Legends of Tomorrow


Helen Hunt:
Season 3, Episode 6.
The episode title unavoidably made me think of the actress of that name and coincidentally I just finished the movie Cast Away which featured her before seeing this episode.
It did not really come as a surprise to me Helen Hunt of the episode title is not in fact a reference to that actress and she herself is not in this episode.
As Legends of Tomorrow is a time travel series I should have figured that Helen Hunt was in reference to a famous Helen in history and it is Helen of Troy.
Helen is placed in Hollywood 1937 where she is made a star displacing Hedy Lamarr who was meant to become a star at this time.
Helen’s presence causes a war between Hollywood executives and somehow I don ‘t think it would have been better had she been placed in today’s Hollywood.
Damien Darhk and daughter Eleanor returns here with the former become Helen’s unlikely agent.
Also in this episode as experiment was made for Stein to be separated from Firestorm he and Jax accidentally switched bodies and frankly did not add anything of value to the episode’s plot. It is something that the episode could have done without.
Enthralling revelation when Kuasa revealed to Amaya the she is her granddaughter.
After Helen told Zari that she does not want go back to Troy the latter instead takes the former to a new home that of an island of warrior women and as this is a DC show it immediately came to me with that description that it was the home of DC character Wonder Woman.
This indeed was then confirmed on-screen with the caption stating that the island’s name is Themyscira which is the home island of Wonder Woman.
Wonder (no pun intended) whether Wonder Woman will ever turn up in Legends of Tomorrow.

Coincidentally after watching Helen Hunt finished The Goldbergs 4.19 A Night To Remember which revealed that Jackie had once dressed up as Wonder Woman but made a mistake of saying that Wonder Woman is from Amazon and not Themyscira.


Welcome To The Jungle:
Season 3, Episode 7.
The episode title is in reference to the song of the same name.
This episode came on November 21 2017 and maybe coincidentally Welcome To The Jungle is also used as the subtitle for the upcoming Jumanji movie late next month in December featuring Arthur Darvill’s (Rip) former Doctor Who co-star my wife Karen Gillan.
The jungle in this Legends of Tomorrow episode refers to one in Vietnam in 1967 during the war that bores that country’s name.
This episode has a portrayal of Lyndon B. Johnson (Peter Hall) the US President whose legacy got defined by Vietnam.
Here we meet Mick’s father as he was a soldier serving in Vietnam and it definitely shows why Mick became the person he is now.
Funny when Stein had a meeting with Isaac Newton, Galileo and Marie Curie and then later on Newton hitting Sara on the head when she was going to attack Stein.
Very good with Gorilla Grodd as the main villain of the episode and intriguing when he meets up with Darhk at the end.


Crisis on Earth-X Part 4:
Season 3, Episode 8.
Conclusion to the 2017 Arrowverse crossover.
Delightful surprise on how Kara got saved from Thawne’s scalpel.
The episode encounters a tragedy in the middle and moving how this was follow-up.
Very good battle between our heroes and the Nazis.
Despite this being a Legends of Tomorrow episode the ending has nothing to do with the Legends but fulfilling long standing decisions.


Beebo the God of War:
Season 3, Episode 9.
Just one episode after seeing Stein’s death with the conclusion of Crisis on Earth-X Part 3, Stein appears in this episode but the younger version of him in a return appearance.
The episode begins with younger Stein in 1992 at a toy store to buy Beebo, a popular monster toy and he got hold of last one available but got chased by other customers who also want it.
Whilst being chased Stein gets displaced in time to the time of the Vikings and the Vikings held Stein as captive and revere Beebo as what it says in the episode title.
This leads to the anachronism in time and the Legends reuniting with Stein in the process of fixing this anachronism.
Agent Sharpe turned up here but instead of her being an adversary to the Legends she becomes part of the team for this episode in fixing up the anachronism and quite good seeing her like this.
It is funny the Beebo gets treated as a god by the Vikings before it got destroyed by Mick.
Interesting that Darhk came in late in the episode after Mick destroyed Beebo as Darkh appeared to the Vikings as Odin.
Funny when Ray as Atom gets inside a new Beebo and gets to be him to the Vikings.
Also funny the scenario that was presented to take on Darhk.
Jax gives a letter to younger Stein to warn him about his future death and it is dated November 28 2017 which is the date of the broadcast of the final episode of Crisis on Earth-X when older Stein died. November 28 is also the birthday of my wife Karen Gillan.
However younger Stein burns the letter without reading it.
In case anyone did not pick up on it beforehand, the letter is an allusion to Back To The Future with younger Stein making that allusion himself.
Pretty good cliffhanger when Sara sees John Constantine in the Waverider as he tells her about a demon.

