Enola Holmes

Released in 2020 and based on a series of books called The Enola Holmes Mysteries.

Starring Millie Bobby Brown as Enola and she is the teenage sister of the already famous detective Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill).

As explained in the film itself Enola is alone backwards.

The premise of this film has Enola waking up on her 16th birthday only to find that her mother Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter).

She sets off to go and find her with Sherlock not far in tow.

Intriguing that this ultimately involves a noble in the same age of her and that it involves the Reform Bill of the time, that of Victorian times.

Very well done how this all played out including the ultimate revelation at the crux of this mystery.

Enola Holmes works very well due to mainly how the title character is played by Millie Bobby Brown.

Did not surprise me to have read afterwards that Brown and director Harry Bradbeer of their intention to develop a sequel.

It would be a shame if this was Brown’s only outing as Enola as there is no way we have seen enough of her.

If there is a sequel it would not surprise me of it being Sherlock-less.

Sherlock’s presence in the first film is no doubt to establish the said relation between him and Enola.

The first film has more than demonstrates that Enola can handle things on her own without any assistance from her famous brother.