Google Phone

Until Bluetooth improves it’s reliability I’ll stick with the wired headphones

You will need some USB C headphones then with a phone like this…

What we need is an audio standard that enables me to use the same headphone on my phone, tablets, laptops and PCs. I’d love to say that was bluetooth but it’s not reliable enough, not played with 5.0 but 4.1 falls short. Since I don’t have anything with USB C yet that would be about as useful as a set of lightning headphones on my Samsung devices.

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These are an absolute treat. My weekend is going to be filled with filling a room full of stormtroopers.

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It just means that people will flock to another Android phone if Google stop producing Pixel phones. Nokia seem to be filling the void left by Google with the budget Nexus lineup.

It’s one of those things where you wish phones like this only came out every 2 years or if your phone contact was only every 12 months.

The Verge: Android 9 Pie seems to be messing with the Pixel XL’s ability to fast charge.

The Pixels in general seems to be messing with most of its owners minds