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I’ve been connected to NBN since June last year, I’m connected by FTTN, 350 metres from the Node with good copper, one of the Lucky Ones.

I’m using the TPG Superfast XXL Plan.

Before the NBN, I was on ADSL 1 behind a RIM

When I first got connected I was one of, if not the first in my area.

Now that more people have connected in area I’ve noticed a drop in speed

While I’ve had a really good experience moving over to the NBN that’s more the exception than the rule, if you’ve move over to the NBN or can’t because of a Cluster F**k by the NBN share your thoughts and experiences

I’m on a micro-node, with the whole suburb going live on August 5 2016.

I still have no date for connection.

We have three home businesses in my street alone who are suffering because of tortoise speed and constant dropouts.


The NBN have simplified their speed tiers, from the original 5 to 3 tiers.

They’ve finally acknowledged that 12/1 is not Broadband

Retail plans based on nbn™ 12 are suitable for households with basic phone or internet usage. nbn™ 12 is not considered a superfast broadband plan. nbn™ 12 may be similar to what many households or businesses in Australia may experience on ADSL2. Speak to your phone and internet provider about the plan that best suits your needs.

Since the NBN Tiers changes were announced I haven’t noticed any change in what NBN Plans ISPs are providing or more importantly advertising, most are still advertising NBN Broadband with a blistering speed of 12/1.

In Today’s world Internet is becoming more and more important for nearly everybody, and is now our preferred medium of everyday communication. However, to enjoy the uninterrupted services of the internet, you need to have good connectivity.
But if you have a slow internet connection speed, then you know the trouble of waiting for that page to load, that video to buffer, or that file to download can feel like an eternity.


Australia is now ranked 60th with an average speed of 7.8Mb/s

I’ve been told I live in the wrong side of the train tracks. The whole suburb got switched on recently except for my part as we are on the other side of the railway line and must wait 2 more years when they roll out the suburb beside me. The only reason the rest of my suburb got done now is there is a university campus on that side of the railway line.

Oh dear… stupid sheeple!

oh dear

NBN Co is set to introduce an after-hours installation option for customers whose premises are in the FTTx footprint, but will levy a $150 fee for the new service.

My speedtest:

6 Feb 2017 at 8.20pm

Ah, the Bad Old Days, 100/40 is Life Changing

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Maybe sometime this decade…

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Someone please give me 5 minutes alone with this bloke so we can have a “chat”

NBNco head off his rocker

Not a premium member what is the bit that has you excited?

that the bloke who runs the NBNco reckons Australians don’t even want fast broadband even “if we offered it to them for free”

I shit you not.

Aussies ‘don’t want fast internet’
THE boss of the $49 billion National Broadband Network claims Australians do not need super-fast broadband and wouldn’t use it even if it was free.


Reminds me of a line from SpecOps by Craig Alanson when the Ancient Super Intelligent AI said it like the Monkeys (Humans)

This guys abilities to run the NBN are similar

“I lowered my expectations, is all. Lowered them until they hit the ground, I dug a hole, and when I hit bedrock I got a big drill and punched down as far as I could, and when the drill ran out I jumped up and down on my expectations to squish them some more, and finally I took a big steaming dump on my expectations, and filled in the hole.”

What a load of bull. Someone needs to sack this bloke. If he doesn’t believe in the product, how is he going to run the company behind it.

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I am on ADSL2 and I average 17Mbs. I have Fibre in my street and connected to a box in my garage, I currently receive FTA television thru this line, with the node two blook’s from home… Unfortunately there is no road (just a paddock) between the node and the NBN wont put the cable down until the road is being built. The council has Now approved the road and it is being built in March. It is up to the developer to pay for the cable and he can’t sell the blocks until the cable is laid.