As this episode presented Vikings fellow time travel series Doctor Who included The Girl Who Died which was shown in 2015 just two years before Beebo the God of War in 2017.
As well as Vikings both the 2015 Doctor Who episode and the Legends of Tomorrow episode also presented fake Odins.
In The Girl Who Died, the Doctor claimed to be Odin before the leader of the Mire presented himself as Odin and in the Legends of Tomorrow, Darhk got to be Odin.


Daddy Darhkest:
Season 3, Episode 10.
Episode title is a word play on Mommie Dearest.
After appearing at the end of the previous episode Beebo the God of War, Matt Ryan makes his full-fledged appearance as John Constantine in this episode.
Constantine says “Allons-y Alonso” and fellow time travel the Tenth Doctor got to say those two words together in Voyage of the Damned when he learned Midshipman Frame’s first name to be Alonso.
Alonso Frame was played by Russell Tovey and Tovey was on Legends of Tomorrow itself as Ray Terrill/The Ray in the Legends of Tomorrow and concluding part of Crisis on Earth-X which was a couple of episodes before Daddy Darhkest.
Sara, John and Leo get sent back in a mental asylum in 1969. A mental asylum in 1969 was also in Doctor Who: Day of the Moon.
Intriguing case with Darhk’s daughter Nora and thrilling with the possession of her in the coffee shop and then reclaimed by Darhk.
Funny when Zari played the game of what was word on the phone. The word was Oklahoma and that gave Ray to sing a number from that musical and afterwards when Zari saw the word pointed out that it is also state, a fact of which she would have better luck in guessing at than the name of a musical.
Enthralling when Ava revealed that Rip has escaped from the Time Bureau.


Here I Go Again:
Season 3, Episode 11.
Tala Ashe as Zari wears a black/red patterned shirt. My wife Karen Gillan as fellow time traveller Amy Pond wore something similar in Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon.
Here I Go Again turned out to be a Groundhog Day episode with Zari getting caught in a time loop that only she remembers.
Funny when Nate told Zari that for the next time loop to say to him Groundhog Day only for her to get it wrong as she said Hedgehog Day instead.
Ray mentioned the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Cause and Effect which presented the same premise.
Here I Go Again came on February 19 2018 which came almost four months after the Star Trek: Discovery episode Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad and that coincidentally presented the same premise that was done before by Groundhog Day and Discovery’s said TNG predecessor.
For today’s viewers who saw the said new episodes of Star Trek: Discovery and Legends of Tomorrow episodes four months apart not only saw a time loop in these two unrelated shows but both time loops ending with a ship exploding sparking a new time loop and ending successive time loops in exactly the same way.
However what makes the Legends of Tomorrow episode different from the Star Trek: Discovery episode is the Legends of Tomorrow episode is played with comedic in contrast to the totally dramatic atmosphere of the Star Trek: Discovery episode.
Very funny when Zari presented flashcards of Ray and Mick’s conversation and the last of these cards stating that the Waverider is about to explode.
Also funny when Gordon was found in the trash compactor and that he was one making the time loops.
Surprising climax which revealed that Zari had been in Gideon’s matrix with Amy Pemberton showing her face and body as Gideon for the second time.
Surprising ending in which Rip recruits Kid Flash.


The Curse of the Earth Totem:
Season 3, Episode 12.
The Curse of the Earth Totem is a pirates episode and the similarly titled Doctor Who episode The Curse of the Black Spot is also a pirates episode and both episodes featured Arthur Darvill.
However Darvill in this Legends of Tomorrow episode does not encounter pirates again here as he was in a separate storyline with Kid Flash.
Darvill as Rip mentioned having Vincent Van Gogh as a drinking buddy.
Curiously enough when Darvill was Rory in Doctor Who he narrowly missed Van Gogh in Vincent and the Doctor as Rory just had one of his demises in the previous episode Cold Blood.
Enjoyable pirates episode with Edward Teach aka Blackbeard.
Good cliffhanger with Ray now a captive of Darhk.


