Live+ (General Discussion)

New streaming service Live+ launched by TV veteran Rob McKnight

Rob McKnight is launching a new streaming service called LIVE+

LIVE+ will feature an array of live programming and on-demand content, offering an alternative to current streaming platforms.

The first show to be announced on the new platform is The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show , which has already notched up approx. 140 episodes on social media platforms and Australia’s premiere streaming news network Ticker TV .

Hosted by Ben Norris , Rob McKnight and David Robinson , the show has featured some of Australia’s biggest names as guests and generated national news headlines.

It was the technology behind this innovative show that gave McKnight the idea to create a live streaming service, focusing on entertainment.

Speaking from his home studio on the Gold Coast, McKnight says he has content that will engage audiences across the nation:

“Remember when broadcast TV was live and exciting? I miss those days. We want to provide creators the opportunity to connect with their audience and bring back the ‘anything can happen’ aspect of live tv – something sorely missing these days

“The technology now exists to allow us to build a TV network for a fraction of the price of broadcast TV, but with all the bells and whistles.

“Viewers won’t notice any difference in quality when watching LIVE+ compared to traditional television,” McKnight said.

LIVE+ will primarily focus on celebrity and entertainment with a variety of programming which will offer an alternative to reality TV programming (although there will be something special for reality TV fans).

Additionally, other genres will also make up part of the service;

  • A daily fitness show will provide an alternative to going to the gym for busy people on the run who would prefer to work out from home.

  • The popular true crime podcast Monsters Who Murder: Serial Killer Confessions will become a weekly video show. Boasting over 3 million downloads, the series is set to evolve from the audio medium into a visual feast.

Amanda Howard is known as ‘The Serial Killer Whisperer’

Host Amanda Howard , also known as the ‘serial killer whisperer’, says she is excited about the new format:

“Not only will you be able to hear the confessions of these terrible people, but you will be able to see their facial expressions as they are caught in the trap by investigators. A video format will be a whole new experience for fans of our true crime podcast”

While the programming slate is already in advanced stages, McKnight says the door is open for new ideas:

“We’re already speaking to some of Australia’s best creators to come up with the most engaging programming slate that will rival what you see on traditional tv — and we’re still open to any great idea!”

Behind the scenes, some of Australia’s biggest names are in negotiations to form part of this new business.

While McKnight says it’s too early to reveal those names, the opportunity still exists for serious investors to take part:

“Our modelling shows this will be a very profitable subscription service. The start-up capital required isn’t that much and the ongoing costs are very reasonable. We can afford to pay everyone involved and still make very healthy profits. It’s a win-win for investors and creators”

Although Australia’s streaming market is becoming overcrowded, McKnight believes this offering will stand out from the crowd:

“Everyone has that one big idea and this is mine. LIVE+ is going to change the streaming market forever. No-one is providing a live entertainment service like we plan to do. I honestly believe the big players are going to sit up and take notice of what we’re doing”

The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show will continue to stream on Ticker TV until the launch of LIVE+ . Ticker will then supply news updates as part of an ongoing relationship.

Speaking about the deal Ticker’s CEO Ahron Young said:

“Rob is one of Australia’s most innovative TV execs and his passion for producing live television like the Ben, Rob and Robbo Show is incredible. Streaming is no doubt the future of the industry, and I can’t wait to see what Rob comes up with.”


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