Harley Quinn

Til Death Do Us Part:
Series opener.
Quite a way to start this series about Harley starting with an unsuccessful yacht robbery and the Joker abandoning her.
What a personal journey for her starting with Joker’s inability to break her out of Arkham to eventually realising why he wasn’t worthy to her and finally breaking up with him.

A High Bar:
Season 1, Episode 2.
Quite a culmination at the Bar Mitzvah (hence the episode title) for Penguin’s nephew.
What a moment when Harley exposes the bully that Joker is.

So, You Need a Crew?:
Season 1, Episode 3.
This episode has Harley assembling a crew.
Despite the series established itself as adult animation with adult content, a certain word said by Doctor Psycho, who we meet the first time here, still gets frowned upon and he gets chastise for it.
Uncomfortable episode to watch not just with that word but how the encounter with Maxie Zeus was handled here.

Finding Mr. Right:
Season 1, Episode 4.
A long time ago I would have had a problem with a title like that being the name of this episode.
The episode title is not about finding the right romantic partner but the right nemesis.
That is the task that Harley is faced with.
Funny what went about including facing off Robin and kidnapping Lois Lane.
Also funny when King Shark was mistaken as a pet by Ivy’s landlord.

Being Harley Quinn:
Season 1, Episode 5.
The episode title is a play on Being John Malkovich in fact that movie even gets referenced here.
This is because Harley’s friends literally enters Harley’s mind just like the premise of the said movie.
Intriguing especially when Harley in her mindscape tells off Joker that she not he is responsible for the person she is now.

You’re a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon:
Season 1, Episode 6.
Fun that this is about Harley wanting to get in the Legion of Doom.
Not bad given the episode title, that this presents Jim Gordon’s worth as a cop.
Quite a moment when Harley was in the Batcave!
Funny that this ends with Harley realise that she forgotten about King Shark and then breaking him out of prison!

The Line:
Season 1, Episode 7.
This involves the Queen of Fables and the episode title refers to a bloodline as the Queen had slaughtered an innocent family.
They encountered Jason Praxis, the last surviving member of the said family and he has electrical powers!
In the course of this episode Harley says that she is a bad guy not a bad person. Apparently there is a difference.

Season 1, Episode 8.
Aquaman appears here.
Aquaman is a superhero but since this is a series about Harley Quinn, he is really presented as an antagonist as Harley gets accepted into the Legion of Doom and Aquaman crashes this party.
Just as Harley is accepted into the Legion of Doom she received a shock at the end as she sees Joker at the Hall of Doom.

A Seat at the Table:
Season 1, Episode 9.
Harley has a get together with Joker as she thought he is treating her as an equal after she joined the Legion of Doom.
As Batman has noted, Harley still hasn’t learn anything as Joker treated her the same way as before.

Season 1, Episode 10.
Harley returns home to see her mum but was disappointed to find that her father is also there.
Earlier in life, Harley’s father had been her coach when he told her to take a dive as he had been in gambling debts and he had betted against her.
At the family dinner, Harley’s grandma says that she has brain cancer. Unbelievable that this gets solved when she got a shot a hole in her head.
An assassin had been after Harley’s father as he is still gambling.
Harley got her father’s debuts resolved.
Later Harley’s grandfather came by and he too got killed by an assassin. So both of Harley’s grandparents got killed by an assassin but each for a different reason.
In the grandfather’s case it was because of a bounty on Harley a bounty that was reported by Harley’s father herself due to the money from the bounty.
Even Harley’s mother joined in.
Harley deals with her parents but leave them alive as they weren’t worth it but they are sure awful parents!

Harley Quinn Highway:
Antepenultimate episode of season 1.
Harley brings the crew back together to save Ivy.
Quite a dreamscape that they went through to find out Ivy’s greatest fear and it turns out to be Harley herself!
Quite a denouement when trees become violent monsters.

Devil’s Snare:
Penultimate episode of season 1.
The Justice League comes by to stop the rampaging trees.
Funny it took a bit of an effort for the gang to convince the Justice League that they weren’t responsible for the trees which stopped them from being placed in the Phantom Zone.
Horrific when Harley beheaded the Queen of Fables.
However the most terrifying of all was at the end when the Joker kills Ivy!

The Final Joke:
Season 1 finale.
What a final joke this turned out to be with Joker demanded that Harley be brought to her alive.
Harley does so of her own volition and then culminates with acid and Ivy’s resurrection.
To top all this Gotham is destroyed!

New Gotham:
Season 2 opener.
Dealing with the aftermath of the destruction of Gotham at the end of the previous season.
As Batman is missing, funny that Robin steps in as him in his oversized suit!
Quite shock seeing Harley killing Penguin. No doubt this is meant to exist in a separate world to one viewers would have expected.
Shocking end when paramedics found Batman and unmasked him as Bruce Wayne!

Riddle U:
Season 2, Episode 2.
Yes you guest it Riddler has his own university and Barbara Gordon is a tour guide there.
It was Barbara who came to Harley and Ivy’s rescue from the Riddler.
At the end it inspires her to become Batgirl!

Season 2, Episode 3.
The episode title refers to Doctor Trap and what an episode in his musuem.
In this case Catwoman is here and what results this presents.
Funny what went on in front of Harley and Ivy at the end as they talked about what just happened.

Thawing Hearts:
Season 2, Episode 4.
Harley and friends are captives of Mr Freeze which ultimately see him sacrifice himself for his wife Nora.
This sacrifice has them realising is an act of love and I always act out of love to my wife Karen Gillan.

Batman’s Back, Man:
Season 2, Episode 5.
Funny that this starts off with a debate between two fans about whether to watch Harley Quinn and ended up doing just that.
Somewhat ironically Harley isn’t even in this episode.
The episode is about what it says in the title as Bruce Wayne is still recovering when Batgirl has taken on the Bat mantel with everyone thinking that Batman is back.
This is in the midst of Two-Face and Bane struggling in being what is left of the Injustice League.
Quite good the dynamic being played here including Alfred making his debut as the Macaroni!

All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues:
Season 2, Episode 6.
Intriguingly this mostly of flashbacks when Harley was a normal doctor and Joker was her patient in prison.
Unsurprisingly it escalated out of control from that point and amusing that it was Harley who came up with Two-Face’s name.

There’s No Place to Go But Down:
Season 2, Episode 7.
Harley and Ivy are on trial for Penquin’s murder and as they observed it is a kangaroo court.
Barbara reveals to her Dad, Jim Gordon that she is Batgirl and it sure restored his self-confidence.
The meaning of the title comes at the end in a scene no doubt inspired by one in Alien 3 when Harley did just that but got saved by Ivy.