I Am Groot

Groot’s First Steps:
Series opener.
First of animated shorts about Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy,
These shorts takes place between Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 andone of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s mid-credits scenes.
Interesting first (no pun intended) episode showing Baby Groot growing in a pot and what Baby Groot does when robots around and how Groot takes the said first steps.

The Little Guy:
Episode 2.
Baby Groot finds some tiny blue Grunds and what a battle between them albeit unintentional on Baby Groot’s part.

Groot’s Pursuit:
Middle episode.
Intriguing episode as it encounters a shape-shifter, dances with it before throwing it out of the airlock.

Groot Takes a Bath:
Penultimate episode of the series/season.
Amusing Groot taking the said bath in mud (!) and how he made a scarf in the end!

Magnum Opus:
Series/season finale.
Baby Groot deliberately attracts attention to himself from the Guardians and what efforts he made with that with Rocket being the one to get this attention.
Quite amusing the way this episode was handled.