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So far, I have enjoyed Mario Kart Deluxe, but having owned a lot of Wii U titles over the years, I am unsure if they will have a market for this, as I feel previous owners will avoid games they have already previously played.


I think I would be devastated if my switch was to lose my Zelda save data. Nintendo really need to look at a solution sooner I think.


Australian Nintendo Account users cannot access which is the online shop on the web. Only accessible via the switch itself. Really needs more flexibility. IMHO, I think when they had a common credit system with the Wii, they were heading the right direction for this, but since they have gone with pricing in local currencies. Unfortunately this leads to price-gouging when our dollar changes against the greenback…good that Nintendo offer a region free platform in the switch (mind you, not so easy to chop and change eshop accounts, but still good that I can buy a game overseas and it will just work without any issues on the cartridge version).




Dunno why this is news… I’m guessing any web site is compatible if Nintendo launched a web browser… Don’t think it’ll happen though as I think we would have seen it already. Heck the Wii U launched with web browser and the Wii got one at some point as well.


In other news, the switch has sold a bucket load of consoles in a short span. Getting close to the GameCube lifetime sold now…




Doesn’t say anything about revised hardware though…




Here comes the third party developer train. Can’t wait until March 3.


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Hey Reddit,
dbrand here. Exciting day, right? You’re probably running low on battery after a third charge cycle, working on collecting the fourth spirit orb. What a time to be alive! Enough with the small talk though, let’s jump into this.
We’re here to make a public service announcement that under no circumstances should you be buying a vinyl skin / wrap for your Nintendo Switch. Seems like a counter-intuitive narrative from the world’s leading skin manufacturer, right? Allow us to explain.
Simply put, the coating which exists on the JoyCons (and the console – more on that later) is either cured or designed in a way which doesn’t play well with adhesive.
We received the Switch about 96 hours ago and immediately began prototyping. After a couple of prototypes, we saw minor indications of the outer coating beginning to peel off. Nintendo advised that the device we had in-hand was not the final build, although we assumed that pertained more to the software than the hardware.
We continued prototyping and after about 24 hours of applying and removing prototypes, the JoyCons looked like this - image link. At this point, we hit pause on the JoyCons and continued onto the console.
We decided to reserve judgement on whether the JoyCons could be skinned until we purchased a normal unit, like humans do, on release day from a physical retail location. If we found that a retail unit had similar peeling issues, a fact we can now confirm to be true, we would not release skins for the JoyCons.
Unfortunately, our prototyping phase with the pre-release console had another (albeit different) issue with vinyl skin incompatibility. If you look at the back of the Switch, you’ll see that the Nintendo Switch logo and regulatory markings are all screen-printed in a light gray. This screen-printing (or pad-printing) process is also cured in a way which peels off with the adhesive on vinyl wraps. To get a clear understanding of what we mean, take a look at this photo - image link of the back of the console.
Again, we decided to reserve judgement on whether the Console would be skin-able until we purchased a retail unit to compare against the potentially non-final early unit which we were prototyping with.
As you can guess, we purchased a retail unit (ten, in fact… just to make sure it wasn’t an isolated issue) and both the JoyCons and the Console are not compatible with vinyl wraps or any adhesive-backed skin of any kind.
This is really quite unfortunate, not just because we were going to make a ton of money from this console, but more-so because it genuinely did look dope with a skin (check it out in Matte White here - image link).
As for anyone who pre-ordered a Switch skin, we’ll be refunding your order in full over the next 72 hours. Upon execution, you can expect an email from our customer service robots confirming that the refund has been processed. If you pre-ordered a Switch skin alongside other item(s), you’ll receive a refund for only the Switch portion and the remaining pieces will ship normally.
If you have any further questions, feel free to post up. If it’s a specific question regarding your order, the absolute most efficient way to receive a reply is by emailing Public replies require identity verification that is better served in a private setting, and PMs will end up getting manually transferred over to an email ticket regardless. We’re not bullshitting when we say that our customer service desk is the very best way to get any issues resolved efficiently.
Thanks in advance for your support and enjoy your Switch …as much as you can without a dbrand skin.


Some of the skins were going to be quite awesome…I wonder where that leaves the official Nintendo skins?



Looks like I’ll be pulling out the catalogues on launch day to get me some price matches on my pre-orders.

Big W seem to be leading the way, which is a first when it comes to Nintendo as I’ve always found their pricing to be mediocre. Maybe Woolies are looking for some sort of turn around?