Legends of Tomorrow


Dancing Queen:
Season 4, Episode 3.
The episode title refers to Elizabeth II herself as mayhem occurs when the Queen with her dancing made her go off-track.
Sara mentioned the song Anarchy In The UK by the Sex Pistols. This episode came on November 5 2018 and eight days earlier on October 28 fellow time travel series Doctor Who had coincidentally Arachnids In The UK as it is a variation in name of that song.
We see the Queen’s corgis. Coincidentally the last of these corgis died recently on October 26 2018, just ten days before this episode came on.
I found out about this more recently after midnight on October 27 on the ABC Radio Nightlife quiz and coincidentally I listened to this quiz on that morning as it had Doctor Who as a category.
This is rather a lacklustre episode especially when Constantine went to see his parents at a time before her mother died when she gave birth to him and that went so terribly.
The Leprechaun Charlie shapeshifted into the Legends before getting stuck in Amaya’s form thanks to Constantine.
The production team has evidently found a way to keep Maisie Richardson-Sellers on the show as Amaya has left the Legends.
Not surprised that Sara decided to put off in telling Nate about Charlie in Amaya’s form and we have to wait for his reaction to this.
That plant made me think of the one in Little Shop of Horrors and gets a variation of a reference with Little Office of Horrors.



Wet Hot American Bummer:
Season 4, Episode 4.
Ava joins the Legends for a mission at a camp in 1995 in this obvious play on horror movies that took place at camp.
Fun when Sara and Ava turned themselves into little girls in their investigation.
Funny where Nora Darhk is now doing.

A reminder here that Charlie was a shapeshifter. This episode came on Australian television on Tuesday November 12 2018 8:30pm and at the same time 10 Peach showed Charmed (2018) 1.5 Other Women which coincidentally also presented a shapeshifter.



Legends of Tomorrow has been renewed for a fifth season.



Lucha de Apuestas:

Season 4, Episode 9.

Not bad episode in which Mona got framed by the Men In Black for letting out Konane although I found the sad Lucha de Apuestas a little bit wanting.

Quite a shocker of an ending with Mona turning into a wolf.



The Getaway:

Season 4, Episode 10.

In an alternative version of history, US President Richard M Nixon (Paul Ganus) had a literal truth bug inside him which prevents him from making his infamous statement that he is not a crook in 1973 in the midst of Watergate and therefore changing the course of history.

The Legends visits 1973 to make sure that Nixon says that he is not a crook.

Former Legends of Tomorrow star Arthur Darvill had met Nixon in Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut where he was played by Stuart Milligan.

Darvill had left Legends of Tomorrow at the end of season 3 and therefore did not meet Nixon again in The Getaway a season 4 episode.

The Secret Service Agent who was assigned to Nixon says about informing the Vice President about the situation.

However Nixon says that he was not a crook on November 17 1973 and there was no Vice President at the time as previous Vice President Spiro T Agnew had resigned the month before and his successor Gerald R. Ford would not be sworn in until December 8.

Fun episode that in order to make sure that Nixon says that he is not a crook the Legends kidnap him and put him in an RV with them.

Unlike Doctor Who which treated him somewhat delicately, Legends of Tomorrow makes an absolute fool out of Nixon.

So funny how everyone kept forgetting about Charlie.

Tragic that Hank is killed and Nora is wrongly blamed for it.



Séance and Sensibility:
Season 4, Episode 11.
Episode title a play on Sense and Sensibility as the Legends meets its author Jane Austen.
Mona says that it is like a Jane Austen novel. Duh where do you think she got that idea from.
What a wasted effort about Austen although it did picked up for me with the musical wedding sequence.
Interesting video that Nate sees of Hank.
This episode came on April 15 2019 and the next day April 16 fellow Arrowverse show The Flash in 5.18 Godspeed also had a main character watching a video of a lost loved one, that of Nora in the future watching her father Barry/The Flash.
In between these two Arrowverse shows I listened to the Torchwood season 6 opener God Among Us: Future Pain and that too had a main character watching a video of a lost loved one that of Colin watching Colchester.



The Eggplant, the Witch & the Wardrobe:
Season 4, Episode 12.
The episode title is a take on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
Former Legends of Tomorrow star Arthur Darville was briefly in the similarly named 2011 Doctor Who Christmas Special The Doctor, the Widow and The Wardrobe, also from the same source of inspiration.
Not bad episode in which Sara and Eva were in a Narnia-like situation.
Shocking end with Neron now in Ray.



Egg MacGuffin:

Season 4, Episode 13.

Just OK episode in which Nate and Zuri infiltrate the Adventure Society looked for an egg.

Ray with Gary’s help in fighting against Neron is perhaps the exciting part of the episode.

That book club is sure a bust.



Antepenultimate episode of season 4.
Thanks to Neron (in Ray), Constantine meets his ancestor King Kon-sten-tyn.
Frankly was not impressed by this storyline and Gary’s hypnotism of the Time Bureau was very silly.

Coincidentally the day after seeing Nip/Stuck saw Brandon Routh (Ray/Neron) in Fear Itself 1.7 Community.



Terms of Service:

Penultimate episode of season 4.

Not really exciting for me including Gary forcing the Legends to party with him.

However it ended with young Zari finding the egg.



Hey, World!:

Season 4 finale.

Not bad end to the fourth season with the climax at Heyworld.

Shocked that Zari is erased when history was changed after that singalong.

Intriguing with that withdrawal.

Ava says Time Ladies, perhaps a subtle Doctor Who reference.