Legends of Tomorrow


Season 2, Episode 11.
So funny it is Mick’s turn for the narration especially with him finishing with the question, “Who writes this crap?”
Well to answer Mick’s question this “crap”, I mean episode was written by Grainne Godfree and
Matthew Maala.
The Legends goes to protect George Washington on Christmas Day 1776 five months after the Declaration of Independence on July 4.
Despite airing on February 7 2017, this episode takes on a Christmas theme and when Arthur Darvill was on Doctor Who he had been in the Christmas Specials A Christmas Carol & The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe.
However in A Christmas Carol, Darvill had a limited role and was in The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe very briefly at the end.
For this Legends of Tomorrow he has a lion’s share of the episode as he has now Evil Rip having been brainwashed this way by the Legion of Doom.
Turncoat is the second episode of the series directed by Alice Troughton. Troughton was a Doctor Who director herself but has never directed Darvill on Doctor Who nor any of the other Doctor Who Christmas Specials.
Troughton was also a Torchwood director but her direction of Turncoat saw her narrowly missed a reunion with Torchwood star John Barrowman who was just in the previous three episodes as Malcom Merlyn one of the said Legion of Doom.
Enjoyable premise with General Washington and earlier this season in Abominations it featured a depiction of Ulysses S. Grant showing another general before he became President.
Not bad the Christmas dinner at the end.
Of all the other aspects of this episode I was uncomfortable with Nate telling Amaya of how much expectations with relationships have changed since her time and that it is not necessary about going into a commitment but having a chill with it.
Expectations like this means that feelings can easily get hurt, something ironically Nate seems to experiencing himself at the end.


Season 2, Episode 12.
This episode has the Legends in the time and situations of King Arthur.
Prior to their time on Doctor Who, Arthur Darvill’s (Rip) co-stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (I love her) came close but was not cast together in Merlin (2008-12) which of course is set in the King Arthur legend.
Unlike his Doctor Who co-stars, Darvill gets to be fully immersed in the King Arthur legend with this Legends of Tomorrow episode.
Incidentally Doctor Who Confidential 5.7 is called Arthurian Legend and it is the corresponding episode to Amy’s Choice, one of Darvill’s Doctor Who episode. However the Doctor Who Confidential episode title is not in reference to King Arthur but to Arthur Darvill himself.
Surprised on seeing Stargirl as Merlin and she has feelings for King Arthur. Arthur and Merlin like that, that is certainly mind-blowing.
Funny that shot of some of the Legends running into that battle and it certainly fulfilled a boyhood dream of Ray.
Funny when it was said that the saber is made of light and then the comment about the concern about trademark!
Rip has been captured by the Legends at the end but Gideon is still loyal to him which spells trouble ahead on the Waverider.

With this Legends of Tomorrow episode being about King Arthur I coincidentally am watching on DVD, Episode 3 of Doctor Who: The Time Monster in which King Arthur got referenced by Captain Mike Yates after seeing a knight in armour.


Land of the Lost:
Season 2, Episode 13.
Also the name of TV shows of that name and the movie that is based on the TV shows.
This was shown on Australian TV on FOX8 on March 8 and elsewhere on Australian TV, 9Go! Will be rerunning the unrelated Land of the Lost movie just four days later on March 12.
Dinosaurs are featured here but Arthur Darvill (Rip) does not get to see them just like he did in Doctor Who in Dinosaurs On A Spaceship.
Doctor Doolittle gets referenced here and while he is unrelated to Eliza Doolittle of My Fair Lady/Pygmalion, Darvill’s Doctor Who co-star Karen Gillan played a version of her Eliza Dooley in Selfie.
In this dinosaur era, Ray had previously lived there and upon hearing here that he had lived here for a considerable amount of time kind of makes me think of old Amy having to fend for herself alone for a long time on Apalapucia in Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited.
Sara and Jefferson goes inside Rip’s mind and Sara found Rip cowering scared at a corner and Darvill did more or less the same thing in Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife.
In fact this adventure through Rip’s mind feels pretty much like the TARDIS scenes in The Doctor’s Wife.
Having voiced Gideon right from the beginning here we get to see Amy Pemberton in the flesh as her physical appearance is what Rip had envisaged Gideon looking like in human form and as we see her in Rip’s mind.
Gideon is not a redhead and a redhead is what Jefferson had always pictured her to look in human form. It looks like Darvill has gone off redheads and I have absolutely no problems with that.
Not bad the outside scenes with the dinosaurs and Ray expressing concerns to Nate about Nate dating Amaya.
Thrilling the scenes inside Rip’s mind.
The episode segueway into the next episode with Thawne as a doctor examining an astronaut and the talk about the moon.
Darvill had been in a Doctor Who story about the Moon but I save that when I get to that next episode Moonshot.


