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Be served by a chatbot that provides us with a series of automatic responses. For many businesses, these systems have gone from being a complement to being a necessity , so throughout 2022 we will find that those who have not yet implemented them will end up doing so Buy email database. The reason is that they increase the efficiency of any customer service, since while they answer the simplest and most frequent questions from users, the agents will be able to carry out other tasks, receiving the conversation only when the Artificial Intelligence system does not find the answer. response. Artificial Intelligence (II): call transcription and identification of the caller’s gender and language In addition to interacting with the user, when we talk about business communication, Artificial Intelligence can have other uses that can be very useful for agents: call transcription and identification of the caller’s gender and language Buy email database.

Thanks to the Buy email database intervention of voice recognition systems (ASR or “Automatic Speech Recognition”, for its acronym in English), the machines are capable of converting the words heard into text, processing them later to search for an answer in their internal memory. Once they have found it, they generate the text with the corresponding response and convert it back into voice thanks to the intervention of the TTS or “Text To Speech” systems. In the case of a written conversation, the process is the same , but without the intervention of voice recognition procedures. In addition, the most sophisticated systems combine this process with machine learning, so that they are capable of analyzing the context and recognizing the sentences that fit into it. Throughout 2022, this trend will undoubtedly prevail in both voice and text message conversations, driving business communications Buy email database.

In addition, functionalities such as the caller’s language and gender identification will be very useful for agents to know in advance how they should address the customer and if they are the right person to serve them, taking the customer experience to the next level Buy email database. business-communication-in-2022 cloud platforms In recent years, many companies have started the path towards the digital transformation of their company. And it is that throughout the pandemic, we have seen (and even continue to notice) the evident need for tools that allow us to work from anywhere, be it in the office, from home or traveling around the world. For this reason, making the leap towards communication systems that work through the Internet has been the first step for many Buy email database.