Goodbye Charlie

Released in 1964, Goodbye Charlie starred Tony Curtis and Debbie Reynolds.
This was later remade in 1991 starring Ellen Barkin and Jimmy Smits.
The said Charlie is a womaniser who was fooling around with a woman when he was shot and killed by the woman’s husband.
Curtis plays Charlie’s best friend George Tracy and just after giving his eulogy and with everyone gone he receives a visit from a woman (Reynolds) who he hasn’t seen before.
The woman turns out to be Charlie in reincarnated form and took George sometime to believe this.
It certainly an interesting premise to explore of a man who likes to chase and fool around with women to get his just desserts by becoming a woman himself but overall I could not feel any spark with this movie.
Goodbye Charlie is perhaps just OK.

Goodbye Charlie (1985):
This is the pilot of Goodbye Charlie which was previously a movie in 1964 starring Debbie Reynolds as a woman who got reincarnated from a dead man, the said Charlie.
In this pilot Charlie is played by Suzanne Somers.
Not bad pilot as Charlie found herself to be a woman and reflecting on the womanising ways of her previous male self.
Unfortunately we don’t found out what happens next as only the pilot was ever broadcast and it was not bad.