Legends of Tomorrow

The Eggplant, the Witch & the Wardrobe:
Season 4, Episode 12.
The episode title is a take on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
Former Legends of Tomorrow star Arthur Darville was briefly in the similarly named 2011 Doctor Who Christmas Special The Doctor, the Widow and The Wardrobe, also from the same source of inspiration.
Not bad episode in which Sara and Eva were in a Narnia-like situation.
Shocking end with Neron now in Ray.

Egg MacGuffin:

Season 4, Episode 13.

Just OK episode in which Nate and Zuri infiltrate the Adventure Society looked for an egg.

Ray with Gary’s help in fighting against Neron is perhaps the exciting part of the episode.

That book club is sure a bust.

Antepenultimate episode of season 4.
Thanks to Neron (in Ray), Constantine meets his ancestor King Kon-sten-tyn.
Frankly was not impressed by this storyline and Gary’s hypnotism of the Time Bureau was very silly.

Coincidentally the day after seeing Nip/Stuck saw Brandon Routh (Ray/Neron) in Fear Itself 1.7 Community.

Terms of Service:

Penultimate episode of season 4.

Not really exciting for me including Gary forcing the Legends to party with him.

However it ended with young Zari finding the egg.

Hey, World!:

Season 4 finale.

Not bad end to the fourth season with the climax at Heyworld.

Shocked that Zari is erased when history was changed after that singalong.

Intriguing with that withdrawal.

Ava says Time Ladies, perhaps a subtle Doctor Who reference.

Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five:
Crisis on Infinite Earths concludes with this special episode of Legends of Tomorrow which is between the fourth and fifth seasons.
Although the Legends are involved to solve the said crisis it felt like they had little to do in their own series, a perception that was helped by it starting the episode with Kara.
Funny seeing a giant Beebo walking about and a pretty good tribute made to Oliver.

Meanwhile Legends of Tomorrow has been renewed for a sixth season.

Meet The Legends:
Season 5 opener.
Fun start to the fifth season with the documentary made about the Legends.
This has Rasputin as the villain and unbelievable that he came to his end when Atom who was inside him and whilst still there grew back to normal size destroying Rasputin’s body in the process.
Also unbelievable when the Legends discredit themselves saying it was all fake!
Fascinating that it ends with a message by Zari who had been erased from the timeline at Heyworld and replaced by Behrad.

Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me:
Season 5, Episode 2.
This episode features Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.
I had seen the Bugsy movie decades ago starring Warren Beatty and while I have no opinions on Beatty one way or another, I was not taken in with Jonathan Sadowski here as Bugsy.
He simply did not gel well with me.
Meanwhile Behrad takes Nate to see his family including Zari and surprising on what compel Nate to Zari on board the Waverider at the end.

Slay Anything:
Season 5, Episode 3.
This episode is about Freddy Meyers, an amalgamation in name of Freddy Krueger and Michael Meyers, a slasher.
Much of this is set in 1989 at a high school where Freddy was a student and at the prom as the Legends attempt to stop from becoming the killer he will become but the real killer turned out to be his mum.
I was reminded afterwards that the development with Freddy’s mum had been employed before in the first Friday The 13th movie.
Not bad and not surprised by the Carrie reference.

A Head of Her Time:
Season 5, Episode 4.
This has the Legends at the French Revolution.
This made me think of fellow time travel series Doctor Who also at the French Revolution in The Reign of Terror.
This featured Marie Antoinette and surprisingly it is Nora. Marie Antoinette is known for literally losing her head and Head in the episode title literally refers to that head.
Shockingly Nora as Marie Antoinette does indeed lose her head and shockingly she is still alive.

Zari revealed to Nate’s disappointment that she has a boyfriend. Later Nate gets to punched this boyfriend, no doubt satisfying for him to do that. I greatly appreciate his sentiment in doing that so applauds from me.

Felt disinterested with the Constantine storyline here.

Mortal Khanbat:
Season 5, Episode 5.
Sara briefly appears here because the actress who plays her Caity Lotz directed this episode in this her directorial debut.
This has the Legends going to 1997 Hong Kong.
This episode came on February 25 2020.
Fellow time travel series Doctor Who had coincidentally visited Hong Kong briefly in Praxeus just 23 days earlier on February 2 but in a more contemporary setting.
Mortal Khanbat is not only a play on Mortal Kombat but also a reference here of Genghis Khan.
In Doctor Who, the Doctor had been Genghis Khan that is if you believe in a lie told to Change Lee by the Master.
Constantine mentioned about meeting the ghost of Winston Churchill. As this is an episode of season 5 of Legends of Tomorrow, Churchill, in a physical sense, was in three episodes of NuWho’s own season 5.
Funny pun when Nate shouted Khan’s name not only is it Genghis Khan’s name but also a reference to the character in The Wrath of Khan.
This has a portrayal of Prince Charles as he was there in 1997 Hong Kong when the handover took place.
Wonder what the real Prince Charles thinks of this?
Quite a silly episode with Genghis Khan and what a reprieve that Constantine got with his life.

