Went with the wife to see Beauty and the Beast yesterday (Tues) was surprided that the cinema was nearly full (not because of tight arse tuesday as the tickets are $10.00 to every session everyday we don’t have it anymore) Thye movie was great it was like they had taken the Broadway play filmed it and added a lot of great special effects. Emma Watson has a good singing voice.
This is the film that La La Land tried to be but wasn’t The makeup on the beast was brillant, and all the other cast memers was also excellant.
This is a must see movie if you like musicals.


we saw Hidden Figures a few weeks ago and the place was PACKED and it was a Monday.


I watched Logan just over a week ago at the cinemas. It’s definitely worth watching, even if you’re not interested in the X-Men series.


Went this morning to see GOING IN STYLE.
A very funny and enjoyable movie. Starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Cain, Alan Arkin & Anne Margaret, Directed by Zach Braff. The average age of the stars is 82 yrs old. This is a combination of Grumpy old Men and Oceans 11


hope they had an endless supply of adult diapers :stuck_out_tongue:


Are we looking at the next Bond. James Bond?