Series opener.
Interesting start to this series in which a cop is disturbed on finding out that a friend and fellow cop has been accused of being corrupt.
A lesson of what impact of whom you are friends with.

The Witness:
Season 1, Episode 2.
Sure a tense operation being planned all because of the said witness.

Season 1, Episode 3.
Sure delivered on the episode title especially when a suspect ran away from the cops and succeeded in evading their capture.

Episode 4.
Things sure become complex especially when a certain container gets found.

Season 1, Episode 5.
Shows the consequences of lies especially with a friendship at risk.

Episode 6.
Not quite the meaning of the episode title but this episode sure showed the consequences of past actions and how it affects things in the present day.

The Da:
Season 1, Episode 7.
Not bad in the intelligence war against Barak and his people.
At the same time the district attorney gets involved in the investigation.

Season 1, Episode 7.
Tyres were certainly punctured here at one point.
No doubt a symbolism to the overall events of this episode.

Penultimate episode of season 1.
Quite a task for Izzy and Tal in convincing Eliran to return and he is not easily convinced to do this.

It’s Over:
Season 1 finale
Well it’s over for the first season as the episode title says but not for the series as there is a second season.
It sure is intense to get things finished.

Season 2 opener.
Quite harrowing on the investigation of a dead body as there is a pressure against this investigation.

Season 2, Episode 2.
Guilt is sure all around here especially with Izzy being forced back into something he wanted to avoid.

Season 2, Episode 3.
Pretty good of this episode delivering what it says in the title including what Barak does when he realises he is in danger.

Season 2, Episode 4.
Things are sure at work especially how far ahead Barak is with his.

Season 2, Episode 5.
Quite a lead that goes on here and what a determination Tal had in wanting to get out of the hospital against doctor’s orders.

Season 2, Episode 6.
The investigation makes some progress and that is certainly a change for the better.
While more things change more things stay the same as evident with Tal returning to work but too soon it seems.
Not bad change at this.

Season 2, Episode 7.
The episode title made me think of the movie Fraternity Vacation (1985) for which I revisit for just one scene.
Coincidentally both has someone asking the question of “Is there a problem?”
For Fraternity Vacation it was my wife Kathleen Kinmont who is in that said scene and in this Manayek episode it was Liraz Chamami (Tal Ben Harush).
This Manayek episode shows that things can still happen even when one is on vacation.

Antepenultimate episode of season 2.
Barak sure had a plan when facing the internal investigation on him.
Meanwhile things look dire when things collapses on Izzy, Tal and Hiba on the case they are working on.

Penultimate episode of season 2.
There certainly a cost to everything with this episode demonstrating this by the dangers that came as a result of investigations that are at hand.

Season 2 finale.
Things are sure tightening here leading up the cliffhanger at season’s end.