Luna Nera

Series opener.
Available on Netflix where Luna Nera has been described as Salem (2014-17) meet Outlander.
I can accept the Salem description as it deals with witches but I am not sure I am convinced by the Outlander description.
Set in a fictional village near Rome in the 17th century, a midwife Natalia gets sentenced to death after delivering a baby who dies soon afterwards and is accused of witchery.
Natalia gets executed which then sees her granddaughter Ade and her brother Valante leaving the village to enter the mysterious Lost Cities.
Npt bad start to the series.

The Book:
Episode 2.
Not bad on detailing what the said book is about and how precious it is to all concerned.

Episode 3.
Quite intriguing the said voices playing their part in proceedings of this episode.
What a development at the end when Ade was about to respond to a question when she sees in her vision something more pressing that needed to be attended to.

Antepenultimate episode of the series/season.
Quite a display of a ritual that occurs here with the throwing of a medallion and quite a sight of it.
This ritual truly tempts fate (pun intended).

Penultimate episode of the series/season.
Quite an episode about weapons, a refused marriage proposal and how it culminates in an impending execution

Series/season finale.
What a climatic finale with the witches set for execution only for them to display powers enabling to escape this fate.
This ends with Ade being in anger and her eyes turning black,
Question is would we see what come sup next as a second season is yet to be given a go.