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The Jacketgate leaker has been found, but won’t be stood down because they are on-air talent.

Jacketgate leaker found

It’s been 10 years since Wally Lewis had is epilepsy incident. Now a strong spokesperson for the disease and giving back to the community who supported him.

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Seb Costello is the new European correspondent for Nine News, replacing Michael Best, who replaced Tom Steinfort.

Costello, the son of former treasurer Peter, will join Amelia Ballinger in London.

Nine’s Election 2017 WA Decides [5pm] Opener:

The day that journalist Amber Sherlock’s world up-ended began like any other. She cleaned up the aftermath of her two-year-old’s breakfast. She changed nappies, tripped over toys, and cajoled little arms into little T-shirts.

Then she kissed two little foreheads and went to work. As she monitored stories and read scripts, a colleague came over and said, “Hey, I have just seen this pop up.”

“This” was a video on media site Mumbrella showing Sherlock having a terse off-air exchange with reporter Julie Snook, in which she commanded a defensive Snook to fetch a jacket because they were both wearing white.

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I was just in country Victoria where they advised a New Local C9 news starting this week on the country channels. It appeared to be hosted by Jane Hall any news on this?

Jo Hall.

All local Vic news is being done by Jo Hall from Melbourne.

NSW it’s Vanessa O’Hanlon.

Queensland is next off the cab with Samantha Heathwood.

Thanks Mark

Miranda Wood has left her post as head of news at The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph to plunge into the world of television as head of investigations for Nine News in Sydney, reports The Australian.

If being hit by bird droppings is good luck, then 9NEWS reporter Eddy Meyer might be the luckiest journalist in Sydney.

The TV reporter was setting up to record part of a news story in North Sydney when he made the unfortunate mistake of standing underneath a tree.

He then copped not one – but two – direct hits from a bird perched above him, leaving his suit splattered white.

Nine Relaunches 9news.Com.Au

Nine has overhauled its online news vertical with a mobile video-first approach as the publisher seeks to grow online audiences around and its associated websites.

The refreshed website, which last month was read by more than 2.9 million Australians, has been redesigned to emphasise the key areas of strength for 9news: breaking news, video and local content.

The new-look website includes new features such as a looping video teaser at the centre of the homepage to give readers a moving image view of the day’s news.

“When we looked at overhauling we knew we had to put video – and in particular mobile video – at the centre of the experience,” said Josie MacRae, Nine’s Head of News – Digital.

The new will also have live streaming of major news events through the top right-hand corner of the website, as part of Nine News’ ongoing commitment to breaking news across all platforms.

“We have also emphasised live streaming and location technology to help ensure that our readers can easily access major breaking news events, along with the most relevant information to them,” she said.

“Nine News is one of Australia’s most trusted news brands and these changes help to keep us competitive by emphasising the areas where we have a clear competitive advantage: video and our national reach.

“Our heritage in television and our scale as a national broadcaster are being brought to bear in the online world and will help us to define our future in the digital space.”

Nine’s Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Alex Parsons, said he was confident the overhaul would help continue to grow new audiences and build on its market-leading reader engagement.

“In the past 12 months has firmly cemented its place in the top tier of Australian news websites,” said Parsons, referencing’s ranking as the number two commercial news website in the country with 4.727 million readers in May.

“These new and exciting changes to are just the latest changes as we continue to evolve our product and cater to the ever evolving needs of the millions of Australians who visit our online properties each month.”

Simon Hobbs‏ @SimonHobbs9 18m18 minutes ago
A big congratulations to the entire @9NewsSyd team for winning the ratings year 21-0. 7th straight year as Sydney’s No.1 news service.

Laurie Oakes retires.

How did Erin fall off her chair anyway? :stuck_out_tongue: