This April HISTORY commemorates Anzac Day with an impressive and moving line-up of documentaries, which remember the sacrifices and battles fought by the brave men and women who helped shape our nation.

New and exclusive to HISTORY is Gallipoli: When Murdoch Went to War. The Murdoch family has had a profound impact on the Australian Media landscape and few realise this influence was felt as far back as the Gallipoli battleground in 1915.

Premiere series The Australian SAS: The Untold History and Navy Seals: America’s Secret Warriors, look at Australian and International special operations forces in the modern day, their origins and the impossible missions they’ve undertaken.

The Memorial; Beyond the Anzac Legend follows Neil Oliver as he gains unprecedented access to the stories and objects that lie within Australia’s most iconic museum, the Australian War Memorial.

Hear heartbreaking recollections from local Australians whose ancestors fought the war at home and abroad in Tony Robinson’s Tour of Duty.

Discover the heroic deeds of young Australian and New Zealand soldiers in the moving account of Vietnam war story The Battle of Long Tan – told through first hand veteran accounts.

History channel premiere
** Navy SEALs: America’s Secret Warriors**

Navy SEALS: America’s Secret Warriors is an in depth, behind the curtain look at the most prestigious fighting force in the world the Navy Seals. From their inception in WWII (and the pivotal role the Seals played in DDay) and through their missions in Vietnam, we trace the Seals rise to a watershed moment in 1980. After a failed government mission to rescue American hostages in Iran, Navy Seal Team Six the elite of the elite is formed.

Seal Team Six is responsible for some of the most daring and iconic missions in U.S. military history, from the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips from Somali pirates to the epic take down of Osama Bin Laden. Their crucial role in the 21st century nature of war has made them a lethal team of highly trained soldiers capable of executing missions anywhere in the world, at any time, against any enemy, and in near total secrecy.

Tuesdays from April 11 at 9.30pm.

Production commences on Uncharted with Sam Neill

Foxtel today announced that production has commenced on Uncharted with Sam Neill, a six part series following Captain James Cook’s three voyages to the Pacific – from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and from Tahiti to Australia and New Zealand. Produced by Essential Media & Entertainment and Frame Up Films, the series has also secured funding support from Screen Australia and NZ On Air (NZ).

Captain James Cook first set sail to the Pacific in 1768. These vast waters, one third of the earth’s surface, were uncharted - but not unknown. A rich diversity of people and cultures navigated, traded, lived and fought here for thousands of years. Before Cook, the Pacific was disconnected from the power and ideas of Europe, Asia and America. In the wake of Cook, everything changed.

Across six stunningly beautiful episodes, actor and raconteur Sam Neill takes a deeply personal, present-day voyage to map his own understanding of James Cook, Europe’s greatest navigator, and the immense Pacific Ocean itself.
Sam Neill said, “While there is no question that Cook was one of the greatest explorers and navigators of all time, every place he ‘discovered’ had been discovered hundreds if not thousands of years before, everywhere unknown was already known, every place he claimed for the crown was already occupied. Everywhere he went he was quickly followed by others who had mostly an utterly devastating effect on those who had gone before – those who had found and settled in this vast Ocean.
“Of particular fascination to me are those initial awkward, often funny, sometimes tragic first encounters. We are looking at Cook, but we are also looking at the before and after of Cook. We are People of the Pacific, and this is our story as well.”
Voyaging on a wide variety on vessels, from container ships to fishing trawlers and sailing boats, Sam crosses the length and breadth of the largest ocean in the world to experience for himself a contemporary journey in Cook’s footsteps. Dynamic sequences see Sam engaging the past and present in both modern and ancient cultural practice. Encountering the same peoples Cook encountered, Sam will hear – and feel – their point of view on Cook’s visits. And the story is a complex one.
Foxtel’s General Manager for Factual, Jim Buchan said, “Captain Cook’s three epic voyages contain some of the most incredibly fundamental events that changed the world, especially our collective history in both Australian and New Zealand.

“We’re thrilled that Sam Neill, a brilliant storyteller with a lifelong passion for Cook’s story has teamed with Essential Media and us at the HISTORY channel in bringing our audience this timely contemporary series.”

Shot in high definition with lush aerial photography, the series will excite the mind and senses with an untold story of our own backyard.

Uncharted with Sam Neill is directed by Sally Aitken (David Stratton: A Cinematic Life, Streets of Your Town, Getting Frank Gehry) and Kriv Stenders (Red Dog, Australia Day, Why Anzac with Sam Neill, The Go-Betweens: Right Here) and produced by Essential Media & Entertainment and Frame Up Films with the support of NZ On Air (NZ) and Screen Australia, in association with Create NSW. The series will air on Foxtel’s HISTORY channel in 2018.

Mike Munro returns to television as host of
LAWLESS - The Real Bushrangers

A four-part documentary series premiering
Tuesday, October 24 at 8.30pm on HISTORY


LAWLESS – The Real Bushrangers is a four-part original landmark documentary series unearthing the truth behind Australia’s legendary outlaws.

Hosted by respected journalist Mike Munro (himself a descendant of bushrangers) we follow investigations into the past and deliver the findings to living descendants of both bushrangers and those who fought against them.

In each fascinating episode, the team focuses on a single bushranger legend; Ned Kelly (VIC), Ben Hall (NSW), Captain Moonlite (NSW) and the last of the wild colonial boys - Patrick & James Kenniff (QLD). All are larger than life characters involved in infamous events heavily shrouded in mystery and folklore. The bushrangers are heroes to some, villains to others and for their descendants who carry their legacy today; they are a cause of either pain and shame, or pride and glory. There are always two sides to every story. But how do we separate fact from fiction?

Enter Mike Munro and the specialist LAWLESS investigation team; Dr Kiera Lindsey (historian), Adam Ford (archaeologist) and Professor Roger Byard (forensic Pathologist). Together they use their skills to apply an objective and rigorous analysis of these pivotal events.

Revisiting existing and new historical evidence they use 21st century high-tech science to get beyond the myths. Using archaeology to literally break new ground and the latest forensic methods to test the historical evidence, the team illuminates a fact-based version of our history. In each case the key question they seek to answer is – what really happened?

Mike Munro said: “With bushrangers in my own family tree, LAWLESS was the chance of a lifetime to sort fact from fiction in these great yarns that have been handed down through the generations and find out what really happened.

“Working on this series for the last two years has been an absolute highlight of my career. It has been wonderful working with the terrific teams at both Genepool Productions and Foxtel. It’s about Australians, for Australians and I could not be more proud.”

Jim Buchan, General Manager – Factual said “The bushranger is an iconic character looming large within Australia’s history as well as national consciousness. This lawless era spanned an entire century, far longer than the 30 years of the American Wild West that’s been so amplified by Hollywood film and television. Australians, however, collectively know very little about these infamous individuals and the circumstances that created them.

“LAWLESS - The Real Bushrangers series will for the first time bring a completely new and contemporary perspective to one of the most fascinating eras in the story of Australia. I am therefore delighted that Mike Munro along with Genepool Productions will be bringing this new exciting series to the HISTORY channel audience for the first time.”

Sonya Pemberton, Executive Producer, Genepool Productions said “We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Foxtel on this landmark series.

“It’s a remarkable opportunity to investigate our iconic bushranger stories in ways never before attempted in this country. Using archaeology, forensic science and taking a fresh view of history, LAWLESS - The Real Bushrangers will go behind the myths and offer evidence-based insights into events that shaped our nation.”

LAWLESS - The Real Bushrangers is produced by Emmy Award-winning Australian science television specialists Genepool Productions (part of the CJZ Group) with the support of Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Screen Queensland and will premiere on Foxtel’s HISTORY channel on Tuesday, October 24 at 8.30pm (AEDT).

Following the broadcast on HISTORY channel, LAWLESS - The Real Bushrangers will be available to watch from Foxtel’s on demand library, or streamed on demand on Foxtel Now.

COAST NZ Season 2 Premieres Monday January 8 at 7.30pm on HISTORY
Acclaimed international archaeologist and historian Neil Oliver returns to Foxtel for another epic voyage of discovery in the second season of Coast New Zealand. Uncovering stories spanning over 16,000 kilometres of New Zealand’s coastline, in a country that was forged in the furnace of earthly forces, mega earthquakes, marauding glaciers and furious volcanoes, Coast New Zealand offers a fascinating insight into the country’s past and present, telling the story of the formation and evolution of New Zealand, its people and its culture. Throughout the 6 x 60 minute series, host Neil Oliver leads a local team of co-presenters on the journey, all leading experts in their field: Dr Hamish Campbell, renowned geologist and palaeontologist; Matt Carter, one of the leading diving maritime archaeologists in Australasia; marine biologist and actress Jacky Geurts; and Riria Hotere, an actress and passionate former staff member of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa.

Coast Australia with Neil Oliver commences production on season four
And new co-presenter Dave Johnston is introduced


Foxtel’s hugely popular factual series Coast Australia, presented by world-renowned British archaeologist and television presenter Neil Oliver has commenced production on season four.

The first three seasons of Coast Australia achieved outstanding ratings for the HISTORY channel, establishing the franchise as one of the most successful factual series to date on Foxtel.

Each one hour episode of season four will showcase a different strip of Australia’s spectacular coastline, as Neil Oliver and his team of co-presenters gather stories about the history, the people, the archaeology, the geography and the marine life of each region, investigating fascinating and little-known facts along the way.

The regions explored across each state this season include: Sydney Harbour, the west coast of Tasmania, the Great Australian Bight, Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay, Bunbury to Geraldton in Western Australia, Cocos and Christmas Island, Cooktown to Karumba in Queensland and Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.

Foxtel’s General Manager of Entertainment and Factual Channels, Jim Buchan said “It’s incredibly exciting to be bringing a fourth season of Coast Australia to our audience, who’ve demonstrated over the past three seasons how they simply can’t get enough of this spectacular series. The show gives us a fantastic opportunity to capture untold Australian history in an accessible, contemporary way while also exploring our rich, diverse and stunning landscape.”

Throughout the series, Neil will again be joined by some of Australia’s leading experts in their field: palaeontologist Professor Tim Flannery, historian Dr Alice Garner, marine ecologist Professor Emma Johnston and marine biologist, Dr Dean Miller.

Also joining the Coast Australia presenting team this season is archaeologist, anthropologist and founder of the Australian Indigenous Archaeologist Association, Dave Johnston. Dave has worked as an archaeologist in Australia since 1990 and during that time has completed over 2000 archaeological and Indigenous heritage projects.

Coast Australia is commissioned by Foxtel and produced by Great Southern Film and Television, with the format licensed from BBC Worldwide ANZ. It is based on the BAFTA Award-winning BBC series Coast, which has been broadcast in the UK and internationally for the past twelve years.

Season four of Coast Australia will air on Foxtel’s HISTORY channel in early 2019.

HISTORY channel to mark the centenary of the special bond between Australia and the U.S.A
in a premiere television event

MATESHIP – Australia and the USA: A Century Together
Stream and watch on Foxtel from July 4 at 7.30pm (AEST)

Foxtel’s HISTORY channel presents MATESHIP – Australia & USA: A Century Together a 1 x hour documentary celebrating 100 years of the close bonds that unite Australia and America.


Since July 4 1918, the United States of America and Australia have never fought a major war without each other. It’s one of the longest alliances in modern history.

The relationship has not always been easy or even. Both countries have changed dramatically since 1918 when they first fought together at Hamel on the Western Front. The scale of US power has transformed the world. However, this friendship, forged in battle, shaped also by deep exchanges of ideas, art, people and trade, is a fascinating story of trust, difference, loyalty and respect what Australians would call mateship.

Hosted by respected journalist and broadcaster Mike Munro, the program explores through key places, periods and personal ties, the history of the US-Australian relationship. Mike Munro encounters people and places that bring the past to life, even revealing some of his own experiences as a young journalist in Australia during the tumultuous Vietnam War.

In France with US historian Mitch Yokelson, Mike Munro illuminates the first shared war experiences between American and Australian troops on the Western Front – battles that helped secure the Allies victory in WWI. American and Australian Vietnam veterans explain how their lasting friendship was forged in the heat of battle, as they fly their lovingly restored Huey helicopter over San Francisco Bay.

The documentary also draws on the rich moving and still archives of Americans and Australians at war and at peace. Historians, cultural commentators, activists and military experts add their insights to the rich and complex 100 year bond between the two nations and embraces political, economic and cultural history.

Group General Manager, Entertainment & Factual, Jim Buchan said “Most Australians have only a general idea of their shared connection with the United States of America. Few know the amazing depth and breadth of this history. July 4th 2018 will mark the centenary of a unique friendship between these two nations. Allies that have fought together in every conflict since the battle of Hamel in WWI where American troops fought and won in an Australian regiment under the leadership of General John Monash.

“Both country’s cultures have significantly influenced one another’s and continue to do so today. It’s therefore wonderful to be highlighting this tremendous history through incredible archive with WildBear productions, support from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Mike Munro who has been instrumental in capturing some incredible and moving interviews.”

In the lead up to the July 4 anniversary, HISTORY will also present an exclusive series of short form pieces including MATESHIP in the Fast Food Invasion, Television, Sport, Music, Retail, Vietnam, Music and Politics.

Some of the famous faces interviewed include Former Prime Minister of Australia John Howard, World Champion Surfer Layne Beachley, Cartoonist and Social Commentator Michael Leunig, Musician Marcia Hines, Film Director Phillip Noyce and Founding Member of INXS Kirk Pengilly.

MATESHIP – Australia & USA: A Century Together is produced by WildBear Entertainment. WildBear EPs Alan Erson and Michael Tear. Director Susan Lambert and will premiere on July 4th at 7.30pm AEST only on Foxtel’s HISTORY channel or stream it on demand.



During this season of the Foxtel Original series, Neil and his crew of co-presenters journey farther and wider than ever before, giving Australian viewers a first-class ticket to a host of spectacular coastlines from their own loungerooms, while offering inspiration to travel within this vast and beautiful continent in the future.

Neil visits eight stunning coastlines around Australia. Joined by palaeontologist-explorer Professor Tim Flannery; marine ecologist Professor Emma Johnston; historian Dr Alice Garner; marine biologist Dr Dean Miller and introducing brand new co-presenter, Indigenous archaeologist Dave Johnston.

Neil and the team set out to investigate and capture the most fascinating stories around the edge of Australia, a blossoming nation built on an ancient land.