Fetch TV (General Discussion)

I was watching Fetch in our bedroom yesterday morning and saw that CN and Boomerang were now available.

From their Facebook page:

Fetch TV
25 January at 15:14 ·

Cartoon Network and Boomerang have arrived on Fetch TV.

Woo hoo!

All our customers can enjoy them free of charge until 27th February 2017.

You don’t need to do anything, just go to CH155 and CH156 in the TV Guide and start watching.

If you don’t see them yet, simply restart your box at Menu>Manage>Settings>Device info>Options> Fetch TV box restart.

During the free trial the channels aren’t recordable and are not available via the app.

Stay tuned for more info on what happens after the trial - it’s going to be exciting.

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What sort of Fetch box do you have there @Mark? Are they worth it?

I used to have a TiVo in my former life, and unfortunately, they seem to have died a slow and painful death.

I used to have a Tivo as well.

The Fetch box I bought outright from Hardly Normal back in September. It’s the larger box and it can record around 1 or 2TB (I forget) worth of material, plus you can rent movies etc.

I pay for the Entertainment pack, which is $15 a month.

Best thing about Fetch is it has Comedy Central, Spike, HGTV and EGG (Gaming) - plus now they have Netflix, Stan, 9Now, Plus7, NASA TV as well.

We use it a lot at night for stuff like HGTV and Spike.

With my crap internet (still no NBN) it streams pretty good most of the time. I just make sure I’m not running much on the computer at the same time.

Official comment from Turner about the addition of CN and Boomerang:

Commenting on the addition, Robi Stanton, general manager of Turner Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Territories, said that its customers would ‘love’ the new content.

“With Boomerang and Cartoon Network added to the line-up, subscribers now have access to the best animation from around the world. Both channels feature characters designed with one purpose in mind – to make everyone laugh,” she remarked.

Added Fetch TV CEO Scott Lorson:

“Fetch is thrilled to reach a partnership agreement with Turner, and with the three fantastic additions to our channel offering – CNN, Cartoon Network and Boomerang. We will continue to partner with world-class content channel partners like Turner to bring Fetch TV subscribers the very best in entertainment. Plenty more to come”.

EFTM reports a price increase looks to be on its way, with the addition of a few channels including Disney XD, CBeebies, CGTN, Garage TV, 13th Street, 111 Hits and MTV Classic.

I’ll take the new $20 pack.

When the NBN arrives (if it ever arrives) I’ll get a Fetch mini box for the bedroom. Make it 2x Fetch.

When the NBN arrives… :joy:

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2054 is latest estimate.

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Shouldn’t that be IF tit arrives?


I’ll keep you abreast…

My jokes sure have their fair share of knockers :stuck_out_tongue:

Making a complete boob of myself aren’t I? :wink:

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go pat your puppies.


hahaha - more boobies.

Can I pat my three dogs too? :slight_smile:

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This new fetch pack is what Foxtel should be pricing the Foxtel Play packages at…

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Well I have 111 Funny on the system now, but nothing else, even after a factory reset… an no option in “Subscriptions” to take the $20 package.

Still can’t get the new channels nor upgrade my package… this is getting ridiculous.

Any reason why?

no idea, and customer service isn’t one of their strong points to be frank.

Frigging ridiculous:

If you are an existing customer with a Fetch TV account with your Internet Service Provider - please contact your Fetch TV service provider. Fetch TV does not have access to your account information and is unable to assist you. Your ISP will be able to help.

If you are an existing customer that purchased your Fetch TV box from an authorised retailer and have an account directly with Fetch TV - please go to fetchtv.com.au/account. Log in using your username and password and follow the online troubleshooting process. Please do not email us directly as all support needs to go via the online process.

All other enquiries please email us at contactus@fetchtv.com.au. Please be aware that this is not a customer support email address, and all customer enquiries should go via the channels indicated above as they are the quickest way to get any support issues resolved. Fetch TV does not operate a customer call centre so we are not able to contact you by phone.

Just did a factory reset. That fixed it.