Now Add Honey


What drew my attention to this movie, released in 2015, is that it had my wife Portia De Rossi in it and I have taken an interest in my wife Portia since first seeing her as one of the Sirens.
However my wife Portia has a minimalist role in this movie and it did not prevent me from deciding that this movie is pretty awful.
The so-called humourous situations I found to be very unfunny.
The solution that was presented against the antagonist was extremely awful and it is one of the unfunny situations that I just mentioned.
Also in Now Add Honey are Philippa Coulthard and Lucy Fry as my wife Portia’s niece and daughter respectively, the latter being the said Honey.
Phillipa and Lucy had previously worked together in Lightning Point.
Now Add Honey has Philippa and Lucy playing cousins.
The first time I saw Phillipa was in K9 which like Lightning Point is a 26 episode Australian sci fi series and Now Add Honey is an Australian movie.
Curiously enough one of the K9 episodes with Philippa is Sirens of Ceres but unfortunately it did not have my wife Portia nor her fellow Sirens, also my wives, in it.