I love the bit at the end when they get everything fixed and Gideon tells Rip how much she enjoyed his kiss.


I never thought I would hear the Banana Boat Song sang so well. A great episode


Season 2, Episode 14.
Another funny introduction by Rory.
As indicated in the title this episode is about the moon.
However this is a different scenario from the one Arthur Darvill (Rip) encountered in Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon which is about the 1969 Moon landing.
Here it takes place a year later 1970 with the Apollo 13 mission.
However the successful Apollo 11 mission on the Moon in 1969 and Neil Armstrong gets reference here. This plus seeing the American flag on the Moon that was planted by Apollo 11’s landing.
Funny when Henry Heywood punched Rip upon seeing him saying that he did not have the right credentials with reporters showing their own credentials afterwards.
Very amusing when Stein as a distraction sang the Banana Boat song in the control room. Absolutely flabbergasted on seeing him doing this and in retrospect should not be surprised when it got shown again at the end credits.
Ray and Thawne make unlikely allies to fix the problem at hand.
Thawne mentioned Cisco and Caitlin from The Flash and I had forgotten that he had disguised himself as Dr Harrison Wells in that series as I had been used to seeing Wells in the Wells face.
Sad on seeing Henry’s sacrifice.
Heartwarming when Nate talked to his father with the latter as a boy.
Harrowing on Amaya discovering her future family tree at the end.


Fellowship of the Spear:
Antepenultimate episode of season 2.
Should have realised that the episode title was not called that for nothing as it had a portrayal of J.R.R. Tolkien as the Legends meet him as a young soldier in World War I on help with the Spear.
Mary Poppins gets referenced here and Mary Poppins was once played by Arthur Darvill’s Doctor Who co-star Karen Gillan in The Kevin Bishop Show.
Initially it is thought that when Snart appeared he was again the hallucination to Rory but turned to be the real article as the Legion recruited him before his recruitment as a Legend.
Ultimately all this had Rory joining his old friend Snart with the Legion as they took possession of the Spear.
This is not the first time that Rory had ratted out on the Legends and would not surprise me in him returning to the Legends fold again.


Penultimate episode of season 2.
Felicity briefly appears here as this episode presents a reality changed by the Legion of Doom to their liking hence why this episode is called Doomworld.
Mick now regrets joining the Legion and gets Nate with no memory of being a Legend to Ray.
Ray devised a ray gun that restore the memories of the Legends.
Funny that when their memories got restored Nate, Ray and Sara gave Mick a punch.
After Sara punched Mick, he says that he would retaliates the next person who does that. We however do not see whether Amaya and Jefferson gave Mick a punch and whether he retaliated against them.
Shocking and very tragic that Amaya got frozen and killed by Snart.
The defeated Legends makes a plan to undo all this.
The episode ends with Rip, who was seen here intermittently, and Waverider revealed to have been miniaturised throughout this entire episode.
Rather reminds me of when the Master was revealed to be miniaturised in Doctor Who: Planet of Fire.


