Elementary has been renewed for a sixth season.

Elementary got referenced in The Mindy Project 4.17 Mindy Lahiri Is DTF when Jody holds an Elementary viewing party at his place.

Elementary theme by violin:

Be My Guest:
Season 5, Episode 11.
The guest in the episode title is that of an unwilling one.
Whilst wrapping up a murder case, Sherlock stumbles upon Ryan Decker and discovers from Decker’s phone an Asian woman that he holds captive.
Joan soon talks to Decker’s ex-wife Carrie and was unfazed by what Ryan had done and that was certainly became apparent why later on when it was revealed that she was in on it.
Very good case about abduction of Asian women.

Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown:
Season 5, Episode 12.
Not bad the case about the dead clown and how it connects with New York City’s water supply.
Also not bad the other plot of Bell dealing with his new girlfriend’s ex.

Rekt in Real Life:
Season 5, Episode 14.
Guest stars Christine Taylor and Kathy Najimy.
Enjoyable case about a former professional game player who got murdered during a live video stream.
Also not bad the other plot of Shinwell helping his daughter after she reached out to him for the first time in years.
Unfortunately afterwards the daughter has no interest in beginning any new relations with her father.
Pretty Woman gets referenced here and I watched this episode on November 28 2017 which is coincidentally Karen Gillan’s birthday and she had played the Julia Roberts character in a parody of Pretty Woman 2 (a non-existent sequel) for The Kevin Bishop Show.

Dead Man’s Tale:
Season 5, Episode 18.
The episode title refers to a case that connects with pirates.
Not bad case which culminates with the murderer being shown a clip of Gene Wilder in The Producers in the interview room.
I don’t know if anyone from the cast and crew was aware when they showed that clip of Wilder in The Producers but one of his other movies is The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother in which starred as the said smarter brother Sigerson.
Meanwhile Sherlock and Joan discovered that Shinwell had gotten away with an unsolved murder which makes him a villain of the series.
Thrilling ending to the episode with Shinwell literally kicking Sherlock in the curb.

Moving Targets:
Antepenultimate episode of season 5.
Directed by Lucy Liu (Joan).
Very good direction by Lucy Liu as it deals with the case of a police chief who got murdered whilst as a contestant on reality game show.
Pretty good trick on how the murderer got flushed out to be arrested by the police.
A shocking end when Joan finds Shinwell dead in his apartment.
Moving Targets came on May 7 2017 and in a sad irony of life imitating art, a little over two months after this episode aired Nelsan Ellis the actor who played Shinwell died for real on July 8.

Hurt Me, Hurt You:
Season 5 finale.
Good handling of the season story arc with SBK.
Fascinating when Sherlock’s place was on fire and then the season ends on a cliffhanger with him going through an MRI.

Elementary season 6 will make its world debut on April 30 2018.

Elementary has been renewed for a seventh season.

Elementary season 6 makes its Australian TV debut on Sunday July 29 10:15pm.

Once You’ve Ruled Out God:
Season 6, Episode 2.
Actually I don’t on what it says in the episode title.
Sad about Joan losing her father.
Fascinating episode in which the threat of the use of plutonium was used to mask a robbery.

Nobody Lives Forever:

Season 6, Episode 9.

This case is about a project expand life spans on human being indefinitely.

This is directed by Guy Ferland and this is not the first time that he has encountered such a premise as he was a director on Torchwood: Miracle Day which had shown a world in which death itself has died as no one in the world was dying.

Not a bad case.

Quite sad news that Sherlock and Joan at the end.

It has been announced that the upcoming seventh season of Elementary will be its last.

Season 7, Episode 2.
Sherlock and Joan return to the States to investigate Gregson’ shooting.
I should have guess that the entire final season will not be spent with them in London and with this the second episode of the final season being the time to bring them home.
Not bad this investigation and when it was over it should not have been surprising that Sherlock decided to turn himself in at the end.

Red Light, Green Light:
Season 7, Episode 4.
Intriguing case about an accident caused by confusing traffic lights but was it really an accident.
Plus also intriguing of how this episode by what was said at that prison.

Into the Woods:
Season 7, Episode 5.
Not bad episode that starts with a murder in the said woods and how it relates to the threat made against the niece of a billionaire.
Quite a revelation for the billionaire’s true motive in hiring Sherlock and Joan.

Command: Delete:
Season 7, Episode 6.
Not bad case about a sniper shooting and how it relates to the birth of an heir.
Meanwhile Sherlock gets a setback when Odin gets an ally.

From Russia with Drugs:
Season 7, Episode 7.
Nice play in name to From Russia With Love.
Not bad case about the said drugs but the enthralling part was with the explosion whilst Sherlock was talking to a spy in a nearby cafe.
Good subplot about the apparent midconduct with the police captain who filled in for Gregson during his incapacitation.