New Town Killers

Released in 2008, I saw New Town Killers due to a single scene done by my wife Karen Gillan who would later play Amy Pond in Doctor Who.
In fact New Town Killers was released in the same year that my wife Karen made her Doctor Who debut albeit as the Soothsayer in The Fires of Pompeii.
Coincidentally New Town Killers has Liz White and Dougray Scott as the villain and both would later be in Doctor Who but narrowly after my wife Karen’s time as Amy had ended with White in The Snowmen and Scott in Hide.
An enjoyable little scene from my wife Karen in New Town Killers which was actually her first film role.
The main plot is about a parentless teenager Sean (James Anthony Pearson) who is forced to play a nasty sadistic game of hunting with Sean being the prey.
Sean is forced to do this so he can win the money that is the prize as his sister (White) is in debt and needs to pay it off.
Overall not bad.