Jessica Jones

AKA The Octopus:
Season 2, Episode 5.
The image of an octopus being associated with the MCU was burned into my mind when an octopus-like creature appeared at the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
Here the octopus refers to an interest of David Kawecki which Jessica found out about when she visited him in a mental hospital.
Quite thrilling end when Jessica at an aquarium where there is octopi and what she discovered leads to an immediate evacuation of the aquarium.
Elsewhere quite intense when the mysterious woman played the piano and them destroys it in frustration.
That marriage proposal sure went wrong when Trish said thank you instead of yes.

AKA Facetime:
Season 2, Episode 6.
Thrilling part of the episode was at the end when Jessica came to Malus’ abode and sees the mysterious woman who now says she is her mother.

AKA I Want Your Cray Cray:
Season 2, Episode 7.
After the revelation at the end of the previous episode AKA Facetime that the mysterious woman is Jessica’s mother Ailsa, AKA I Want Your Cray Cray is a flashback episode apart at the end when it brings things to the present day.
Fascinating telling the events from Ailsa surviving the accident that killed most of her family except herself and Jessica.
Interesting how Alias Investigations got its name with Alias being intended to be used for something different for Jessica’s then boyfriend Stirling.
Stirling gets killed by Ailsa when she witnessed him making a betrayal of Jessica.
However before he dies Stirling says that he was only pretending to betray Jessica. Presumably we will never know for sure whether that betrayal was real or not.
The flashback was in the form of Ailsa telling Jessica what we had just seen and perhaps unsurprising that Jessica does not forgive her for killing Stirling.
A very good flashback episode showing us the depth of Jessica that leads to the woman we see today.

AKA Ain’t We Got Fun:
Season 2, Episode 8.
The words “night terrors” and “god complex”. Just as this is an episode of Jessica Jones season 2, Night Terrors & The God Complex are names of episodes of Matt Smith’s own second season as the Doctor and both second seasons consist of 13 episodes.
In regards to 13 episode second seasons, the Jessica Jones episode and Doctor Who: Night Terrors narrowly missed having the same episode placing.
The Jessica Jones episode is 2.8 while Night Terrors is the ninth episode of Matt Smith’s second Doctor Who seasons.
With Malcolm taking the IGH drug via an inhaler it makes my memory of taking an inhaler to shame even though it was done for healthy purposes unlike the IGH drug.
Enthralling end with Jessica and Ailsa being shot at and the now enraged Ailsa going after the shooter.

AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed:
This is the ninth episode of Jessica Jones season 2 and the description in the episode title sounds like night terrors.
In fact Matt Smith’s own ninth episode of his own second season as the Doctor is called Night Terrors.
The Monster in the Bed part of the Jessica Jones episode title is particularly similar to the situation presented in the Doctor Who episode as young boy George asked for help, one that was taken up by the Doctor, to get rid of monsters in George’s bedroom.
The shooter turns out to be Cheng and would have been killed by Ailsa if Jessica hadn’t stopped her and instead had him gagged and tie up in her bathtub.
Oh my Trish sure went nuclear on her show leading her to deliver her resignation on air.
Pretty good when Jessica and Ailsa got Vido back from Arocho’s ex as she tried to kidnap him.
Thrilling end when Jessica called the police leading to Ailsa’s arrest and haunting that it ends with Jessica’s narration that there is no happy endings for her and her mother.

AKA Pork Chop:
Season 2, Episode 10.
In contrast to her explosive resignation from her radio show and under the influence of the IGH drug, Trish now without the IGH drug bombs at her audition for a TV news gig.
Never thought I would see a difference between an explosion and a bombing.
Quite intense when Ailsa threatened Trish her life.
Absolutely harrowing when Jeri found her place robbed by Green and Ryback.
Ailsa gets a mean guard in Dale Holiday and horrifying when he maced Jessica at the end with her killing him afterwards.

AKA Three Lives and Counting:
Antepenultimate episode of season 2.
David Tennant is back as Kilgrave in this his only appearance in the second season.
Having been killed off by Jessica at the end of the previous season, Kilgrave appears as a hallucination to her.
Hallucinatory Kilgrave is just as menacing towards Jessica to when the real Kilgrave was alive.
Malus gets killed in an explosion and perhaps not surprising Ailsa upon learning this in the news kills her new guard (despite being friendlier than her predecessor) and breaks out of prison.

AKA Pray for My Patsy:
Penultimate episode of season 2.
Intense on seeing Ailsa on a rampage with her determination to kill Trish who is now in a hospital.
In no doubt a sad irony of a joke, the alive and bed-ridden Trish is placed in a morgue for her protection.
What a tragedy that Detective Sunday became a casualty when Ailsa jumped out of the hospital with her.
Jessica could not do it in killing Ailsa and instead the latter subdued the former in the lead-up to the season finale which is called AKA Playland and Playland is no doubt where Ailsa is taking Jessica.

AKA Playland:
Season 2 finale.
Good moment when Jessica and Alisa saved a family from an accident.
I guess it was always going to be Alisa meeting her end here and ended with her being shot in the head by Trish whilst she was talking to Jessica at Playland.
Considering that Alisa was hunting for Trish to kill her, it is Trish who does the exact same thing on Alisa and succeeded in doing so.
Intriguing as it appears that Trish has powers.

The upcoming third season of Jessica Jones after it got knifed by Netflix.

Jessica Jones season 3 date:

A.K.A The Perfect Burger:
Season 3 opener.
Given the episode title had a Double Quarter Pounder with Bacon from McDonald’s whilst watching this episode.
Enjoyable start to this the final season with Jessica finding out what Trish been up to and culminating with her stabbing at the end.

AKA You’re Welcome:
Season 3, Episode 2.
Limited appearance by Jessica as Jessica herself Krysten Ritter directed this episode.
Pretty good on seeing Trish becoming the hero that she wanted to be.

AKA I Have No Spleen:
Season 3, Episode 3.
Jessica literally has no spleen.
This sure made for an interesting episode and what she realised at the end.

AKA Customer Service is Standing By:
Season 3, Episode 4.
Interesting the case with Erik.
In reference to the episode title quite a conversation by phone between Jessica and Trish whilst the latter was on live TV regarding a sweater.

A.K.A I Wish:
Season 3, Episode 5.
Shocking that Peter commits suicide in order to get at Jeri.
Also shocking at the end that Salinger abducts Erik.

A.K.A Sorry Face:
Season 3, Episode 6.
Not bad episode on Salinger’s abduction of Erik and how Jessica found them.
Things sure got complicated with the legal ways to keep Salinger behind bars but I appreciate the analogy with Al Capone.

A.K.A The Double Half-Wappinger:
Season 3, Episode 7.
Due to the episode title, managed to have a Double Cheeseburger in the last minutes of this episode.
What a shock that Jeri is representing Salinger.
Intriguing by what Jessica found under the gazebo.
Jessica sure bested Salinger in wrestling.

A.K.A Camera Friendly:
Season 3, Episode 8.
The episode title refers to Jessica being on TV to appeal for help in looking for Salinger’s intended next target and she is anything but camera family.
Funny when Trish reacted to being called unhinged during this interview.
Something shocking happens to a long familiar character something which I sense at a moment beforehand and sure sets up that ending.