Juliet, Naked

Released in 2018, Juliet, Naked starred Rose Byrne, Ethan Hawke and Chris O’Dowd.
Despite the name of this movie everyone had their clothes on and there was no character named Juliet.
Juliet, Naked refers to the name of an album by a recluse rocker Tucker Crowe (Hawke) who has kept himself out of the limelight since 1993.
O’Dowd plays college teacher Duncan and Byrne as his girlfriend Annie Platt.
We are introduced to Duncan as someone who is obsessed with the said album and Crowe.
A certain choice made by Duncan led to his breakup with Annie and this sees them ultimately meeting Crowe.
Crowe is shown to have had a problematic life with him fathering to children with women who are now his exes.
The movie may heart to it with its intention but it was not really that heartwarming to me.