A Dark Knight: One of My Three Soups:
Season 4, Episode 16.
Fascinating on soup being a weapon and from Jerome’s uncle.
Also interesting on Jim and Harvey tracking down a radio station in order to find out where Tetch’s hypnotising is coming from.

A Dark Knight: Mandatory Brunch Meeting:
Season 4, Episode 17.
Some brunch meeting this turn out to be.
That was some game between Lee and the Riddler.
What a surprise that Jerome has a twin brother Jeremiah not to mention similarities in names and that he is Xander Wilde that everyone has been looking for.

A Dark Knight: That’s Entertainment:
Season 4, Episode 18.
Not a bad episode with much of it at the music festival.
Jerome dies but this time for real.
However it is not the end of the Joker as he tricked brother Jeremiah in becoming his successor.

A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse:
Antepenultimate episode of season 4.
Gruesome episode especially at the cemetery with Jeremiah in his beginnings as the Joker.
Funny with the fake hopes of rescue at the prison van.

A Dark Knight: One Bad Day:
Penultimate episode of season 4.
Quite a tight deadline as Jeremiah gives Gotham six hours before he detonates the bombs.
What a shock of seeing Alfred falling to his death only for it to turn out to be an hallucination for Bruce.
A bigger shock at the end when Jeremiah shot Selina and I could only hope that her impending death is an hallucination as well.

A Dark Knight: No Man’s Land:
Season 4 finale.
Thankfully Selina has survived but may suffer permanent spinal damage.
Butch goes back to his old self but is then killed by Penguin. Guess that I should not have been surprised by this.
Definitely not a good time to be a man around Barbara.
The fourth season ends dauntingly and sets up what is to come in the fifth and final season with Jeremiah as the chief villain.

Legend of the Dark Knight: Pena Dura:
Season 5, Episode 5.
Perhaps I should not been surprised that Jeremiah is not dead despite being stabbed by Selina.
Intriguing the experiments that was done on Nygma.
What a betrayal on Jim from an old military buddy.

Legend of the Dark Knight: 13 Stitches:
Season 5, Episode 6.
What a revelation that Eduardo had Lee in his custody and that she under the control of a chip.
What an alliance that Penguin and Selina made to track down Magpie.
Things take a further turn when Alfred is kidnapped by Jeremiah.

Legend of the Dark Knight: Ace Chemicals:
Season 5, Episode 7.
Horrifying when Jeremiah produces doppelgangers of Bruce’s parents with Jim and Lee later becoming these doppelgangers.
Gruesome when Jeremiah fell into that vat but of course doesn’t die from it.

Legend of the Dark Knight: The Beginning…:
Series finale.
The Beginning… is a paradoxical title to end the series as this leads in the beginning of the legend that is Batman.
After seeing Bruce at the start it jumps 10 years with anticipation of Bruce’s return to Gotham for the first time since then.
In the midst of this Jeremiah is making his mark on the legend of him as the Joker.
Intriguing after jumping ten years, we do not see Bruce at all.
We only hear Bruce’s voice as he talked to Selina before finally seeing him as Batman.
Neat way to end the series as Batman makes his mark on Gotham.