No Country for Old Dads:
Season 3, Episode 13.
Enjoyable episode involving Ray, Darhk, Nora and a scientist they were protecting from an assassin who is the younger Darhk.
Funny when Nora says to Ray about his two fathers of not that dad but that dad.
When the younger Darhk had Nora as his captive and inform his older self about it, it was funny that the older Darhk says that he was going kick you know what of his younger self.
Sad when the scientist got killed by the older Darhk once Ray got hold of the cold fusion formula.
This episode came on March 5 2018 and just as this episode had two Darhk’s fighting each other, Avengers Assemble 4.21 Secret Wars: Weirdworld which came on the previous day presented a similar situation with Bruce Banner and Hulk fighting as two separate people instead of being part of one body.
Shocking when Director Bennett got killed by Grodd whilst talking to Ava on the Waverider which then made her the new director.
Intriguing when Rip told Gideon to delete Ava’s file. I wonder what is in it.


Amazing Grace:
Season 3, Episode 14.
This episode came on March 12 2018 and given the name of this episode eight days earlier came the penultimate episode of Call The Midwife season 7 which coincidentally sang the Amazing Grace song.
This episode is about Elvis Presley and he is played by Luke Bilyk.
I have seen Bilyk before and I first saw him in his regular role in Degrassi but I never imagine I would see him as Elvis.
Overall not bad episode as the Legends meet him just as he is about to hit it big and stating the impact he would have on Rock and Roll.
Bilyk also plays Elvis’ ghost twin brother Jesse as the episode is also complemented by a ghost storyline arising out of a totem from Jesse, Elvis’ guitar which he bought at the beginning of the episode and named after his brother.


Necromancing the Stone:
Season 3, Episode 15.
This episode has mentioned of the Mona Lisa in the Legends latest mission off-screen.
This is an episode that does not feature Arthur Darvill as Rip but when Darvill was Rory in Doctor Who one of his episodes The Girl Who Waited he broke the Mona Lisa when he used it as a weapon against a Handbot.
As far I can tell in Necromancing the Stone, the Mona Lisa is still intact as well as its own explanation of it.
Perhaps the Mona Lisa I still intact is because Darvill wasn’t there to break it again.
Another thing that Necromancing the Stone has in common with the said Doctor Who episode and that is 36 years.
36 years was long the older Amy had waited in the Doctor Who episode while 36 years in the Legends of Tomorrow episode is that age that is stated for John Constantine.
Necromancing the Stone has been fasttracked on Australian TV now on FOX8 this Thursday March 22 2018 and coincidentally it came just hours after the ABC’s rerun of the said Doctor Who episode.
While still on the subject Necromancing the Stone had Constantine saying that his business card says that he is Master of the Dark Arts not Doctor Ruddy What’s His Face.
This led to Ava and Gary to ask “Who?”
Very enjoyable episode in which Sara is under the control of Mallus and how good she is in being bad.

Meanwhile Matt Ryan will reprise John Constantine as a series regular in season 4 if there is one.


I, Ava:
Antepenultimate episode of season 2.
The episode title is a play on I, Claudius.
The reprise includes Rip ordering Gideon to delete Ava’s file in No Country For Old Dads and I, Ava revealed what this file is about.
It turns out that Ava is a clone from 2213 and the Ava we know does not know that she is a clone.
Fun the battle against the clones with Ray saying it is the second worst Attack of the Clones. Good one Ray.


Guest Starring John Noble:
Penultimate episode of season 3.
First of all that is indeed the name of this episode.
When I first came across it as the episode title I thought it was an error and that it was meant as a statement of Noble heading the guest cast.
Before this episode Noble had been voicing Mallus and not only does he does so again in this episode but we also see him in the flesh as himself.
This is because Noble just happened to have a similar voice to Mallus something that the Legends noticed when Mick was watching him as Denethor in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.
Under the charade, Ray recorded Noble’s voice in a script that was written for him to read for as Mallus and then play it to Nora thinking that was listening to the real Mallus.
Not bad the episode starts off with the Legends preventing Grodd from killing future President Barack Obama in the 1980s.
Damien aligns with the Legends to save Nora from Mallus but ultimately betrays them to save Nora his way.
However the events unfolds with Nora transforming into Mallus’ true form.

