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iHeartRadio Australia today announced the launch of My Favourites Radio as part of its brand new app powered by Optus that gives audiences more ways than ever to customise, explore and discover new music, podcasts and entertainment.

iHeartRadio Australia has always offered audiences access to their favourite music, radio and the ability to customise their experience in one simple, free app. But now listeners who download the new app can make the entertainment platform even more personalised and receive the latest updates as they are rolled out globally.

The My Favourites Radio feature puts audiences in control to create their ultimate listening experience combining their favourite songs, artists and genres into a single personalised station that continues to refine and update the more it’s used. The more a listener thumbs-up a song, artist or genre, the better their My Favourites Radio gets.

To start enjoying My Favourites Radio, listeners need to download and switch to the new iHeartRadio app which is available now on iOS and Android. This is not available as an automatic app upgrade.

iHeartRadio Australia’s Content Director Brett “Nozz” Nossiter said:

“I’m very excited to launch My Favourites Radio as part of our latest app release. With live and custom radio, podcasts and topical pop up stations, this really places iHeartRadio at the nexus of audio entertainment, putting listeners in control. And we have even bigger enhancements to come in 2017!”

Geraint Davies COO of iHeartRadio Australia said:

“This is a huge release with new feature updates and improved integration with wearable technology like the Samsung Gear devices and Apple Watch. As this is a new and updated code base it will enable us to more easily add new app based platforms when they appear.”

The new iHeartRadio app is available to download now on iOS and Android. Listeners need to register to use the app, which will create a comprehensive database to allow for better personalisation of the app and targeted advertising opportunities to the user.

You can stream all of your favourite artists data-free on iHeartRadio with selected Optus mobile plans. Find out how here.

To listen: www.iHeart.com

iHeartRadio - 20 million songs, 850,000 artists.

All your favourite music, all your favourite stations, all free.

San Antonio-based iHeartMedia Inc. earned $106.04 million in the fourth quarter, breaking a string of 27 consecutive quarterly losses. The gain came mainly from one-time income gains.

iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman’s Efforts May Not Be Enough to Avoid Looming Bankruptcy

iHeartRadio New Zealand has extended its advertising offering to now allow advertisers to reach their customers on a granular level, using digital audience targeting.

This latest launch rounds out the NZME Audience targeting portfolio and adds another layer to the commercial data applications from the NZME data lake. While the technology has been previously available on other NZME digital platforms, it now allows targeting for live broadcast radio and digital radio in New Zealand.

iHeartRadio New Zealand continues to grow, reaching a record audience of 315,949 listeners in March, who tuned in to live radio and custom artist radio stations all over the country.*

NZME Chief Commercial Officer Laura Maxwell says the audience iHeartRadio New Zealand attracts is incredibly diverse, with listeners of all ages, life stages and backgrounds hitting the red app icon.

“With such a range of listeners, advertisers are now able to reach their specific, tailored audience. They are able to engage with their customers while they tune into their regular breakfast show, catch up on the news or play one of iHeartRadio’s custom artist radio stations.”

iHeartRadio New Zealand groups users’ first-party data based on gender, age, location and listening behaviour. Audio ads can then be created and placed specifically to talk directly to a chosen audience, based on an advertiser’s defined target. This is an advantage for advertisers wanting to target multiple markets at any given time, but just as effective for niche businesses who know exactly who they want to hear their adverts.

“Advertisers can have multiple creative variations running simultaneously, allowing different languages, messages and styles, to speak to different audience groups.”

Maxwell says radio advertising can now be purchased as digital impressions on a CPM basis, which aligns with other digital platform buys and makes it easier to plan, book, buy and report.

Maxwell believes applying the technology to radio will revolutionise how advertisers spend their dollars.

“The targeting software will allow advertisers to get closer to their radio audience than ever before and plan it like they do digital campaigns. Five different ads can be heard by five different groups – advertisers no longer have to settle for a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

“Combined, our broadcast radio, digital and print platforms give advertisers a strong arsenal for their creative campaigns.”

Advertisers can see a snapshot of what iHeartRadio can offer them here: http://advertising.nzme.co.nz/entertainment/iheartradio/

iHeart one step closer to being bankrupt.

iHeartRadio Australia has announced the next event in the 2017 iHeartRadio Live series will be a special Sydney performance by Oscar and Grammy Award-winning singer Jennifer Hudson on Monday June 19.

KIIS Presents iHeartRadio Live with Jennifer Hudson, powered by Optus, will be an intimate show so fans will be able to get up close to the multi-Platinum artist as she performs her new single “Remember Me” and other hits.

Brett “Nozz” Nossiter, content director of iHeartRadio Australia, said:

“iHeartRadio is excited to host an exclusive and intimate performance with the incredible Grammy and Oscar award-winning Jennifer Hudson performing her latest single ‘Remember Me’. Once again iHeartRadio is proud to bring passionate fans even closer to the artists they love.”

Geraint Davies, COO of iHeartRadio Australia, said:

“We are ecstatic to be working with our great partner Sony to add Jennifer’s amazing talent to the iHeartRadio Live series in Australia. Those KIIS winners lucky enough to get to see her perform will be blown away and will be the first to hear some of her new material.”

iHeartRadio Australia has partnered with UK broadcaster Steve Penk, to create the world’s first radio station that only plays music by artists who have died.

The past 18 months has been a sad period in the world of music with the death of many influential, iconic music stars like David Bowie, Prince, Glenn Frey (The Eagles), Maurice White (Earth, Wind & Fire) George Michael, and Chuck Berry to name just a few.

Inspired by the music he loved, Steve Penk created and launched Radio Dead and now he has brought it exclusively to iHeartRadio across Australia and New Zealand.

“The idea came to me after so many incredible artists died in a very short space of time,” Penk said.

“Radio Dead is an interesting, compelling and globally unique format that pays tribute to all the amazing artists who are sadly no longer with us, but have left behind a wealth of amazing music that most other radio stations ignore, or at best, very rarely play anymore. It’s a way of showcasing all of these brilliant artists to a new generation of listeners who may not every have heard this music before.”

It’s not just solo artists and or lead singers of famous bands who are featured on Radio Dead.

'It’s important we also remember all the talented drummers, guitarists, keyboard players and backing singers from famous bands who have died, and it’s this that makes Radio Dead a truly fascinating and unique listen," Penk, who is also the presenter on Radio Dead, explained.

So, although Bruce Springsteen is still alive and well, you may still hear ‘Born To Run’ because Danny Federici, a founding member of the E Street Band, died April 17th 2008 in New York City.

“There is nothing negative about Radio Dead, it’s an uplifting, joyous, positive tribute to some amazingly talented people who are sadly no longer with us. They may be gone but their music lives on, and this is why Radio Dead connects with thousands of music lovers across the world. I’m looking forward to being part of the amazing iHeartRadio listener experience and can’t wait for Australia and New Zealand to hear Radio Dead.”

iHeartRadio COO Geraint Davies said: “This is yet another way iHeartRadio is able to give listeners a tailored, personalised entertainment experience featuring the artists they love and the music they want - anywhere, anytime. iHeartRadio listeners already enjoy hundreds of genre specific and customised stations and I am excited to be adding Radio Dead to our platform to celebrate the life and work of so many iconic artists.”