Season 2 finale.
The Legends revisits 1916 despite having been there before to fix things up.
Malcolm Merlyn gave his reaction to two sets of Legends. John Barrowman (Merlyn) himself knows something about the same persons occupying the same time period since there were four Captain Jack Harkness (also played by Barrowman) in 1941 in the Whoniverse.
Arthur Darvill (Rip) also has prior experience of seeing a separate version of himself in the Doctor Who mini-story Space/Time.
Heartwarming when Sara reunites via the Spear with Laurel but not the Laurel she knows as Laurel helps Sara what she has to do.
Enjoyable end with the Legends defeating the Legion with Thawne getting a horrific end thanks to the Black Flash.
I will be really surprise if this was the final end of Thawne having seen his demise before in The Flash.
Rip leaves the Legends again and again with Sara as captain.
The end of the episode and the season has the Legends heading to Aruba 2017, hence the episode title, at Mick’s request but ended up in LA 2017 but a different one as it roams with dinosaurs and buildings from different time periods.
Although Rip was already gone when the Legends saw the dinosaurs, Darvill did earlier see Dinosaurs On A Spaceship in Doctor Who.
The buildings from different time periods is reminiscent of Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song beginning with people and places from different time periods being shown at the same time.
Just as Aruba ended Legends of Tomorrow season 2 featuring Darvill, The Wedding of River Song ended Darvill’s second season of Doctor Who.
Inversely that revelation ended Aruba whilst the similar scenario in The Wedding of River Song began that episode of Doctor Who.


It’ was a great way to end S2 with a lead in to S3


Legends of Tomorrow gets a new Legend in season 3 with Zari Adrianna Tomaz / Isis played by Tala Ashe.


Season 3 make its world debut in the US on October 10 2017.


Legends of Tomorrow season 3 trailer:


Arthur Darvill reunites with a certain Doctor Who foe on the set of Legends of Tomorrow a reunion that is certainly ironic:


Victor Garber will be departing as Professor Stein sometime in the third season of Legends of Tomorrow.
What this means to the other half of Firestorm, Jefferson remains to be seen.


Season 3 opener.
The cliffhanger to the previous season is resolved when Rip now head of the Time Bureau, which replaces the Time Masters, fixes the anachronisms.
For the Legends it has been minutes since they last saw him but for him five years has passed.
Arthur Darvill as Rip is now credited as Special Guest Star as he now has a recurring role in the series.
As the head of the Time Bureau, Rip disbands the Legends.
Six months then passed and the Legends are now adjusting to ordinary lives when Mick sees and meets Julius Caesar.
Funny on Sara having a little dream of killing her boss. Then when it was for real and she quits her job she throws a knife and lands on the wall next to the boss.
Jes Macallan makes her series debut as Ava Sharpe one of Rip’s agents at the Time Bureau. Coincidentally I have just finished the third and penultimate season of US Mistresses which has Jes Macallan as a series regular.
Fun seeing Sara take down Caesar.
Rather reckless of Nate letting Caesar take the former’s book which reveals what become of the latter.
Fun on seeing the problem of Caesar resolve.
Intriguing on Rip telling Sharpe of the threat we will see sometime this season.


Season 3, Episode 2.
Series debut by Tracy Ifeachor.
Ifeachor had appeared in fellow time travel series Doctor Who in The End of Time playing Abigail Naismith where she narrowly missed Arthur Darvill’s (Rip) Doctor Who debut as Rory Williams which was the next episode after that in The Eleventh Hour.
Ironically for her debut in Legends of Tomorrow, another time travel series she again misses Darvill as Rip is only seen in the reprise of this episode at the beginning.
However this is only her first episode perhaps a meeting between her and Darvill will be rectified in time.
Freakshow refers to one presented by the real-life PT Barnum played here by Billy Zane.
There is a Titanic in-joke here as Stein refuses to go to the Titanic when it came up as a suggestion saying that the designer of the famous ship was an idiot. The joke being that Victor Garber (Stein) himself was in the well known 1997 movie about that ship playing the “idiotic” designer Thomas Andrews.
So Garber called himself an idiot.
In fact Zane was also on that Titanic with Garber.
Whilst still on the subject of the Titanic, I saw not so long ago Wrecked 1.6 The Phantom about survivors of a plane crash on an island in which Zane’s character from Titanic came up in conversation and no one remembered that the character was played by Zane.
Taken aback when the Sabre tooth tiger grew to big size.
Enjoyable with the plot about Barnum’s show including seeing Mick attacking a clown which came out of his phobia of them.
Fun when Sara and Sharpe went into a fight and then agreeing to have a break for this fight.
Sharpe almost revealed to Sara of the menace for this season and it is at the end that Ifeachor made her entrance as Kuasa.


