Fargo TV series

The Crocodile’s Dilemma:
Series opener.
A man named Lorne Malvo kills Sam Hess a former high school bully of insurance salesman Lester Nygaard even though didn’t hire Lorne to do so.
Lorne’s motives for killing Sam for Lester is not revealed here.
Lorne then makes a deception to Sam’s eldest son on the phone leading him to attack his younger brother.
That is just a start, Lester in the midst of an argument kills his wife Pearl.
Then the police chief Vern Thurman came to Lester’s place and finds the dead Pearl.
Just as Verne was about to arrest Lester, Vern is killed by Lorne.
Lester’s only recourse was for him to fake a home invasion and that he is the only survivor.
Enthralling start to the series and creepy at the end of this first episode that Lorne gets away with threatening Officer Gus Grimly when the latter stopped him for speeding.

The Rooster Prince:
Season 1, Episode 2.
Intriguing that this episode starts with the arrival of Mr Numbers and Mr Wrench in their search for Hess’ killer.
Also intriguing how this involved the Supermarket King.

A Muddy Road:
Season 1, Episode 3.
Gruesome that Lorne Malvo killed Stavros Milos’ dog and then further on another gruesome surprise for him.

Eating the Blame:
Season 1, Episode 4.
Grimly finally gets to arrest Malvo but had to be let go due to a iron-clad alibi.
Oh my what a moment when Stavros’ supermarket got invaded by lots and lots of crickets.
Lester gets caught by Mr Wrench and Mr Numbers but gets away from them due to a trick he came up with.
Unfortunately Wrench and Numbers repeated that same trick culminated in them having a reunion with Lester.

The Six Ungraspables:
Season 1, Episode 5.
Enjoyable with a flashback of how Lester obtained the gun that Malvo used to kill police officer who was arresting Lester.
Lester manages to avoid questioning by Molly this time due to being delirious.

Buridan’s A**:
Season 1, Episode 6.
Tragic how Don Chumph met his end thanks to Lorne Malvo.
Quite a shock when fish literally fell out of the sky.
Enthralling with Lester sneaking out of the hospital and then come back in.
In between he sneaked into his brother’s house but was seen by his nephew Gordo.
Gordo doesn’t say anything and Lester then made his way back to the hospital.
What a good nephew.

Who Shaves the Barber?:
Season 1, Episode 7.
Quite an awkward situation of Solverson is in hospital because Grimly accidentally shot her.
Chazz is arrested because of the gun planted on him by brother Lester.
Oh my what a shooting rampage performed by Malvo.
Solverson sure looked upset upon learning that Chazz, instead of Lester, got arrested.

The Heap:
Antepenultimate episode of season 1.
Remarkable the way this episode is presented with Lester having successfully framed his brother Chazz for the murders with the case on this getting closed and then jumped a year later nearly halfway through with the case not quite over for Molly.
This episode ends with Lester at a hotel for an event where he spots Malvo.
This felt like the end of the story if it weren’t for the fact that I know there are two episodes of this season after this.