Meanwhile Legends of Tomorrow has been renewed for a fourth season.


The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly:
Season 3 finale.
The Good and the Bad of the episode title referenced the series going back to a Western setting. The Cuddly bit I come back to shortly and of course it replaces Ugly which it also rhymes with.
Old friends of the Legends come back to help them against the Mallus’ minions in the town of Salvation.
Now for the Cuddly bit and it refers to Beebo now in giant form battling against Mallus and it was very funny seeing this especially how it defeats Mallus with a cuddle.
Sad with Amaya leaving the Legends to live her life in Zambesi.
Intriguing cliffhanger with Constantine showing up in Aruba telling the Legends that something else was release from the cage with Mallus and hence why we will seeing a lot more oof him in season 4 as a series regular.


Legends of Tomorrow 3.6 Helen Hunt had the time travellers in Hollywood 1937 and meeting Hedy Lamarr (Celia Massingham).
This episode came on November 14 2017 and curiously four months later on March 25 2018 fellow time travel series Timeless had in 2.3 Hollywoodland their time travellers also in Hollywood albeit four years later in 1941 and they too met Hedy Lamarr (Alyssa Sutherland).


The penultimate episode of Legends of Tomorrow season 3, Guest Starring John Noble briefly had a portrayal of Barack Obama as a young man long before he became US President.
This episode came on April 2 2018.
Remarkably 13 days later on April 15, fellow time travel series Timeless in 2.5 The Kennedy Curse had its own portrayal of a future president as a young man that of John F. Kennedy.
However unlike Obama in the Legends of Tomorrow, Kennedy dominates proceedings in the Timeless episode as indicated in the episode title.


Legends of Tomorrow season 4 will make its world debut in the US on October 22 2018.


Legends of Tomorrow season 4 trailer:


Legends of Tomorrow will not be part of the 2018 Arrowverse crossover event and here is why:


The Virgin Gary:
Season 4 opener.

To be quite frank the episode title rhyming with The Virgin Mary is very blasphemous and it was hardly worth since Gary came as a late solution to the problem at hand that of a killer unicorn at Woodstock.

We meet Nate’s parents with the father Hank played by Tom Wilson. Wilson previously has experience with time travel as he was Biff in Back To The Future.

The Virgin Gary starting season 4 began on October 22 2018 a day after Doctor Who: Rosa.

This is the first time that seasons of time travel shows Doctor Who and Legends of Tomorrow have overlapped with each other.

This new season of Legends of Tomorrow sees Matt Ryan as Constantine becoming a series regular.

Another thing that the current seasons of Doctor Who and Legends of Tomorrow is the name Ryan. Just as the Legends of Tomorrow season has Matt Ryan as a new series regular, one of the new companions in the Doctor Who season is called Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole).


Witch Hunt:

Season 4, Episode 2.

The episode title refers to the Salem Witch Trials.

As this is Legends of Tomorrow 4.2, NuWho’s own 4.2 The Fires of Pompeii marked the Doctor Who debut by my wife Karen Gillan but not as Amy Pond.

Curiously among her post-Who work is the unaired pilot The Devil You Know which is about the Salem Witch Trials.

The Devil You Know had my wife Karen playing Jane Porter and The Legends of Tomorrow episode has its own Jane in Jane Hawthorne (Laura Regan).

Interesting that for its delving in the Salem Witch Trials it involved a Fairy Godmother and what a menace she was.

Terrifying what was happening to Zari during her visit in Salem.

Surprising Nate’s father Hank oversees the committee that determines the Time Bureau’s funding because without it, it cannot continue to run.

Funny on the way that Hank met Ray that it convinced the former to give the money that the Time Bureau needs.

Hank is played by Tom Wilson. Wilson had played Biff in Back to the Future which included him changing history.

So it is funny that as Hank he had the Time Bureau’s fate with its time travel operations in his hands.

As this episode is about witches, this episode was shown on Australian TV on October 30 2018 on FOX8 at the same time of the coincidentally reboot of the witch series Charmed with new episode 1.3 Sweet Tooth on Eleven.