Dracula (2013)

The Blood Is The Life:

Series opener.

The beginning of this series of Dracula starred Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Quite lavish that ball that was thrown by Dracula.

Intriguing when Dracula found Mina to have a strong resemblance to his dead wife Ilona.

Not a bad beginning to the series.

A Whiff of Sulfur:

Episode 2.

Guest stars Jemma Redgrave in the first of three episodes as Minerva Westenra.

This episode came on November 1 2013, just 22 days before her second appearance as Kate Stewart in Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor.

Not bad and the one scene that got my attention was when Mina told Dracula about wanting to be doctor when she was a girl but wasn’t taken seriously because of her female gender.

As Dracula says about those naysayers, “So, what.”

Also quite a gamble that Dracula takes on Lady Jayne.

Goblin Merchant Men:

Episode 3.

Intriguing flashbacks with Dracula.

Renfield sure demonstrated his business skills on behalf of Dracula.

From Darkness to Light:
Episode 4.
Some intrigues going on from both sides with an engagement party thrown in the midst of all this.

The Devil’s Waltz:

Episode 5.

Quite a dream for Mina about Grayson.

Thrilling with Renfield being held hostage and his captor sure looked terrified when Grayson came at her.

Of Monsters and Men:
Episode 6.
Quite a close call for Mina when she uncovered something and enthralling when she said that she wanted to find a cure for death.
Quite bold that Grayson attend the board meeting in daylight and survived.
That scene with Jonathan and Mina is akin to me and my wife Karen Gillan having sex.

Servant to Two Masters:

Episode 7.

Oh my what an art of seduction that Lady Jayne gave to Lucy.

Things sure became intense when Grayson’s business was on the verge of being shut down.

Come to Die:

Antepenultimate episode.

Things sure took a turn when Lady Jayne learns that Dracula is in town but that it is Grayson.

Another significance here is the death of Lord Davenport and hardly by natural causes.