Mr. Robot


Mr. Robot 3.1 eps3.0_power-saver-mode.h:
Season 3 opener.
Surprising on Angela talking to Mr Robot.
Fun on this episode incorporating Donald Trump the current US President since before this season started.
Enthralling conversation between Angela and Elliot on the bus that ends this episode.


Season 3, Episode 2.
Shocking that Joanna Wellick got killed off.
Even though she was a villain I was beginning to like her.
Intense moment when Krista got to speak to Mr Robot.
Coincidentally before seeing this episode I saw Gloria Reuben (Krista) in her guest stint in The Blacklist 4.19 Dr. Bogdan Krilov (No. 29).
A pretty neat trick Elliot played on the FBI agents at the end.

Season 3, Episode 3.
The episode is a flashback episode revealing what went on with Tyrell in the lead-up to meeting Elliot in the cab.
It was especially thrilling when Tyrell ran away from a cop and this cop gets shot dead by Tyrell’s captor.


Season 3, Episode 4.
Quite intense when Mr. Robot turned back into Elliot in Angela and Tyrell’s presence.
Thrilling when Darlene spotted Angela and Mr Robot together.


Season 3, Episode 5.
A very thrilling episode with it taking place in or outside of the E Corp building.
It was especially suspenseful the tasks that Angela through in the building whilst the crisis was going on.

Season 3, Episode 6.
Fascinating flashback in which Angela when she was a girl talks with her mother sometime before she died.
Fascinating twists and turns here including Elliot calling in a bomb threat but did not have a desire effect and him discovering what he had done as Mr. Robot.


Season 3, Episode 7.
Haunting the concession that Dom made at the end that they (the Dark Army) are going to win.
The execution of those two people was sure horrifying to see.
Phillip Price expressing his fury with Whiterose certainly held my attention.


Antepenultimate episode of season 3.
Quite good of Elliot seeing the late Trenton’s family and saying that she was not bad as she was made out to me.
Quite moving that most of this episode has Elliot, although somewhat unwillingly, spending time with Trenton’s little boy brother including seeing briefly Back To The Future Part II at a cinema.
Before it was revealed that the Back To The Future movies was being shown at that cinema the Mr Sandman song was played.
Back To The Future are time travel movies and Mr Sandman was also played in time travel series Doctor Who in Sleep No More.
Is there something about Mr Sandman and time travel narratives that they should go together.


Penultimate episode of season 3.
Amazing how Darlene’s seduction of Dom ultimately backfires on her.
Intriguing the scene in which Price makes Tyrell as the CTO but as a figurehead.
Doom for Elliot as Whiterose gives permission for him to die.


shutdown –r:
Season 3 finale.
Thrilling end to the third seasons with how things turned out here.
For a moment it is thought that Dom was going to be killed only for Santiago to be killed instead.
Enthralling revelation when Price revealed to Angela that he is her birth father and was taken aback when he described the person that Angela’s mother was.
Fascinating cliffhanger when Darlene gets confronted by thugs.
Given this cliffhanger good thing that shutdown really meant the third season not the series overall as it has been renewed for a fourth season.


It has been confirmed that the fourth season of Mr. Robot to air in 2019 will be the final season.