Mr. Parker’s Cul-De-Sac:
Season 5, Episode 6.
The episode title refers to a TV show that some of the Legends being in all of the result of Ray’s task in proposing to Nora becoming difficult when her resurrected father Damien turn up.
Funny how this played out and leading to the eventual wedding.
Don’t know whether to be surprised that Damien killed himself after the wedding.
Meanwhile a shock for Mick when he finds that he has a daughter to the extent that he decides to erase the memory of that visit from his daughter and her mother!

Romeo v Juliet: Dawn of Justness:
Season 5, Episode 7.
The episode title is a play on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Brandon Routh (Ray) had played Superman in Superman Returns and more recently in Crisis on Infinite Earths.
This is the final episode for Routh and Courtney Ford (Nora).
Routh had been playing Ray since first appearing on Arrow and his departure wasn’t exactly Routh’s decision as the producers did not feel they could do anything more with Ray and Routh has said that his departure was mishandled.
Leaving before ready to leave is a feeling I know all too well.
Like Doctor Who’s The Shakespeare Code, this Legends of Tomorrow episode has Shakespeare and a play of his as the centrepiece.
In the Doctor Who episode Shakespeare is played by Dean Lennox Kelly and in the Legends of Tomorrow episode he is played by Rowan Schlosberg.
For the Doctor Who, the play is Love Labour’s Won and for the Legends of Tomorrow episode the play as indicated in the title is Romeo and Juliet.
In both cases it presents the power of Shakespeare’s words.
Rather silly rewriting Romeo and Juliet as a superhero play not something that I appreciate.
Sappy with Ray and Nate saying their goodbyes.

Zari, Not Zari:
Season 5, Episode 8.
Episode title is a play on sorry, not sorry as we see two Zaris here not to mention that Zari and sorry have the same pronunciation.
Surprised to see the lovely Joanna Vanderham as Charlie’s sister Atropos.
Some of the Legends are at the Supernatural set but not the Supernatural stars themselves are here.
Seem somewhat a wasted opportunity not to have them here.
Atropos kills Behrad. Didn’t feel like a surprise as Behrad always seems to be filling in before Zari returns as a full time Legend.
Meanwhile with Ava’s help, Mick tries to establish good relations with her daughter but unfortunately the end results did not pay off.

The Great British Fake Off:
Season 5, Episode 9.
Not bad the mission with John and Zari at the hotel with the Encores.
This had Zari pretending to be Cleopatra.
As this is an episode of Legends of Tomorrow season 5, The Pandorica Opens from NuWho’s own season 5 had River too pretending to be Cleopatra.
The Legends sure got an unlikely recruit in Astra at the end.

Ship Broken:
Season 5, Episode 10.
This came on May 5 2020, almost three years after Doctor Who: Oxygen came on May 13 2017 and both has a time traveller going blind.
For the Doctor Who episode it was the Doctor himself and the Legends of Tomorrow episode it was Sara.
By the end of the respective episodes they are still blind as remedies have been tried but failed.
Enthralling that this has Gary adopting a literal hellhound named Marchosias who terrorise the Waverider.
Not bad that it has Mick’s daughter Lita being embroiled in all this.

Freaks and Greeks:
Season 5, Episode 11.
The episode title refers to this episode being set in a college and all centred on a contest for Dionysus’ chalice.
Not bad but also very silly with the episode being set in a college environment as silliness are what college students are.

I Am Legends:
Antepenultimate episode of season 5.
As well as the Legends themselves the episode title is a reference to the zombie movie of that name as they are zombies here.
Quite harrowing on seeing almost all the Legends being killed off and Charlie deciding to help her sisters.

The One Where We’re Trapped on TV:
Penultimate episode of season 5.
The Legends are exactly what it says in the episode title as Charlie put them there.
This has parodies of Friends, Downton Abbey and Star Trek: TOS along with Wrath of Khan.
In fact The One as in the title of this episode is how Friends named their episodes and the parody is called Ultimate Buds.
The Downton Abbey parody is called Highcastle Abbey.
Don’t like Downton Abbey and didn’t like being reminded of it.
The Star Trek parody is Star Trip with Sara and Ava as the Kirk and Spock parodies.
The way that Ava is presented as the Spock parody makes me uncomfortable.
Generally I found the humour to be unfunny.
It was amazing however seems to resolving having two Zaris and bringing back Behrad.
Charlie did what she did thinking that this would protect them but the Legends have broken free of them.
Now they have they face her sisters without this protection.

Swan Thong:
Season 5 finale.
The episode title is a play on swansong and this would have been fitting for the series finale but the series has been renewed for a sixth finale.
Frankly silly way to end the fifth season.
The Fates are dealt with twitter however. That is why I didn’t post anything there.
Sad that the previous timeline’s Zari makes a sacrifice so that she can save Behrad.
Shocking cliffhanger when Sara is abducted by aliens!