The Battle Joined:
Season 3 opener.
Pretty good beginning to the third season.
Intriguing as we see how Jamie survived the Battle of Culloden when it seems certain that death was going to take him.
We also see Claire adjusting to the life in the States in 1948.
There was certainly quite a political discussion involving Claire, Frank along with Dean Jackson and as it takes place in 1948 and they were discussing the upcoming presidential election that year and Dean Jackson is convinced Democratic incumbent Harry S Truman was going to lose to Republican challenger New York Governor Tom Dewey.
It is not shown here but Truman defied predictions and won that election over Dewey not to mention the infamous Dewey Defeats Truman headline.
Dean Jackson was played by Colin Stinton and he himself had played the US President or President-elect (due to Russell T Davies not understanding the distinction between President and President-elect) in Arthur Coleman Winters in Doctor Who: The Sound of Drums.
The Battle Joined ends with Claire giving birth to Brianna and couldn’t help but be a little amused when the nurse asked why Brianna has red hair.


Season 3, Episode 2.

The Redcoats are after Jamie and horrifying when one of them chop off the boy’s hands.

Meanwhile in 1949 marital relations between Claire and Frank isn’t getting any better with the two of them ending up sleeping in separate beds.

Quite a momentous when Claire attended her first class made up of mostly white men.

That was quite a bold plan in which Jamie deliberately get himself captured by the Redcoats.

All Debts Paid:
Season 3, Episode 3.
This episode with Jamie being backed in prison and the debts refer here are ones that have kept Jamie alive so far.
Intriguing episode with Jamie getting a little trip outside of the prison, a certain flashback and Jamie’s conversation with the new prison governor.
Meanwhile we are seeing the end of Claire and Frank’s marriage which became accelerated when Claire met Frank’s girlfriend.
The marriage does end but sadly not in the way anybody had expected but in a way that was originally intended.

Of Lost Things:
Season 3, Episode 4.
Jamie has an affair with a lady who is about to get married to an older noble which eventually result in the birth of a son and the lady in question dies from giving birth to this child.
An emotional episode which sees Jamie spends time with son before deciding to make use of the freedom he was given and go home to Scotland but leaving the son behind.
Meanwhile Claire and Brianna does all they could to find Jamie but ultimately done all they could in this effort falling short of what they had wanted to find and that was very sad.

Freedom & Whisky:
Season 3, Episode 5.
Quite a surprise that Roger comes to Boston to see Claire and Brianna as he gave Claire a way to get back to Jamie.
Very emotional as Claire gets prepare to be reunited with Jamie.
Fun that the 1960s Batman theme gets played here after the said series got mentioned by Roger as Claire kinds of make her own Batsuit.
What a reunion between Claire and Jamie at the end but Jamie collapses upon seeing her.

A. Malcolm:
Season 3, Episode 6.
Claire is finally reunited with Jamie.
After attending to some business, we see a substantial amount of time of Claire and Jamie doing what couples normally do.
Did not expect that such time would be devoted to this moment.
Shocking when Claire stumbles upon an intruder in her and Jamie’s room and ends with a cliffhanger with Claire in danger with the intruder.

Creme de Menthe:
Season 3, Episode 7.
The episode title means a peppermint-flavoured liqueur.
Thankfully Claire survives an attacker from her attacker who gets seriously injured.
Claire as a doctor then treats but was ultimately unsuccessful in keeping him alive.
Commendable of Claire in trying to save this man’s life given what he had just done to her.
Really was not a good idea when Jamie lied to Ian about young Ian.
Thrilling the fire at the shop but luckily young Ian survived.

First Wife:
Season 3, Episode 8.
The episode title refers to Claire as she finds out that Jamie got another wife in the long years that she has been absent and that second wife is Laoghaire.
If that wasn’t enough Laoghaire in order to claim what is rightfully hers gets a gun with the intention to use it on Claire but ended up accidentally shooting Jamie instead who thankfully was only injured from this shot.
Shocking cliffhanger with young Ian in place of the injured Jamie swimming to the island only for him to be forcibly taken aboard a ship.

The Doldrums:
Season 3, Episode 9.
For almost all of this episode Claire and Jamie are at sea.
When the Chinese person Mr Willoughby told his story to the ship’s crew it felt similar in the Doctor Who story when another Chinese person Ping-Cho told a story to her audience.
Interesting episode of Claire and Jamie on a ship as they overcome superstition of a ship having a woman (Claire) and a redhead (Jamie) on board.
Quite a climax when Claire boards a passing ship to treat the crew who has typhoid only for it to take off with her still on it.

Heaven and Earth:
Season 3, Episode 10.
Enthralling as this episode is mostly Claire on that sick ship.
Very emotional experience for Claire especially when she tended to Elias when he died.
Thrilling cliffhanger when Claire jumped off the ship.

Antepenultimate episode of season 3.
Enthralling that much of the first half with Claire on her own after finding herself on the island.
Quite a meeting that Claire has with Father Fogden and quite worrying that he thinks a coconut can talk.
Claire fortuitously get reunited with Jamie on the island thanks to Mr Willoughy eating a goat named Arabella something which he shouldn’t have done but still a dead goat achieved the good of getting Claire and Jamie back together.

The Bakra:
Penultimate episode of season 3.
The episode refers to Geillis as Lotte Verbeek makes her return as her and wow what an entrance she made here.
Enjoyed seeing Geillis’ reaction about a 200 year old baby. The viewer already knows who this 200 year old baby is.
Oh dear, a good deed that Claire did in the recent past inversely went against her and Jamie at the end of this episode.

Eye of the Storm:
Season 3 finale.
In NuWho’s own season 3 finale Last of the Time Lords, the Doctor whilst in the Valiant reversed time by a year and that everyone including himself on the Valiant are the only ones who will ever remember what happened in The Year That Never Was because they were in the eye of the storm.
The Outlander season 3 finale Eye of the Storm had literally that as there was a storm during a sea voyage.
A very exciting way to end the third season with Geillis being dealt with and answers a mystery that was presented to Claire when she was back in the 20th century.
Interesting end to the season in which Claire and Jamie after surviving from the ship with the storm found themselves in the colony of Georgia later to become the US state of Georgia.

The third and recent season of Outlander introduced a Chinese man who Jamie gave the nick name of Mr Willoughby.
Jamie calls him Mr Willoughby because he thought he thought it would be simpler than calling him by his real Chinese name.

Coincidentally The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 3.17 has a Czech man being called Mr Willoughby and it is not his real name because calling him Mr Willoughby is much easier than calling him by his real Czech name which is deemed hard to pronounce.

Saw the movie The Spy Who Dumped Me featuring Sam Heughan (Jamie in Outlander).

Not only that but it featured another Outlander luminary in James Fleet (Reverend Wakefield).

Outlander season 4 will make its world debut in the US on November 4 2018.


Outlander has also been renewed for a fifth and sixth season.

America the Beautiful:
Season 4 opener.
Gruelling start to the season and this episode ends with a terrifying assault on Jamie and Claire including the latter swallowing rings.

If Not For Hope:

Antepenultimate episode of season 4.

There sure lots of hopelessness here especially with Brianna being forced to make her own choice of husband.


Penultimate episode of season 4.

Absolutely intense when Brianna faced off her rapist.

Interesting interplay between Roger and Father Alexandre in this the latest of Roger as a captive.

Outlander season 5 teaser:

It will debut on February 16 2020.