I Hate Suzie

Series opener.
Starring Billie Piper as Suzie Pickles.
Was surprised to find that Billie is co-creator of this series with Lucy Prebble.
This is Billie’s third collaboration with Prebble after Secret Diary of a Call Girl & the 2012 play The Effect both of which created by Prebble and starred Billie.
As Suzie, Billie plays an actress whose life implodes when compromising pictures of her leaked online and sees her life implodes.
In came in the midst of her doing an interview.
There is a good reason why the series has its title as Suzie is someone anyone would find hard to have sympathy with even in light of the said shock that she received here with the said pictures.
Incidentally Suzie is also the name of a character in one of Billie’s Doctor Who episodes, Father’s Day and played by Rhian James.

I Hate Suzie Sydney Morning Herald review:

Episode 2.
Saw this on Billie’s birthday on September 22.
Suzie’s best friend and manager Naomi said about the sci fi role that Suzie 12 years previously.
While the fictional sci fi role is presented within this episode as Suzie is presented with questions about it when attending Comic Con, the sci fi role from 12 years previously was undoubtedly a reference to Billie playing Rose in Doctor Who.
This year is 2020 and 12 years before that is 2008 when Billie last had a substantial appearance as Rose notwithstanding her cameo in The End of Time and the Moment being in Rose’s form in The Day of the Doctor.
Oh dear Suzie got ambushed with questions about those photos.
Things spiral further with the party that she had afterwards leading to momentous reflection after that.

Episode 3.
The other man is revealed and the consequences that came about certainly wasn’t pleasant.
Most certainly it was idiotic of this man to tell his wife about it.

Episode 4.
A very silly episode addressing the said subject.
Very silly all-around and not really to my liking.

Episode 5.
Here Billie wears a yellow dress that she looked really nice in.
Her wearing that dress was the highlight for me of this episode.
Not so much of a highlight is Suzie getting a call from Disney telling her that she got the part of the aging princess only for her to reveal certain information, I knew at that very moment, that she shouldn’t be revealing. In fact Bargaining, as well as being one of those stages, could also be a reference to her getting the Disney job as she decided to leave her current job.
Unsurprisingly Disney withdrew their offer to her afterwards.
Truly harrowing of Suzie shooting the scene of her being attacked by zombies.

Antepenultimate episode of the series/season.
This presents a family wedding, that of Suzie’s sister Archie played by Billie Piper’s real life sister Elle Piper.
According to IMDb this is Elle’s first acting role.
Sure intense at the wedding with Suzie dealing with the revelation with his father agreeing to talk to the Sun about her.
Hardly harmonious for the event of a wedding.

Penultimate episode of the series/season.
Suzie sure delivered the anger part of the series showing it every way she can.
Curious about the play that she walked out on one in which she would have played Monica Lewinsky.

Series/season finale.
Quite a way to end things as we reached the final stage of grief, the said acceptance.
Sure tense the argument that Suzie and Cob had as they break up.
A pleasant final scene when Suzie was asked to take a picture.
She initially said no when she thought it was a picture of her but realised that she misunderstood as it was for the people asking for the picture of them taken.
She therefore takes this picture of them and marking the final moments.
There is a question about whether I Hate Suzie will come back for a second season.
However I would not mind if this turns out to be the end especially since all the stages of Suzie’s grief have now been addressed.

Billie will be back as Suzie Pickles as I Hate Suzie has been renewed for a second season.