I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!


The Ten Network’s major franchise has announced that Lisa Curry is its first contestant.

The series commences tonight at 7.30, up against the Federer/Nadal Australian Open final.

Curry has told News Corporation that viewers should expect to see her vulnerable side.

“People think because you are an Olympian, you must be really tough. I am a pussy cat. I am a crybaby. I am a bit of a walkover sometimes,” she said.

Curry first celeb reveal


A flood warning has forced producers of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! to have a backup site for the show.

“We’ve run through the plans in the event of that, and they’re fairly scary,” I’m A Celebrity host Chris Brown told News Corporation.

"It just shows you that we’re in the wilds of Africa and this stuff does happen. It also reinforces that if we’re going through it then our celebrities in camp are as well. It’s an extreme place and extreme places have extreme weather.”

It’s raining “celebs”


Another contestant has been revealed going into the jungle for I’m A Celebrity.

2GB radio shock jock Steve Price is taking his place on the show, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

According to the talkback star, there’s more to life than just politics, and a jungle camp with nine other celebrities just might be the change he needs.

“I think doing the job that I do, particularly radio but also on The Project, it’s dependent on having interesting things to talk about. If you lead a boring, protected life, you don’t have as much to talk about,” he said.

Price is right in the Jungle for Steve


Full cast list:

Tom Arnold
Casey Donovan
Lisa Curry
Dane Swan
Steve Price
Ash Pollard
Jay Laga’aia
Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Nazeem Hussain
Tegan Martin


Natalie Bassingthwaighte basically confirming she is as fake as she appears.

“I am nervous about people seeing me with no make-up and no hair (being done),” she told News Corp Australia.

“I am actually more terrified about them seeing me with no tan because I am really pale in real life. I don’t know why that bothers me.”

She’s not a celeb, get her out of there!


People who’s careers had headed South

Tom Arnold
Casey Donovan
Lisa Curry
Dane Swan
Steve Price
Ash Pollard
Jay Laga’aia
Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Nazeem Hussain
Tegan Martin


Who the hell is Natalie Bassingthwaighte, just kidding I so don’t care.


singer, former Neighbours poppet and X Factor judge


Former X Factor judge


Two more “celebs” are in the jungle. One can only hope they’re eaten by the lions.

Kris Smith and Tziporah Malkah (who the hell is she? The woman formerly known as Kate Fisher, or James Packer’s ex ex.)


Kate Fisher got cockroaches in her ear and had to be treated by paramedics moments into her stint.


Local Newcastle story on contestant Tegan Martin.


Tziporah Malkah reveals she had an eating disorder as a child :frowning:


Reality is… She’ll always be Kate Fischer. Just like Andrew G will always be Andrew G (or Spidey).


Tziporah hasn’t had sex in six years. Why this is a story is anyone’s guess.

All dried up


I’m A Celeb introduces Skull Cave! :slight_smile:

Nah mate!


Tziporah lists reasons her and James Packer didn’t work.

Dishes up on Ex


Natalie Bassingthwaighte last night privately warned her I’m A Celeb campmates that she would leave the show if her feud with Tziporah Malkah continued.

Boo hoo Nat


Keira Maguire, from The Bachelor, has entered the jungle.

Yeah I know, very loose use of the word “celebrity”


VOTED OUT: Tom Arnold