Linux Mint

I now do most of my work on Linux Mint (Cinnamon Edition)

I’ve converted 2 old PC and 2 old laptops, they run much faster under linux, I can connect to my Windows Shares, VNC (remote desktop) to control Wndows PCs.

It has been many years since I dabbled in Linux. I used to use a variety of different distros everything from Fedora to Ubuntu. Then I settled on Gentoo, which I found worked best for me as I liked to build everything from source.

Then I got the Apple bug and got myself an iMac and stuck with MacOS (formerly OSX) after that.

Currently running Windows 10 though on a home file server but getting the willies with the constant movement of the goalposts by Microsoft in the terms of my privacy. I locked it down and each time they send an update it seems to change my settings to open up the operating system again. So when I have a weekend free, I’ll be changing this server over to Linux. Was considering Gentoo again, but maybe I might give Mint a go as I never really tired that one before.

Windows 10 isn’t Microsoft’s finest hour, they seem to feel it’s their PC and not the licensee’s.

Windows does like a reboot after an update, Linux will update the kernel without needing a reboot.

Thats my biggest issue, the reboots after updates. Seems to mess with running Plex in the background, as Plex requires you to be logged in. No way I am having windows autologin with all the shenanigans that Microsoft are pulling. At least I can feel safer running Plex as a service under Linux.

I upgraded to Linux Mint 18.2 on the weekend, I had to reboot like a Windows User after the upgrade.