Normal People

Episode 1:
I decided to start to watch Normal People due to it being praised by my wife Karen Gillan.

Normal People focuses on schoolgirl Marianne Sheridan (Daisy Edgar-Jones).

Ms Edgar-Jones presents a brilliant performance as Marianne as she does not hold back on what she is feeling and carefree with her attitudes with her teachers.

A brilliant performance by her that starts this series superbly.

Episode 2:
Things sure takes a turn between Connell and Marianne and the impact it has a them afterwards.

Episode 3:
This is the first time I have heard the word debs, an Irish word for dance.

Quite tragic the fallout from the breakup between Marianne and Connell.

Episode 4:
Connell and Marianne are unexpected reunited at college.
Quite a reversal in situations especially with things becoming complicated.

Episode 5:
Moving with Marianne and Connell getting close again.
However a complication may have arise from this.

Episode 6:
Quite harrowing with Marianne at the family dinner.
An example of when not to do a family dinner.