Nintendo Switch - General Discussion



So far, I have enjoyed Mario Kart Deluxe, but having owned a lot of Wii U titles over the years, I am unsure if they will have a market for this, as I feel previous owners will avoid games they have already previously played.


I think I would be devastated if my switch was to lose my Zelda save data. Nintendo really need to look at a solution sooner I think.


Australian Nintendo Account users cannot access which is the online shop on the web. Only accessible via the switch itself. Really needs more flexibility. IMHO, I think when they had a common credit system with the Wii, they were heading the right direction for this, but since they have gone with pricing in local currencies. Unfortunately this leads to price-gouging when our dollar changes against the greenback…good that Nintendo offer a region free platform in the switch (mind you, not so easy to chop and change eshop accounts, but still good that I can buy a game overseas and it will just work without any issues on the cartridge version).




Dunno why this is news… I’m guessing any web site is compatible if Nintendo launched a web browser… Don’t think it’ll happen though as I think we would have seen it already. Heck the Wii U launched with web browser and the Wii got one at some point as well.


In other news, the switch has sold a bucket load of consoles in a short span. Getting close to the GameCube lifetime sold now…