Part 1: Operation Costa Brava:

Minikillers is a West German/Spanish silent short film in 1969 starring Diana Rigg who may or may not have been playing Emma Peel here.
It is may up of four parts with the first apparently called Operation Costa Brava.
This has Diana holidaying in Costa Brava when he embroiled in a situation where a man got killed.
This involved a deadly doll which Diana put a stop to and quite a narrow escape she had with a second doll.

Part 2: Heroin:

Enjoyed this one a lot as Diana spends some time on a beach when she encounters trouble as she unfortunately got into an net.
Exciting what comes out of this with exploits on a boat and the involvement of some mannequins with the villains involved.
It was especially a delight seeing Diana in a wet bikini!

Minikillers Part 3: Macabre:

Quite what it says in its description with the strangeness that goes all around.
This includes Diana getting rid of a doll just in time before it explodes and encountering the bad guys at the cemetery.
Quite a trick she pulled in getting the hearse.
As I am writing this I coincidentally am rewatching the Avengers finale Bizarre with Tara King. A coincidence because that had a cemetery as a key plot element.

Minikillers Part 4: Flamenco:

A Flamenco dancer sets the stage for this the final part of Minikillers as Diana sees one performs.
Diana is soon propel into action when she receives a message.
Fascinating by what ensues including the dolls that were in the previous parts.
At one point Diana was tied up and pretty good how she got out of that.
Quite unexpected on how Diana dealt with the main villain and her not knowing that she did it.