Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy has been renewed for a third season.


Season 2, Episode 18.
The Guardians travel to Drax’s home planet for the purpose of summoning Adam Warlock when they meet up with Xeron someone from Drax’s past.
Good little flashbacks to Drax’s past and not bad the riddles that Drax and Xeron had to solve and the late entrance in the episode by Adam Warlock.
Drax sings at the end and oh my it was horrible.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want:
Season 2, Episode 19.
Rocket and Warlock travels to Halfworld to re-evolve Rocket’s family.
Nice little plot of the High Evolutionary keeping prisoners for his schemes along the way and how specifically Rocket and his family gets embroiled in it.
Among the prisoners was Nebula who does not speak a word meaning that Cree Summer wasn’t require in voicing her here.
However Rocket does not acknowledge her presence here as he was in close proximity to her.
To be honest I would feel more sympathy if this Nebula had been Karen Gillan instead of Cree Summer.

Season 3 is called Mission Breakout.

Guardians of the Galaxy animated series finished its second season on December 3 2017 with Unfortunate Son.

However two of the Guardians, Rocket and Groot turned up three months later on March 4 2018 in Avengers Assemble 4.22 Secret Wars: Westland in the said Westland is shaped into a Western town.
Coincidentally Guardians of the Galaxy movies Nebula my wife Karen Gillan had also been in Western setting in Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy & the movie In A Valley of Violence.

American Horror Story 7.5 Cult: Holes has young boy Oz asked whether he can watch Guardians of the Galaxy and apparently this is a reference to the animated series.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Guardians of the Galaxy: The Thanos Threat:
This is a short film starring the cast of the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series voicing their usual roles.
Released on my birthday December 9 2017 and fittingly enough my wife Karen Gillan plays Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
However like the animated series, Nebula is played in The Thanos Threat by Cree Summer.
Fun adventure in which the Guardians battles against Thanos and his team including Nebula for the Build Stone, an artefact which enables its user to build anything.
Fun at the end with the Guardians battled against Thanos and his team and hearing the BLT – Big Laser Thingy.
Shortly afterwards at the end it was amusing for Rocket to discover that other BLT which something that can be eaten!

Black Vortex Part 1 - Birds of a Feather:

Black Vortex Part 1 is season 3, Episode 14.
Black Vortex is a storyline that is made up of mini-episodes detailing what happened when each of the Guardians went through the said Black Vortex.

The first of these is -

Birds of a Feathers:
This has Gamora waking up in a bed and is greeted by animals.
This spoofs several classic Disney animated movies.
Amusing as it sees the animals first being friendly with Gamora before they turn nasty on her.

Mission: Breakout! : The Black Vortex Part 1 - Heroes

Season 3, Episode 14b.

Drax is in this segment of The Black Vortex in a spoof of Spider-Man with Drax being the Spider-Man-like hero Draxman

Funny on the spoof of JJ Jameson who is also an amalgamation with a spoof of J’son and funny how he could not see that Drax and Draxman are one and the same person despite both having Drax in the names.

Funny that Drax breaks the fourth wall just as it marked the cliffhanger.

Guardians of the Galaxy (animated) 3.15a Mission: Breakout!: Black Vortex Part 2 - Stand and Deliver:
Black Vortex Part 2 is Season 3, Episode 15.
The first segment of Part 2 is -
Stand and Deliver:
Rocket finds himself in the Timely Distribution Corporate Warehouse and it was quite fun seeing him getting out of this warehouse.
It was certainly surprising when little Groot wasn’t Groot at all but a very big robot!

Mission: Breakout! : Black Vortex Part 2: Color My World:

Season 3, Episode 15b.

Finally a narrative in which Groot says something other than “I am Groot” as he says proper sentences.

Intriguing on Groot being on a CGI dimension resembling Knowhere and where this leads to including seeing a bunch of little Groots.

Mission: Breakout!: Black Vortex Part 3: I Melt With You:

Black Vortex Part 3 is Season 3, Episode 16.

I Melt With You has Star-Lord in claymation form and is fun that he had to battle against his severed arm in order to get Groot’s branch and just as he is being melted by the Sun.

Mission: Breakout!: Black Vortex, Part 3: Getting in Toon:
Season 3, Episode 16b.
Rocket found himself in a retro monochrome cartoon dimension a la Looney Tunes.

Fun as he encounters his adversary Ronan the Exterminator before being reunited with Drax as they battle to keep their branch of Groot.

Mission: Breakout! : Black Vortex Part 4: Jump:

Black Vortex Part 4 is Season 3, Episode 17.

Fun segment as this had Peter and Gamora in a video game and unsurprising J’Son is the villain.

Mission: Breakout! : Black Vortex Part 4: Reflections of My Life:

Season 3, Episode 17b.

Conclusion to Black Vortex.

Pretty good on the Black Vortex being dealt with but what a shocker on just how long the Guardians been away.

Mission: Breakout!: Breaking Stuff is Hard to Do:

Antepenultimate episode of season 3.

Funny the team ups here with Howard and Rocket debating whose name comes first and arguing who broke a machine.

Also funny between Hulk and Drax about a signal from Gamora.

Tragic what happened to Yondu whilst on Sirius IV with Star-Lord, Nova and Nebula.

Mission: Breakout! Killer Queen:
Penultimate episode of season 3.
Tense negotiations with Hela, the said killer queen.
Quite a trick that Rocket played on Hela.
Funny when Drax was horrified by his change of appearance but as Peter points he did not look different at all.
The others including Nebula had very little to do here.

Mission: Breakout!: Just One Victory

Notwithstanding what it says on Wikipedia, it looks like this is indeed the series finale.

Interesting that the Guardians enlist Thanos’ help against Serpent only for Serpent to literally blast Thanos out of a planet.

This then leave the Guardians to defeat Serpent on their own and it sure was satisfying.

Nice little team-up between Gamora and Nebula against the Collector.

Funny when Thanos meets Hela.

Peter finally reunites with his grandfather and what a funny reunion it was.

If this is indeed the finale as I think it is then it has been a fun ride.

Coincidentally before I saw this, I saw the movie Stuber starring Dave Bautista and my wife Karen Gillan, the actors who played Drax and Nebula respectinely in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.