Season 6 opener.
Due to the episode title, I coincidentally am watching the unrelated original The Fugitive TV series.
Thrilling beginning to the sixth and final season from the beginning dealing with the aftermath of the ambush at the loft to the cliffhanger at the end when Renard surrounds Bud’s fridge repair shop where Nick and his friends are.

Trust Me Knot:
Season 6, Episode 2.
Hank and Wu arrested Renard for the murder of Rachel and hoped this would help Nick to escape but unfortunately it didn’t
Nick and friends still managed to get away thanks to the stick.
Nick makes a deal with Renard in order to get charges against the former dropped but sneakily the latter managed to backed out of this deal thanks to the judge at the grand jury being on Renard’s side.
This is a very sneaky tactic by Renard.
Quite a line from Adalind about Renard needing an alibi at the time of Rachel’s death saying that Renard himself had killed his own alibi in Bonaparte.

Oh Captain, My Captain:
Season 6, Episode 3.

As this is Grimm 6.3, and although the episode tile refers to a police captain (Renard), NuWho’s own 6.3 The Curse of the Black Spot also featured a captain but a pirate captain.

Good plan in which Nick transformed into Renard’s form to announce he is abdicating the mayorship before his inauguration.

This episode came on January 20 2017, the most recent presidential inauguration and I don’t think it is a coincidence.

After coming to a deal, the real Renard has no option but to go along with his abdication announced by Nick as Renard.

Nick found himself stuck being in Renard and an ominous when he still as Renard sees Diana who senses he is not her father but luckily the outcome of this get Nick to be back to his normal self as he now has his face back.

El Cuegle:
Season 6, Episode 4.
NicK, Hank and Wu are reinstated in the midst of Renard having visions of the late Meisner.
Their first case since their reinstatement sees our cops investigating a kidnapped baby and the kidnapper is someone who kidnaps babies that he as a Wesen have the ability to see the future of babies and kidnaps those that he foresee will do terrible things.
Certainly a tough position to be in on whether to save the baby or allow him to something terrible when he becomes a man.

The Seven Year Itch:
Season 6, Episode 5.
The episode title refers to an Insect Wesen who comes up on the Earth for 24 hours every seven years and during that time he drags its victims underground to eat for the next seven years.
Quite surprising that this Wesen is a pioneer of Portland in which the park where the murders took place is named after.
Also quite surprising that the Wesen got his head literally bitten off by his would be victim who turned out to be a Wesen as well.

Breakfast in Bed:
Season 6, Episode 6.
The episode title refers to a situation at a welfare hotel.
This rather made me think of The God Complex, an episode of NuWho’s own sixth season and that too took place at a hotel.
Whereas Breakfast in Bed is Grimm 6.6, The God Complex is after that season episode position for NuWho with it being 6.11
Intriguing events that took place at this hotel and Wesen menace that was presence there.
Fascinating about Rosalee and Eve discovering that calendar is about an event in the future.

Blind Love:
Season 6, Episode 7.
Nick and friends has a little holiday to celebrate Monroe’s birthday at a hotel where they encounter a waiter whose father was arrested by Nick before the start of the series when Nick did not know that he was a Grimm and the existence of Wesen and the waiter and his father are Wesen.

The waiter exacts his revenge by placing what is essentially a love potion in the champagne drank by Nick and friends except for pregnant Rosalee in the hopes that this result in them destroying each other.

The end result is extreme hilarity on the love potion premise.

Meanwhile as Adalind was on that holiday, she dropped Diana off at Diana’s father Renard when Diana got kidnapped by Lt. Grossante.

However Grossante ended up being a toy for Diana as she enjoying playing him as such much to Grossante’s anguish.

Funny the episode ends with the friends at the hotel again offered champagne on the house. Would they dare risk having champagne again!

The Son Also Rises:
Season 6, Episode 8.
This episode ultimately revealed to be a Frankenstein-style plot with one of the scientists bringing his son back to life after an accident.
Not bad the main plot of the episode plus intriguing what went on with Eve here.
The Son Also Rises about bringing the dead back to life is Grimm 6.8 and NuWho’s own 6.8 is Let’s Kill Hitler.
While Let’s Kill Hitler did not deliver what it says in the episode title there have been other narratives that dealt with bringing Hitler back from the dead just like bringing back the scientist’s son back from the dead in The Son Also Rises.

Tree People:
Season 6, Episode 9.
The titular Tree People are very unforgiving on people who committed crimes against ecology.
The Tree People are sure terrifying on how they delivered their justice for these crimes.
Nick and friends succeeded in stopping the Tree People and funny the episode ends with Monroe and Rosalee fearing their wooden ceiling.
Tree People is Grimm 6.9 and NuWho’s own 6.9 is Night Terrors and the Tree People certainly qualifies for the description as night terrors.

Blood Magic:
Season 6, Episode 10.
Despite the episode title, most of the episode had little to do with it as it dealt with a subject matter I am not very comfortable with and as Grimm is soon coming to an end this is one narrative I will be very glad to forget.
As to Blood Magic it is something that Juliette, a narrative that is more interesting especially when it leads to her going through the mirror at the end.

Where the Wild Things Were:
Antepenultimate episode.
Nick follows Eve into the mirror.
Wu makes reference to Alice as in Alice In Wonderland or more in direct allusion to the sequel Alice Through The Looking Glass and while this episode feels like the Alice narrative it could also be like the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe due to its wintry setting.
Where The Wild Things Were is Grimm 6.11 and Doctor Who had a variation on The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe with The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe which is three episodes after NuWho’s own 6.11 The God Complex.
Nick and Eve going through to that world also feels like a similar storyline in Angel which like Grimm was co-created by David Greenwalt.
Horrifying that Diana is revealed to be shaphat, the child bride of then devil.
Good cliffhanger as Nick and Eve faces the Zerstorer.

The End:
Series finale.
Nick and Trubel eventually found themselves on their own after their friends got killed by the Zerstorer.
Surprisingly when the ghosts of Nick’s mother and aunt turned up here.
Despite their characters being sisters this is the first and only time that Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Kate Burton have appeared together in Grimm.
Good resolution as Nick ultimately defeats the Zerstorer.
Nick sees his friends alive again when he goes back to his body when he came back to the mirror,
This reversal of time meant that Monroe never said an offensive remark in the previous episode Zerstorer Shrugged and as a Doctor Who fan I welcome that very much.
In fact the reversal of time and erasing horrific events is pretty much like the Doctor Who season 33 finale Last of the Time Lords when the Doctor erased the year of the Master’s terror by going back to that length of time.
The series ends with the epilogue taking place twenty years later as we see an adult Kelly and Diana.
This is truly The End with the episode title showing on-screen marking this a unique circumstance in which the episode title shows up at the end truly emphasising the meaning of it and this soon follows with Thank You in English and other languages.
Good ending to the series and I noticed the question of whether Nick chooses Adalind or Eve being left unanswered.
Frankly a wise decision leaving us the viewer to decide who Nick is with in the future.