who Jamie gave the nick name of Mr Willoughby.
Jamie calls him Mr Willoughby because he thought he thought it would be simpler than calling him by his real Chinese name.

Coincidentally The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 3.17 has a Czech man being called Mr Willoughby and it is not his real name because calling him Mr Willoughby is much easier than calling him by his real Czech name which is deemed hard to pronounce.

Saw the movie The Spy Who Dumped Me featuring Sam Heughan (Jamie in Outlander).

Not only that but it featured another Outlander luminary in James Fleet (Reverend Wakefield).

Outlander season 4 will make its world debut in the US on November 4 2018.


Outlander has also been renewed for a fifth and sixth season.

America the Beautiful:
Season 4 opener.
Gruelling start to the season and this episode ends with a terrifying assault on Jamie and Claire including the latter swallowing rings.

If Not For Hope:

Antepenultimate episode of season 4.

There sure lots of hopelessness here especially with Brianna being forced to make her own choice of husband.


Penultimate episode of season 4.

Absolutely intense when Brianna faced off her rapist.

Interesting interplay between Roger and Father Alexandre in this the latest of Roger as a captive.

Outlander season 5 teaser:

It will debut on February 16 2020.

The Fiery Cross:
Season 5 opener.
What a way to start the fifth season with Brianna and Roger’s wedding and it was very stylish.
Fun that game at the wedding with guests trying to say that line.
Roger sure feeling the family situation that he got himself into.
Daunting the obligation that Jamie is honour bound by.
Spectacular sight of the said Fiery Cross.

Between Two Fires:
Season 5, Episode 2.
Harrowing Claire conducting an autopsy way before it became widely known.
Claire makes reference to the butcher’s. This came on February 23 2020 and on the same day came Doctor Who: Ascension of the Cybermen which coincidentally had Graham (Bradley Walsh) too making a reference to the butcher’s.
Cute Roger sings Joy to the World to Jemmy.
Quite a shock that Stephen Bonnet is alive and awful when he cuts his opponent’s eyes instead of killing him as being a father made him merciful and I am not sure I would call that mercy.

The Good Doctor 3.13 Sex and Death has Shaun (Freddy Highmore) telling Claire (Antonia Thomas) that his girlfriend Carly (Jasika Nicole) likes Outlander.

Later on Shaun cosplayed as a Highlander presumably Jamie to Carly.

Further on Shaun told Dr Park (Will Yun Lee) that he (Shaun) and Carly binge watched six episodes of Outlander before the latter fell asleep.

Free Will:
Season 5, Episode 3.
Quite a tense situation at the Beardsleys demonstrating the power of free will here.

The Company We Keep:
Season 5, Episode 4.
Not bad episode set at a trading post.
All this as Claire battles against history.

Perpetual Adoration:
Season 5, Episode 5.
Interesting the flashbacks to the 20th century with Claire losing a patient that she became attached to and wanting to spend more with Brianna.
Interesting in the 18th century that Claire came up with penicillin.

Better to Marry Than Burn:
Season 5, Episode 6.
Tragic flashback with Jocasta when she had sight.
Shocking that attack made on Claire just she learnt about smuggling and new information about Stephen Bonnet.

The Ballad of Roger Mac:
Season 5, Episode 7.
Guest stars Miles Richardson.
Pretty good ballad by Roger.
Enthralling the battle here and Jamie being forced to wear a Redcoat.
Shocking that Murtagh was killed.
More shocking by what might have happened to Roger at the cliffhanger.

Famous Last Words:
Season 5, Episode 8.
Thankfully Roger survived the hanging, however has been left literally speechless as he gotten shellshocked.
Interesting that Roger’s thoughts has been presented in the form of silent movies.
Harrowing seeing his journey to recovery but he eventually gets there.

My Darling Clementine is sang here and I should not be surprised that it got played in the end credits.

Monsters and Heroes:
Season 5, Episode 9.
Quite a harrowing episode as Jamie got bitten by a venomous snake and only Claire could nurse him back to health in an intimate way.

Mercy Shall Follow Me:

Antepenultimate episode of season 5.

This episode brings the Stephen Bonnet storyline to an end.

While the threat that is Bonnet was being focused on, Jocasta gets a visit by Gerald Forbes.

Shocking when Forbes attempted to kill her but he got killed by Ulysses and therefore saved Jocasta’s life.

Brianna gets taken captive by Bonnet.

Harrowing seeing Bonnet holding Brianna hostage which ends with Brianna being rescued and Bonnet facing justice.

Bonnet is convicted and sentenced to death.

Death is by drowning.

However before water could claim his life, he is shot dead by Brianna.

Roger asked her whether this was out of mercy or to make sure he is dead.

Brianna left that question unanswered leaving the viewer their own interpretation of why she did it as the Bonnet storyline and the episode came to an end.

Brianna is played by redhead Sophie Skelton and given this episode’s title fellow redhead Karen Gillan and she had been in episodes with the words mercy and follow in their titles.

With mercy, my wife Karen was in Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy and with follow my wife Karen was in Selfie: Follow-Through.

Prior to Sophie’s casting as Brianna, my wife Karen became a fan favourite online for her to play her as the books described her as a redhead.

As much as I love Karen I am glad that Sophie was cast as Brianna.

No reflection on Sophie but my wife Karen as Brianna would have meant for her to do the Bonnet storyline.

I would not like to have seen my wife Karen do that with what Brianna had to go through here.

Penultimate episode of season 5.
Interesting to learn what Journeycake is.
Curious on hearing Young Ian asked what a ballpoint pen is.
What a shock that it ends with a kidnapping leading to the season finale Never My Love.

Never My Love:
Season 5 finale.
Harrowing way to end the fifth season with what Claire goes experiences with her kidnap.
During this bad experience, Claire has dreams of her family set in her time in the 20th century.
Quite interesting seeing the characters especially Jamie who are normally seen in the 18th century in the 20th century setting.
Thankfully Claire gets rescued by Jamie.
The season ends with Jamie and Claire cuddle together in bed with the latter recovering from that bad experience.

Unsurprisingly comes a certain helpline at the end credits reflecting the themes of this episode.