Lockwood & Co.

This Will Be Us:
Series opener.
Not bad start to this series about teens who run a paranormal detective agency.
What particular my notice of this series is the assessment that this is like Doctor Who, which I am a fan of.
Enjoyable as it starts with a flashforward before going back how all this got started and leading to the present situation.

Let Go of Me:
Episode 2.
Intriguing that this starts off with Lucy communicating with a spirit.
Not bad how the rest of the episode comes along with the investigation at hand.

Doubt Thou the Stars:
Episode 3.
The team takes a job from a client at a haunted house.
What an experience for them encountering the ghost at the house and the true nature that is revealed about their client.
No doubt distressing for them that they were forced to sign an NDA in return for not getting arrested.

Sweet Dreams:
Episode 4.
Quite intriguing that this case takes place at a grave and what goes on there.

Death Is Coming:
Episode 5.
Death is literally coming when Carver got stabbed and hauntingly his last words being Bone Glass referring to a mysterious mirror.

You Never Asked:
Antepenultimate episode of the series/season.
The episode title is the consequences of what happens when no one ever asked of what is being done.
Quite intriguing including what is being done for the Glass.

Penultimate episode of the series/season.
Quite intriguing how this episode addresses its title and all at the midst of an auction.

Not the Eternal:
Series/season finale.
Enjoyable climax at the catacombs and intriguing this ends with the locked room finally being opened and what is in this room would be revealed in the second season, if there is one.