Season 3, Episode 3.
The episode title refers to the debut by Zari played by Tala Ashe who ultimately becomes a Legend at the end.
Nate explained how the saying bring home the bacon came about and curiously enough short time later Mick describe themselves as pigs for the situation they were in and bacons come from pigs.
Kuasa gets the nickname the Water Lady as that is her ability and Mick therefore described her as a human squirt gun.
Tracy Ifeachor (Kuasa) had been in fellow time travel series Doctor Who in The End of Time and had narrowly missed Karen Gillan’s debut as Amy Pond in the next episode The Eleventh Hour.
Karen as Amy later used a squirt gun on the Doctor in The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe.
Funny when Nate quoted that saying from Terminator.
When Zari asked the Legends for help to break her brother out of prison Mick says “Prison break, I’m in.”
This is an in-joke to Prison Break which had Dominic Purcell (Mick) and Wentworth Miller (Snart) playing brothers in prison which they broke out of.
Legends of Tomorrow itself previously had a prison break in 1.5 Fail-Safe as Snart appropriately enough got himself in prison to break Mick out of a reflection of their Prison Break characters.
In fact in between Legends of Tomorrow seasons 2 and 3, Purcell and Miller reprised their Prison Break characters in the fifth season of that series.
Funny Sara told the guard that his nose is broken before punching him.
Exciting and intense standoff between Sharpe and the Legends.
Good debut by Ashe as Zari.
The last scene looks like one from E.T. In fact the next episode is called Phone Home as in ET Phone Home.
Surprising that the boy at the end of Zari is Ray Palmer!

Coincidentally after watching this episode saw The Goldbergs 4.15 So Swayze It’s Crazy which had a cameo by ET.


Phone Home:
Season 3, Episode 4.
The episode title refers to that famous line from E.T. and the episode managed to incorporate Nate’s reference to that movie briefly as he notes how similar the situation they are in to that movie.
Surprising that the ET figure here turned out to be a baby Dominator that boy Ray takes care of.
The boy Ray with the baby Dominator watched the Good Morning scene from Singin In The Rain. Sadly all three actors in the scene of that movie if not the entire cast have now passed, the most recent of which was Debbie Reynolds who died almost a year ago now on December 28 2016.
Funny how the Good Morning song was later used against the government agents.
Perhaps this was meant as a tribute to Reynolds with her passing still being relatively recent.
Nate and Amaya posed as Animal Control officers and when Ray’s mother Mrs Palmer opened the door for them, Nate asked Mrs Palmer if there was a cougar on the premises. Nice one Nate.
Later on upon seeing Mrs Palmer seducing Nate it really did not surprise me that it wasn’t Mrs Palmer after all but the baby Dominator’s mother.
Pretty good when Ray and friends helped his younger self against the bullies during trick and treating.
Pretty good homage on E.T.
Also in this episode is Stein sneaking off to see the birth of his grandchild and this led to Jax to ask Ray to find a way to split Stein from Firestorm so Stein could have a normal life.
This of course foreshadows Victor Garber’s (Stein) impending departure from the series.


Return of the Mack:
Season 3, Episode 5.
The episode title refers to the song of that name.
I just listen to this song and the use of it as the title of this episode may be in reference to Rip being back on mission and seeking the assistance of the Legends.
The song includes the words back to run the show and Rip comes back to the Legends which he had formed himself.
When we first see Rip he thinks that he is dealing with a case of a vampire attack.
Mick just happens to be reading Dracula and in fact Dominic Purcell (Mick) had played Dracula in Blade: Trinity.
We meet Stein’s ancestor Sir Henry Stein and naturally also played by Victor Garber and he sure was kooky.
Echo Kellum makes a brief appearance as Curtis from Arrow as this leads to the reveal of the return of Damien Darhk.
Courtney Ford guest starred as Madame Eleanor and is soon revealed to be Darhk’s time-displaced daughter.
After he was mentioned before Mallus makes his debut and speak through Eleanor and voiced by John Noble.
Sara reports Rip to the Time Bureau who then had him arrested.
The Legends and the Time Bureau were created by Rip and both have now turned their backs on him.