KnowFirst - a story of the little site that did, and will do again


Hello everyone, and welcome to the 2.0 version of KnowFirst.

I thought it would be appropriate to explain who we are, why we’re doing this (again) and what we stand for.

Back in the early 2000s the owner of, Pete Titcumb, got quite ill quite suddenly. Auspaytv was likely to be shut down. So @David and myself quickly spoke and got the KnowFirst forums up and running on VBulletin. It was a steep learning curve for both of us.

We primarily focused on pay television and technology, as a distinction between us and Media Spy.

We slowly expanded into the media fields, plus sports and lifestyle.

Over the past couple of years the site had to take a backseat as I battled illness, then work got in the way but now the work-life balance allows me to make a fresh start on this venture. So over the past few months, we’ve got the place up and running again, thanks to @David and @cramer.

Over the years, we broke stories… we were the first site to break the news that Foxtel was restructuring its channels, and first with the channel list. We were first with the Foxtel Movies realignment story and we pride ourselves on being fair and committed to making sure that you, our community, gets your media news in a way that’s easy to digest and easy to debate.

**We stand for this: **

1 - a positive, friendly, healthy environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.
2 - a place where media news and views stand together with members actively encouraged to debate and question.
3 - a place where @Mark gets the crap ripped out of him for being a Manly Sea Eagles fan. (err what, how did that get in here?)

We stand for one thing in particular however.

That you, our members, enjoy our site and feel welcome to contribute.

After all, that’s how a forum should work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being a part of our community.

Let’s make it great! Together!



@Daffy Is the purple text a self dig at you being a Manly supporter?

Also… Welcome to all…Manly supporters included.


closest thing to maroon I could get :stuck_out_tongue:


@Daffy, in regards to the 3rd point, you probably won’t want to read this, but i’m a Sharks supporter. I will try to refrain from bagging out the Sea Eagles if they lose, but I can’t guarantee that will always be the case. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, i’m looking forward to becoming a regular contributor to the KnowFirst forums. I only joined these forums roughly twenty minutes ago, but I can already tell that it will be a great place to discuss the media, have in-depth discussions and of course, have a little banter as well. :slight_smile:


that’s fine with me - turn your porch light back off! :stuck_out_tongue:


that’s so awesome, welcome aboard.

We will get there… it will take time to rebuild to what we had, but we will get there. :slight_smile:


I think we have forgotten where the switch to the porch light is! :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s so awesome, welcome aboard.

We will get there… it will take time to rebuild to what we had, but we will get there. :slight_smile:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

That’s ok. I wish you and the other admins the best of luck with managing the forums. :slight_smile:


something we’re looking at adding in the near future is TV Ratings, obviously.

Designing tables in this software is about as fun as a cattle prod to the testicles, so it could be an interesting process.

I’ve got the overnight ratings figures table sorted, just need to get the programs one moving along.

Do you think we should just add the overnight figures for the time being, and see how it goes?

Interested to get all your thoughts :slight_smile:


this is what the table looks like for overnights at present:

[color=blue]CHANNEL[/color] [color=green]RATING[/color]
 ABC 13.4
ABC2 1.9 
ABC ME 1.1 
ABC NEWS 24 1.4
SEVEN 23.0 
7TWO 2.0 
7MATE 2.4 
7FLIX 1.1 
NINE 19.5 
9GO! 1.9 
9GEM 2.3
9LIFE 3.0 
TEN 15.9 
ONE 2.8 
SBS 4.6 
NITV 0.1 
SBS NETWORK 6.6     

Data :copyright: OzTAM Pty Limited 2017. The Data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of OzTAM.


Can’t wait to contribute from Adelaide and have healthy discussions about things. A Gold Coast TItans and Port Power fan here so I’m not in a position to say much about winning premierships.


I live in Adelaide but neither crows nor power fan. But we can talk about how it is going to be Year of the Cat anytime. :wink:


Yeah. I think jump in now and add others in later.


Not sure what other members think of the idea, but personally I don’t think it would be a bad idea to just list the overnight figures.



I love my Cats.

Patrick Dangerfield is my man crush lol


Titans are a strong team that continues to build, despite being propped up by the NRL. Something for the Knights to aspire to. I live in the Hunter Valley and we love our Knights (I’m a member of them as well as Manly) but they need to look at the ownership structure to survive.

Can’t help you with Port. Even Kochie can’t get them moving!


Wow, this place is still going… I AM BACK!!!

i joined the site in the days.

I am a dragons and mighty yankees fan, and if you might remember, i have a lot of opinions

I have foxtel platinum and netflix



I forgot @Daffy, i have the NBN too. :yum:


get bent! :stuck_out_tongue:

Found out the other day that anyone on a micronode in the whole of Australia cannot connect, so it’s not just us. They reckon we’ll be up and running “by March” but didn’t say which year.


Television Ratings category has been added - it will be shifted to the 2nd category sometime today.

We’ll add overnights at first, plus I’ll report on interesting figures… until we get our tables sorted. :slight_smile: