Normal People

Episode 1:
I decided to start to watch Normal People due to it being praised by my wife Karen Gillan.

Normal People focuses on schoolgirl Marianne Sheridan (Daisy Edgar-Jones).

Ms Edgar-Jones presents a brilliant performance as Marianne as she does not hold back on what she is feeling and carefree with her attitudes with her teachers.

A brilliant performance by her that starts this series superbly.

Episode 2:
Things sure takes a turn between Connell and Marianne and the impact it has a them afterwards.

Episode 3:
This is the first time I have heard the word debs, an Irish word for dance.

Quite tragic the fallout from the breakup between Marianne and Connell.

Episode 4:
Connell and Marianne are unexpected reunited at college.
Quite a reversal in situations especially with things becoming complicated.

Episode 5:
Moving with Marianne and Connell getting close again.
However a complication may have arise from this.

Episode 6:
Quite harrowing with Marianne at the family dinner.
An example of when not to do a family dinner.

Episode 7:
What a fight Connell got himself into.
Quite an intense conversation between Marianne and Connell at the end.

Episode 8:
A notable event during a holiday lunch when an argument blew up and what it led afterwards.

Episode 9:
Didn’t like the situation that Marianne was in. Did not like it at all.

Episode 10:
Antepenultimate episode of the series/season.
Very unsettling atmosphere with Connell seeing a counsellor as Rob had recently committed suicide.
Quite heavy how this was all played out including Connell breaking down in tears in front of the counsellor.
After seeing Marianne at the funeral, Connell has a breakup with Helen. the latter feeling from this event that they don’t belong together.
Very heartwarming with Marianne and Connell bonding on Skype.

Episode 11:

Penultimate episode of the series/season.

Intense on Connell and Marianne getting it back together.

A particular point was when Alan broke Marianne’s nose and Connell responded to Alan on this.

Connell then promised Marianne she won’t be hurt again.

Definitely well handled this episode.

Episode 12:
Series/season finale.
If this is the end then this was the lovely way to go about it with Connell and Marianne spending Christmas with Connell’s family to the end where they sit on the floor as they reflect what their future is going to be.
After all that is what a normal life is.